Your Muslim Solo Travel Guide to Alexandria, Egypt!

Are you considering a trip to Alexandria, Egypt, as a Muslim Solo Traveler?

This Muslim Solo Travel Alexandria guide will share all the information you need! From the history, Muslim-friendly solo travel, halal food, mosques, and planning a day trip.

Read on to know more!

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About Alexandria & the History of Alexandria

Alexandria, also known as Al-Iskandariyyah in Arabic, is one of the largest cities in Egypt.

With a history as once the greatest city of the Mediterranean world, Alexandria also served as the capital of Egypt during the ruling period of Alexander the Great in 332 BCE, until the Arab forces took control over Egypt.

Here, you’ll find traces of not only the ancient Egyptian Civilization, but also the Greco-Roman empire.

Alexandria Muslim Solo Travel
Alexandria Railway Station

Muslim-friendly Solo Travel in Alexandria

Is Alexandria worth visiting for the Muslim Solo Travelers?


Alexandria is one of the best Egypt’s Solo Female Travel destinations.

Muslim Solo Travel Alexandria

The fact that this city is intimate, laidback, and full of history makes it a charming place for Muslim Solo Travelers who want to either explore on a day trip by just walking around or learn more about the Roman-Greco period in Egypt.

Otherwise, a horse ride carriage is also available for those who would like to see the best of Alexandria on a limited schedule.

Halal Food & Restaurants in Alexandria

Since Egypt is a Muslim country with a 90% Muslim population, Halal Food is not that hard to find in Alexandria.

There are lots of Halal Food options that you can get in Alexandria. If you are unsure, do ask first before dining.

Halal Food in Alexandria, Egypt

But since Alexandria is a Port City, it is recommended that you should try having fresh seafood. The Corniche is lined up with excellent seafood restaurants!

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Alexandria Attractions

For ideas on what to do in a day in Alexandria, check out this Solo Day-Trip Alexandria article. It covers places to hang out in Alexandria that will enrich your Muslim Solo Travels in Alexandria.

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Mosques in Alexandria

Your Muslim Solo Travel Guide to Alexandria is incomplete without visiting the local mosques!

The most famous mosque is the Abu Al-Abbas Al-Mursi Mosque. This is a 13th-century mosque that is cream in color, designed with high minarets and arabesque architecture. It is considered one of the most magnificent in Alexandria.

Muslim-friendly Alexandria, Egypt

Other mosques in Alexandria that are worth visiting are:

  • Terbanh Mosque (A mosque that showcases Islamic Ottoman art)
  • Al Qaaed Ibrahim Basha Mosque (Historical mosque of Ibrahim Basha, son of Mohammed Ali Basha. Built in the area of Raml Station and was designed by architect Mario Rossi)
  • El Nabi Daniel Mosque (Historical mosque which was said to have been visited by Prophet Daniel)

Prayer Times for Alexandria, Egypt

Here are the latest prayer times in Alexandria, Egypt.

Making The Best Out Of Your Muslim Solo Travels to Alexandria – TIPS!

The best time to visit Alexandria as a Solo Muslimah traveler is either late September to early November; or January to April. The waters during November-February can be chilly so if you’re going to scuba dive, might want to opt out of these dates unless you can handle cold waters.

Muslim Solo Travel

“I went to Alexandria in late-January, which was a nice time to visit the port city, that is… If you’re going to just relax by the sea and do some sightseeing!

— Farihah

The peak season is during mid-summer (usually July-August), when most of the local Egyptians (especially from Cairo) escape the desert heatwave and flock to Alexandria for the sea breeze.

During Muslim festive seasons like Eid ul-Fitr and Eid-ul Adha, the operating hours of shops may differ from usual, so double-check their official social media earlier in advance.

Traveling to Alexandria as a Muslim Solo Traveler
First-class seat on Cairo-Alexandria train. More about it in this article.

The most cost-effective way for a Muslim Solo Traveler to reach Alexandria is from Cairo. Lots of mini buses and trains run in between. This article has in-depth solutions to getting to Alexandria from Cairo via various transportations.

It is useful to memorize Arabic numbers for the ease of your solo trip to Alexandria!

Like anywhere else in Egypt, tipping is common and expected here. Even when you’re walking in the middle of the streets. For your safety as a Muslim Solo Traveler, best to just ignore it and move along. They’ll leave you alone if you do that for long enough.

Where to Stay in Alexandria, Egypt as a Muslim Solo Traveler?

If you are planning to stay in Alexandria, hotels with panoramic views and Mediterranean sea access should be your priority. Some hotels to consider for Muslim Solo Travelers are:

Luxury – Sunrise Alex Avenue Hotel

Sunrise Alex Avenue Hotel has beachfront access and is nearby to the famous Stanley bridge.

Mid-range – Hilton Alexandria Corniche

Hilton Alexandria Corniche has access to a private beach (great for hijabi) via the hotel’s shuttle.

Budget – Kaoud Sporting Hotel

Kaoud Sporting Hotel is near Sidi Gaber Railway Station & various attractions.

Final Words

I hope this Muslim Solo Travel Alexandria guide was helpful in your planning! For more ideas and inspirations on what to do on a day trip to Alexandria, plus information on transportation for the Muslim Solo Traveler, this article would be helpful!

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