The Best Travel Resources For Muslimah Solo Travelers

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Travel Resources for Muslim Solo Travelers

You have decided where to go for your solo travels. But with so many sites out there and more popping up by the day, how does one choose from where to book?

This is a list of all travel resources For Muslimah Solo Travelers, which we recommend here at Muslim Solo Travel.

From accommodation to flights, day trips, and tours, plus the necessary parts— visa and insurance, we’ve got you covered!

Disclaimer: Some of the links here are affiliate links. Muslim Solo Travel receives a small commission AT NO EXTRA cost to you if you use the links. Hope you find this guide helpful!

The Best Travel Resources For Muslimah Solo Travelers:

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When it comes to accommodation, these are our favorite travel Resources For Muslimah Solo Travelers. is our favorite. It has everything you need to know, like is near central, opinions of facilities like Wi-Fi or a Complimentary shuttle. There are also value-for-money options to help you save your solo accommodation budget. If you’re okay with going to hostels, they also indicate if they are for females only.


Travel Resources For Muslimah Solo Travelers


What’s great about WayAway is that it lets you see the various range of multiple airlines (cheapest to the most expensive), which includes baggage and airline alliances.

You can even filter out different stopover destinations (great for quick solo stopover)!

When you book via WayPLUS, you also get cashback deals.

Specially for Muslim Solo Travel readers, you’ll get 10% off WayAway Plus with the code “MSTWAYAWAY” or by clicking here.


Want to know what the best seats or in-flight amenities provided so you can make the right flight purchase?

SeatGuru will answer your burning questions.

Bundle / All-in-one Pass


If you’re a sucker for iconic sights or the best attractions that provides an excellent introduction to the country, but you don’t want the hassle of buying separate tickets — they can sometimes be super costly!

Then, you’ll want GoCity!

This all-in-one discounted pass lets you discover the different destination gems within one price and one pass through your phone!

Get Your GoCity Passes on either Viator, GetYourGuide or KLOOK.

Day Trips & Tours

If you’re wondering, “how do I meet other travelers when solo traveling?”, day trips are your answers.

Luckily, there are so many day trips and tours these days, but how do you choose the best? Check out these platforms for you to make your final call on Day Trip, Tours and Bundle Passes in our Travel Resources For Muslimah Solo Travelers.

Depending on your preference or where you’re heading, you’ll be sure to find what you need. Plus, these platforms let you cancel before 24 hours of the activity, making them our go-to’s.


Viator is part of the TripAdvisor company, making it a strong brand recognized globally.

You can get all kinds of activities here, from museums to passes or sports and so much more!

However, there have been complaints that because there are too many tour suppliers on the platform, it’s hard to compare the amazing ones and the normal ones.

But that doesn’t mean there are no great ones here.

Just make sure to read the reviews carefully before choosing!

Get Your Guide

An alternative to Viator is Get Your Guide.

The web and app of Get Your Guide is smartly customized so that you can easily search for an activity or tour that interests you, even at the very last minute!

Be it snorkeling, ATV trips, or skip-the-line tickets, you can get a range of options within one place.

Again, be sure to double-check reviews, price, and availability before you book!


Built to target the Free, Independent Travelers (aka Muslimah Solo Travelers), KLOOK is known for its sim cards and rail travel, on top of the many experiences you can get here.

From our point of view, KLOOK is your go-to when it comes to the best Southeast Asia or East Asian experiences.

Hence, if you want the cheapest place to purchase the Japan Rail Pass, KLOOK is your go-to.

As mentioned before, KLOOK is huge on rail travel, so you can get China Rail and Taiwan Rail here.

Visa & Vaccinations Information

Emirates Website

The Emirates website is our secret when it comes to checking what the requirements for every country is.

The website is updated with the latest information you need to know about the destination country and what is required according to the passport you hold.

Such as which countries need visas or which need transitory visas (like China and Saudi Arabia), the website has it all. It’s good to know this before you go for your trip to avoid unpleasant surprises.


We know just how cumbersome getting a visa can be. It is the worst part of preparing for a solo trip.

Depending on your country, every passport has different visa requirements.

If you need help processing your visa, get it with iVisa.

But besides visas, they’ll help with the annoying requirements like health declaration forms, embassy registrations, passport renewals, and other travel documents.

Getting your formal travel documents done with them will save you the headache and time of going back and forth to embassies — we know how long and tedious the process can be.

Travel Insurance


To protect yourself with unwanted surprises and incidents like:

Get yourself a trusty Travel Insurance!

We love SafetyWing as it offers flexible and affordable insurance services where you can purchase from 180 countries and while you’re already traveling as well!

Plus, COVID-19 coverage is included.


What is the best way to travel solo, you say? We’ll recommend going on public transport as much as possible so you do not have to think about how to get from Point A to point B.


If you want to travel between cities by bus, book your tickets with Busbud.

They’ll find you cheap bus tickets from hundreds of bus companies, with various schedules to suit your need.

Not only that, you can even see facilities offered on the bus like is there extra legroom, WiFi and luggage allowance offered!


If you want to see which is cheaper, or which transport suits your needs best: flight, bus or train, which can be the case for Europe…

Then searching for possible alternatives on Omio is the way to go.

The all-in-one platform lets you discover different modes of transportation trains, buses, ferries, and flights in Canada, the US and Europe.

You can also narrow down your search with multiple search filters.

Discover Cars

Some places are just inaccessible via public transport so when this happens, having a car saves so much time.

If that’s not the case, maybe a private transfer from the airport to your accommodation (say, you’re visiting an island or the countryside) is expensive.

Or you’re solo traveling for business matters. Then having a car is just the most sensible option.

We recommend renting a car with Discover Cars as it shows you the best car rental deal across 145 countries. They also have the lowest prices on the web as they negotiate directly from car rental companies.

Maps – Navigating From A to B

Maps, especially offline maps, are super handy Travel Resources For Muslimah Solo Travelers!

Some maps that you can consider besides Google Maps is This app will store your route, and let you see it offline.

Truly handy when you do not yet have a local sim card, or sometimes, the sim card doesn’t have coverage — this happens so be prepared!


If you want to know the best way to get from one destination to another, you can check it through Rome2Rio first.

They’ll compare the different types of transport (trains, buses, flights), and provide you with options that suit your need.

The Best Travel Resources For Muslimah Solo Travelers – Conclusion

There you have it! Our favorite travel resources for Muslimah Solo Travelers.

Do you have any that we missed out? Do share it in the comments!

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