The Ultimate Muslim Solo Travel Guide To Los Angeles

Thinking of going on a solo trip to sunny Los Angeles in California?

This Muslim Solo Travel guide to Los Angeles will brief you on everything you need to know about this national TV and Film center in the USA, from safety, mosques, Halal food, where to stay for the Muslim Solo Traveler, how to get around, and best time to visit.

Muslim Solo Travel Guide To Los Angeles

Feel free to skip around the section you’re interested in or read the whole guide.

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About Los Angeles

A few things you should know before you embark on your Muslim-friendly Solo Travels to Los Angeles are:

  • Los Angeles is the largest out of the three cities in California.
  • The Greater Los Angeles area is home to about 500,000 Muslim residents, the second largest in the country after New York City.
  • It is the national TV and film hub of the United States – Hello, Hollywood!
  • It is known as the City of Angels because “Los Angeles” means “the angels” in Spanish!
Muslim Solo Travel Guide To Los Angeles

Solo Female Travel as a Muslim in Los Angeles — Personal Experience & Safety Tips!

If you’re thinking, “Is Los Angeles safe for Muslim solo travelers?” let me tell you from my experience.

It was particularly easy and safe, as I was there for five days in total and took the local transport throughout my entire trip. While I did get a question from a stranger “where are you from?”, I also had a conversation with a Jewish family in Santa Monica (read about it here).

Do note that you may stumble upon homeless people, or drunk people shouting (speaking from personal experience!) in the middle of the street. But as long as you do not disturb them, and stay as far as possible from them, you should be alright.

Other than that, it was a safe and comfortable experience experiencing LA as a Muslim Solo Traveler.

– Farihah

And while most of LA is safe, some neighborhoods can become dangerous at night time. Some places that you should avoid at night are Sunset Strip, Downtown LA, Chinatown, and Venice Beach. 

#MST Tip: End your exploration/day tours in between 7:00-8:00 pm, or just as the sun is about to set and head back to your accomodation by then. This gives you enough time to relax, and prepare for tomorrow’s journey, bright and early!

Finding Halal Food in LA

Wondering where can you find Halal food in LA?

Finding Halal Food in LA

The City of Angles has a couple of Halal & Muslim-friendly establishments that you can find in main tourist attractions like Santa Monica, Hollywood and even DTLA.

Check out ?? this post for a comprehensive list of Halal food ? in Los Angeles, segregated by each neighborhood.

Mosques & Prayer Facilities in Los Angeles

There are a few mosques around LA, but you can find very little of them

When it comes to mosques, here are some that are located in Central LA:

Do call before visiting as some may only operate for Jumaa’ prayers. 

#MST Tip: Bring your own bidet, prayer mat, and garment for ease of prayers in secluded places like a park, when necessary. Some Halal dining establishments also offer facilities to pray. Ask directly when visiting.

Must-visit Places in Los Angeles

There are a couple of ways you can do a Muslim-friendly solo trip in Los Angeles!

More than just Hollywood, you can do city trips and explore the eccentric Downtown LA, experience the entertainment world at any of the world-class film studios, or go on a hike to Mount Hollywood!

? Buy the LA Explorer Pass to get the best value in exploring the city!

Other than that, a day out at the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice are a great idea to wind down for your Los Angeles Solo Trip. Besides that, day trips outside of Los Angeles where you can see Big Sur, Yosemite, or Joshua Tree are great Muslim-friendly options to consider!

For in-depth, Muslim-friendly ideas on what to do alone in Los Angeles, check out this article!

Getting Around Los Angeles

There are several ways to get around this Californian paradise for your Los Angeles Muslim Solo Travels.

By Car (Most Recommended)

Yup, not the least solo-travel-friendly type of commute…

How to Get Around LA

The car is the dominant mode of transportation in Los Angeles. Because the city’s layout is so widespread and sprawled out, having a car makes it easier to navigate to minimize travel time.

So if you are a solo traveler, and do not want to bog down your schedule with lots of waiting, staying as close to the attractions you’d like to visit is one to think about! Or, get a car for ease of everything! 

The Best Way to Explore LA as a Muslim Solo Traveler on a Limited Time ?? Hop on Hop Off tour!

By Public Transport

It is still possible to commute by public transport in LA, expect the “additional time” because the public transportation is known to run late most of the time.

To utilize public transport, you’ll need a TAP card. This is readily available via vending machines at any subway or bus station in LA.

If you’re coming to LA via Union Station, settle your TAP card first, then and there before leaving Union Station.

With the TAP card, you’ll get access to:

  • Metro Rail – connect to DTA
  • Metro Buses
  • DASH buses

Check the list of routes and schedules here

Muslim Solo Travel

“I personally stayed in Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. Despite its accessibility to Hollywood Boulevard, walking and waiting for the bus took a very long time.

And since LA is known to be a “car city”. The bus and subway weren’t on time as per schedule as well.

Regardless, going on public transport can take you to most attractions if you do not want to think of the hassle of figuring out roads, parking and fuel. Just factor in the added time.

Or take a tour so you can easily see everything!

— Farihah

By Ride-Share or Taxi

To hail a taxi, you need to call the company, or download the Curb App. They’ll usually charge you by the mile.

An alternative is ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber.

Do note that the traffic in Los Angeles can get crazy during rush hours so gauge extra travel time if you need to hop on a taxi or any ride-sharing!

Main Transportation Hubs in Los Angeles

Union Station – services Amtrak inter-railway and major Metro lines.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – for outbound and inbound flights, both domestic and international.

Muslim Solo Travel Guide to Los Angeles
LAX Terminal

The Best Areas to Stay as a Muslim Solo Traveler in Los Angeles are:

?? Affordable option that’s accessible to Central LA: Koreatown and Mid-city

?? With the city, skyscraper vibes: Downtown LA (known as DTLA)

?? Near the beach: Santa Monica (Do not stay in Venice as it is known to have an “unsafe” reputation at night)

?? Neighborhood, local feel that’s accessible to Santa Monica and Beverly Hills: Westwood

FAQs on Visiting Los Angeles

How many days do you need to explore LA?

3-5 days are recommended to see the most of LA. But if you want some nature excursions, one week may give you ample time to decompress and explore.

The Best Time to Visit LA?

The best time to visit LA depends on your preference.

Avoid the crowds that come during school holidays like summer, winter, spring breaks, and other national holidays such as Thanksgiving.

You can visit LA anytime between March to May and between September and November. This time, the air is pleasant compared to the rest of the year when summer-y hot weather ranges around 81 F.

August is its hottest month, with the highest temperature hovering around 90 F.

Bottomline – Muslim Solo Travel Guide to Los Angeles

Every Muslim Solo Traveler should visit The City of Angels while in USA, especially if they love film and TV!

If you would like to proceed to the next Muslim-friendly destination, a solo road trip extension to San Francisco is one consider!

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