Introductory Scuba Diving Experience in Hurghada, Egypt [REVIEW]

Introductory Scuba Diving Experience in Hurghada, Egypt

Ever wanted to try scuba diving in the Red Sea, but you have no professional PADI qualifications? Well, guess what — you can actually do so!

If you’re wondering, how is it possible… The answer is through an Introductory Scuba Diving Experience in Hurghada.

Read on to know Muslim Solo Travel’s review on the activity, where you’ll get a better overview on how much is a dive in Hurghada is, the best time to dive in Egypt’s Red Sea, and is the watersport Muslim Solo Travel friendly.

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The Allure of Red Sea Diving in Hurghada

Located about a 6-hour drive from Cairo, on the west coast of the Red Sea, outside the Gulf of Suez, is Hurghada city. 

If you’re thinking, “Is Hurghada good for scuba diving?”, the answer is yes.

It is the prime Red Sea destination in Egypt, besides Sharm El Sheikh.

Its year-round pleasant weather conditions are dry and sunny throughout the year, complemented with sea marine life and beautiful coral reefs near its crystal clear bluish sea coast.

This makes Scuba Diving Experience in Hurghada one of the most sought-after activities in the region, drawing visitors from around the world.

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Why try the Introductory Scuba Diving Experience?

Also known as Discovery Scuba Diving (DSD) at times, the 6-8 hour Introductory Scuba Diving Experience in Hurghada is excellent for beginners with no knowledge of the watersport.

It also gives you two benefits:

  • How does one feel about scuba diving without the heavy investment in a PADI Open Water Diving license;
  • A great experience to explore the deep underwater world of Egypt’s Red Sea!

So if you’re looking for either of both, a discovery lesson in scuba diving is recommended!

scuba diving experience in hurghada

Introductory Scuba Diving Experience in Hurghada Review

Without further ado, let’s break down the Introductory Scuba Diving Experience.


On board, you will first have to sign paperwork that releases the diving operators from liabilities.

Diving Liability Release

Briefing by Diving Instructor

First, you will be briefed by a licensed diving instructor on how basic general knowledge of scuba diving.

This includes practical demonstrations, basic skills, and current condition information on Scuba Diving in Hurghada, Egypt.

The instructor will also teach you how to breathe correctly underwater and demonstrate how to release water seeping through your mask and any circumstances that are most likely to happen underwater.

Scuba Diving Gear

Then, you will be provided with scuba gear equipment.

During this time, you must ensure your goggle mask is properly fitted to prevent water from entering your eyes.

Guided Scuba Diving with Licensed Dive Instructor

When you’re ready, your designated diving instructor will guide you to dive and explore the vibrant coral reefs around Hurghada, off the coast of Giftun Islands.

Depending on your adaptability and comfort level, you will get about 20 minutes at a one-time dive underwater.

2nd Dive

At max, you’ll only be allowed 2 introductory dives.

After lunch is when the second dive would take place.

And this will be located at a different diving location.

Outside of Scuba Diving – Snorkelling Opportunities

Besides the Hurghada Egypt Diving Experience, you will also get unlimited time for snorkeling opportunities!

All of these will be done by about late afternoon (around 2:30-4:00 pm). And in between your dives and snorkels, you’ll get lots of time to relax on board and just enjoy the Red Sea ambiance in Hurghada!

Hurghada Dive Sites for Licensed Scuba Divers!

If you already have a scuba diving license, advance dives like wreck diving or night diving are also available at Hurghada.

If you’re looking for more than a day trip, Red Sea liveaboard safaris are worth considering!

Some Hurghada Dive Sites that can be considered are:

  • Small Giftun Islands – Hawksbill turtle, barracuda, soft and fan corals, trevallies, with some caves, plateau, and pinnacles. The current here is great as it is gentle for scuba divers.
  • Shaab El Erg Dolphin Reef  – Good site to check out for the possibility of bottle-nose dolphins. But no fancy corals of some sort
  • Rosalie Moller (coal ship bombed by German aircraft in 1940 with big schools of fishes like grouper, tuna, glassfish, and yellowtail barracudas)

This 7-hour diving trip lets you explore shallow dive sites in Hurghada that are suitable for beginners. Deeper areas and walls are also available for advanced divers.

Best Time to Dive Hurghada

As one of the hot spots for Red Sea Scuba Diving in Egypt, Hurghada draws visitors for the activity all year round.

However, there are two peak times for Scuba Diving in Hurghada: in March-May and September-November. As it is the peak season, the shores can be busy and packed with tourists.

Outside of this off-season, it will be less hectic; however, do caution on diving Hurghada in peak winter times (December – January), as the water temperature can be at its coolest (21-24°C).

Muslim Solo Travel

“Diving in January was super cold, making my lips blue and my bones shivering for hours post-dive. Unless you can tolerate cold waters, consider taking a rain check for winter dive and opt for summer instead.”

— Farihah

Check Hurghada sea temperature here.

Seasons and Conditions

Different sites offer different visibility ranges (up to 50m). But in general, 20-30m is the standard range.

Diving off the coast of Hurghada provides great visibility, as the current itself is pretty gentle. It makes sense why Hurghada is dubbed one of the Best Scuba Diving Experiences in Egypt.

Is Introductory Scuba Diving Experience in Hurghada friendly for Muslim Solo Travelers?

As an activity that’s already been tested by Muslim Solo Travel, scuba diving in Hurghada’s Red Sea is friendly for Muslim Solo Travelers.

You can join this activity alone, on your own, as you will be boarding the boat with other people.

However, Hurghada is a famous destination among Russians and European visitors. So, there may be instances where the boat is mixed with various nationalities.

Muslim Solo Travel

“Depending on your comfort level, joining a mixed tour group can be a concern for Muslim women. Some muslimah may have concerns on attracting unwanted gaze for being fully covered in muslimah-friendly swimwear. “

— Farihah

Things To Know About Scuba Diving Hurghada Egypt

  • Do ask if your package comes with introductory scuba diving or not. If you opt for snorkeling only, your package may be priced cheaper than a scuba diving package. Clarify this before your excursions.
  • Tipping is encouraged, so be prepared to shell out extra.
  • If you would like to be photographed underwater, the package usually comes together with a photographer at an additional cost. If you have a GoPro, they may allow you to take photos/videos once you’re accustomed with diving on the second dive.
  • Scuba Diving Hurghada Prices range between 45 – 250 USD and can go beyond that depending on your type of dives, equipment, and the length of the diving excursion.
  • Double-check if transfers from the hotel to the boat are included. Sometimes, if the operators know your location is near where the ships are, they may opt out from picking you up.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Tours in Hurghada

Muslim Solo Travel Takeaway

I hope this article gave you a little bit of an overview of what you can expect would happen during your Introductory Scuba Diving Experience in Hurghada.

For more Hurghada Muslim Solo Travel ideas, check out this article!

Have you tried diving in Hurghada before? If you have any experiences you’d like to share, comment below so we can learn more!

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