Muslim Solo Travel Guide To The Netherlands

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Muslim Solo Travel Guide To The Netherlands

Muslim Solo Travel Guide to The Netherlands

Are you thinking of visiting The Netherlands as a Muslimah Solo Traveler? Read on to know what you can expect from the country of colorful tulips, from where to visit for the solo Muslim female traveler to Halal Food, Safety, and more.

Without further ado, here’s Muslim Solo Travel’s Guide to The Netherlands.

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About The Netherlands

Also known as Holland, The Netherlands is a multicultural country located in northwestern Europe known for its historic windmills, beautiful tulips, and serene canals.

Located facing The North Sea and bordered by countries like Belgium and Germany, The Netherlands packs a punch for Muslimah Solo Travelers who are planning to visit from either of these neighboring countries or Muslimah Solo Travelers who are planning to explore this European part altogether. Either way, anything is possible via The Netherlands.

Places To Visit

The Netherlands is country with lots to offer for the Muslimah Solo Travelers. Some places to visit, highlighted by each cities and prominent villages are:

  • Leiden for the country’s oldest University, Leiden University.
  • Kinderdijk-Elshout UNESCO World Heritage site for its 18th-century mills.
  • Keukenhof during springtime for the gorgeous countryside view of 7 million colorful Dutch tulips.
  • Amsterdam for its canals and historic Dutch houses. Don’t miss out on the canal boat tours here.
  • Den Haag (The Hague) for its government seat. An international, multicultural city vibe with an intimate, suburban feel where you can find many monuments, museums, and shopping. Den Haag is also located near the beach, Scheveningen, just by 20 minutes away.
  • Rotterdam for the modern architecture like the market hall, cube hoses and Erasmus bridge. It is also known for its sea port, which is the largest in Europe.

Finding Halal Food in The Netherlands

Halal food is easily found, especially in the major cities of The Netherlands. Considering just how diverse the population is. As of 2017, there are about 223 nationalities living just in The Netherlands.

You can easily find Halal food in major cities like Den Haag (around the Chinatown area, there’s plenty), Rotterdam (the Market Hall has several Halal-certified); and in the touristic parts of Amsterdam.

One dish that you can’t miss out on is the typical Dutch seafood fare (go for the herring or calamari), and Dutch pancake (pannekoek) for your breakfast/brunch!

Mosques and Places to Pray in The Netherlands

You can find mosques and places to pray in major cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Den Haag.

However, remember that these mosques are usually open for the public during prayer times. If you come later than that, it depends on your due diligence with the mosque’s security.

Where to pray in The Netherlands

Some famous mosques which are centrally located within each city are:

Rotterdam – Mosque Essalam (directions)

Amsterdam – Islamic Faith Foundation (was a church) (directions)

Den Haag – Mescidi – Aksa (directions)

Getting To, Around, and Out Of The Netherlands

Getting around the country for Muslimah Solo Travelers is relatively easy. Even within the cities themselves too!

Vast network of Efficient Bus, Tram, and Train

A vast network of bus, tram and train runs every 5 minutes or so.

Transportation around The Netherlands is advanced and efficient, with daily commute passing by major cities like Amsterdam.

Intercity Rail Services

Even if you decide to not stay around Amsterdam, but in a less hectic major town like Den Haag, that’s also possible as you can take day trips to the major cities with the railway’s intercity rail services, which runs often daily.

Getting around The Netherlands as a Muslim woman who solo travel
Muslim Solo Travel Guide to The Netherlands

Outbound Travel from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)

However, when it comes to outbound travel from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, it is recommended that you come way earlier, as the airport is known to be very packed, and busy with travelers from all around Europe. Cases of people missing flights here have been common as of late, but don’t let that frighten you.

Just be super duper prepared when traveling outbound of Schiphol.

Bicycles (OV-fiets)

The Dutch residents love cycling. It’s common to see bikes everywhere throughout the country. And there are designated bike routes, so cycling is an enjoyable and encouraged activity here.

You can even rent a bike with your OV-chipkaart. Just look for OV-fiets from many stations in the country. More information here

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit depends on your preference. However, summer and spring make the best times as during these two months, the weather is pleasant.

Summer travel can be super hectic. As The Netherlands services one of the busiest airports in Europe, make sure you’re prepared for solo travel during this time.

During Spring, you can see the tulips in full bloom. Regardless, this is also peak season so book your tickets early if you want to see Holland during this time of the year.

During Autumn, you can see fall foliage decorating The Netherlands with burnt-orange look. However, this is also the start of the rainy season, so you can expect non-stop rain, or showers for a couple of hours, followed by fog. Umbrellas and suitable clothes are recommended for a visit during this time.

Safety Concerns for Muslimah Solo Travelers

As a Muslim Solo Travel-tested destination, The Netherlands is safe for Muslim woman to solo travel. Be it within major cities, or intercity travel.

The people are friendly, and the public transport is efficient.

However, do keep the usual safety practices in mind, and avoid places like Amsterdam’s red light district, De Wallen, especially at night. Plus quiet and dark alleys at night.

Be careful of your belongings, especially when lingering in and around the cities’ Central Stations, as there has been past stories on:

  • Pickpocketing and;
  • “Smiley faces” claimed they lost their OV-chipkaart and would like to freeload on your existing tariff to enter the station’s platform. Just ignore such “smiley faces” requests when coming across them.
Safety in The Netherlands for Muslim Solo Travelers

And make sure never to leave your drink unattended.

Where To Stay in The Netherlands

For Muslimah Solo Travelers thinking of the most convenient place to stay in The Netherlands, one should choose a location near public transport stops, or the city’s Central Station for ease of everything.

Do avoid the Red light Districts like De Wallen in Amsterdam; as well as Doubletstraat and Geleenstraat in Den Haag.

If you want a picturesque and typically Dutch experience, then a stay along the canals should be on your priority list. Both Den Haag and Amsterdam have stays that overlook the typically Dutch canals.


  • Language – Dutch is mainly spoken. However, you can get by easily with English.
  • Get The OV Chipkaart – as your pass to move around The Netherlands via bus, tram, and train easily. You can get them at major Central Stations or on public transport themselves.

Conclusion – Muslim Solo Travel Guide to The Netherlands

With that said, we hope this Muslim Solo Travel Guide to The Netherlands has helped you gauge what to expect in terms of where to go, when is the best time to visit, Halal food, and more!

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