July 2024 Deals for Muslimah Solo Travelers

Final call from Etihad, and some limited-time travel essentials that help keep us safe and savvy while traveling solo!

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We’re not going to lie; traveling as “one pax” or “single capacity” can be expensive. The biggest expense out of all? Transportation and Accommodation.

But that doesn’t mean it is the end of the world, and your solo trip can never happen now.

There are ways to reduce the cost of your solo travels. One of them is to snatch on deals! This will help you manage the budget in other ways, too.

From portable travel essentials or even Muslim-friendly flight offers, here are some current July 2024 Deals for Muslimah Solo Travelers.

Fly to/fro/through Abu Dhabi, UAE with Halal meals onboard via Etihad Airways.

One hot Current 2024 Deals for Muslimah Solo Travelers who are thinking of exploring more of the destinations listed below, don’t forget to grab this limited-time flight deal offer from Etihad Airways.

Screenshot from etihad.com

Fly FROM: India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Turkey, USA, Australia, Japan, South Korea, China, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, The Phillippines, Thailand, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal, Denmark, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Jordan, Greece, Canada and the UAE.

Screenshot from etihad.com

Fly TO: A huge range of routes on the Etihad Network in Europe, Asia, Australasia, and the Middle East.

Plus, traveling with a Halal-guaranteed carrier will put ease of mind on your trips!

Limited-time Etihad Sale

Sale Dates: 15th-19th July 2024 (midnight GST)
Travel Dates: 1st September – 30th November 2024

Charger, Luggage Scale & Adjustable Plane Phone Holder on Sale in Temu

Anybody here is addicted to Temu after discovering how cheap prices are here?

We do!

Here are some travel essentials (psssst… this MSTer recently lost her charger in Bukhara so no 3 below is an eye candy for sure👇) that are currently on sale from Temu, that you should check out.

Travel Essential deals from Temu

For all your needs, selfies or K-dramas, keep your luggage size in check and of course, all-in-one charger so you can hop on to the next destination without needing a different charger!

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Adjustable Airplane Phone Holder Stand
$17.41$3.47See It
Quick-Charge Portable Luggage Scale
$5.49$3.67See It
Compact 4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter with Dual USB – Global Charging Solution
$24.99$7.09See It


There you have it! Some of the best travel deals Muslimah Solo Travelers can grab this month for their current, or upcoming trips!

If you’d like to list your services in our monthly travel deal roundup, be in touch with salam@muslimsolotravel.com