The Ultimate Muslim Solo Travel Guide to San Francisco, USA

The Ultimate Muslim Solo Travel Guide to San Francisco, USA

Muslim Solo Travel San Francisco

When one mentions San Francisco, one immediately thinks of the iconic red-colored Golden Gate Bridge, surrounded by hazy clouds.

If you’re a Muslim Solo Traveler planning to visit the United States of America

You cannot, cannot, cannot (if it is possible), leave out San Francisco while in California. The place is simply amazing!

From the highlighted places, how solo-travel friendly it is, halal food, prayer spaces, the best time to visit and tips, and accommodations, here’s everything you need to know about visiting San Francisco as a Muslim Solo Traveler!

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Muslim Solo Travel Guide to San Francisco, USA

Traveling as a solo muslimah in San Francisco

About San Francisco, USA

Here are a few things that you should know about San Francisco:

  • It is a cultural and financial center in the Western United States.
  • Known as hilly City by the Bay
  • It has one of the largest Muslim populations in the United States, with 250,000 Muslims living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • San Francisco has an “open mind” and liberal perspective vibe. The architecture, arts, and festivals reflect this ethos, and you’re bound to meet people from all walks of life!

Solo Female Travel as a Muslim in San Francisco — Personal Experience!

Is San Francisco good for a Muslim woman to solo travel?

Muslim Solo Travel San Francisco

Going on a solo trip to San Francisco as a Muslim woman is reasonably safe.
However, there are many homeless people and even cases of pickpocketing and car break-ins in the past.

So, always keep your guard up.

From my personal experience, San Francisco is a safe city to walk around as a Muslim woman.

I arrived in San Francisco around 12:00 am and had to take a bus from the station to my accommodation in SoMA, which took about 45 minutes.

Regardless of the dark and eerily quiet experience, I made it safely to my stay at about 1:00 am, walking from the bus stop to my accomodation.

Places to visit in San Francisco as a Muslim Solo Traveler

The highlight of San Francisco is its alluring scenic beauty, especially its fog-like romantic atmosphere around the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge, which people treasure.

Besides, we have the steep hill districts filled with rows of slanted Victorian houses and pierside attractions at Fisherman Wharf (lots of great seafood options!).

Muslim Solo Travel San Francisco

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The Palace of Fine Arts hosts a variety of performing arts events once in a while.
Some interesting islands around SF are Yerba Buena, Alcatraz (the harshest prison), Treasure, and Angel.

Beyond SF, there are Oakland and San Jose for further excursions that make great Muslim-friendly solo day trips from San Francisco.

Finding Halal Food in San Francisco

Muslim-friendly San Francisco
These days, finding Halal Food in San Francisco is relatively easy as Muslim restaurants in the area have multiplied over the past decade.

They’re mainly concentrated around The Tenderloin area.

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Other than that, if you’re hanging out around the beach, or the wharf, it’s best to go for fresh seafood options.

Also, dining alone in San Francisco is acceptable, outside the more upscale restaurants.

Prayer Spaces & Mosques in San Francisco

Near Nob Hill: Masjid al-Tawheed

Near Civic Center SF: AlSabeel Masjid Noor Al-Islam

Darussalam Mosque (Islamic Society of San Francisco)

MST tip: Do adjust your itinerary according to where the masjid is so that you can have easy sightseeing around.

Prayer times in San Francisco are as follows.

Best Areas to Stay in San Francisco as a Muslim Solo Traveler

Depending on where you would like to base yourself, the steep streets, lush green spaces, artsy neighborhood, or the waterfront..

There are many areas to stay in San Francisco!

Each neighborhood has its own hotels, inns, hostels, and even Airbnb you can opt for if you want that “local experience”.

However, depending on the number of days you visit, it is important to stay close to your preferred attractions.

Where To Stay in San Francisco

Nob Hill ?? Classic SF experience, one of the seven hills of SF

Union Square / Fisherman’s Wharf ??For shopping & central to all the must-sees

Chinatown / Japantown ?? Asian culture, quirky finds & budget stay

Presidio ?? Nature and Bridge Views in suburban feel

Getting To and Around San Francisco

There are a couple of ways to get around San Francisco:

By Public Transport

The most convenient way to go around SF is through its various public transport.

But before you go, make sure you get the Clipper Card, an all-in-one pre-loaded transit card for access to:

  • Muni (bus and metro system)
  • Cable Cars

Get the MuniMobile app for ease of ride access across San Francisco. Comes with various passes to suit your trip styles.

By Walking

The best way to go around San Francisco once you’ve hopped off any of the public transport!

By Ferry

If you are going to any of the islands in SF!

By Cable Cars

San Francisco’s historic public transit cars are the cable cars running through these lines:

  • Powell-Hyde
  • Powell-Mason
  • California Street

They pretty much cover the main attractions. So, start riding the experience from the cable car’s designated turnarounds for the best #MuslimSoloTravels in SF!

By Car / Ride-sharing

Going by car or ride-sharing is not the most convenient way to go around San Francisco as a Muslim Solo Traveler.

If you have to, perhaps only use a car for a trip to inaccessible locations or locations you wish to explore beyond San Francisco.

All cabs are metered and can be hailed from the smartphone app.

To/From San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

This airport mainly services United Airlines.

Best Time To Visit

One thing you should remember is that the weather is not the same as the rest of sunny California — hello windbreakers!

Muslim Solo Travel San Francisco

Go Solo, But Never Alone!

On a limited time schedule in San Francisco?

Then follow any of these guided or organized tours for peace of mind and no hassle in thinking of getting the transportation cards, where to go and etc.

Can you do San Francisco without a tour?

Yes, you can! The city has an extensive public transportation system throughout major attractions and beyond San Francisco to nearby neighboring communities. Besides that, it is also walkable.

Visiting San Francisco as a Muslim Solo Traveler – Practical tips to know


  • English is spoken


  • USD $


  • In general, it is safe, but many homeless people are around. As long as you don’t disturb them, you’ll be fine.

Local Customs

San Francisco is known for its “open-minded” and liberal culture. Events and exhibitions in line with this do happen from time to time. When it comes to “What should be avoided in San Francisco?”, speaking strongly about your religious belief is one of it.

Conclusion – Muslim Solo Travel Guide to San Francisco

And that’s it for Muslim Solo Travel Guide to San Francisco!

If you’re wondering “What is there to do in San Francisco for a single person?” or “How do I spend a day alone in San Francisco?” check out this article for 25+ inspirations!

Otherwise, do continue your Solo Trip to America to its neighboring city Los Angeles, or fly east coast to New York City!

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