11+ Things To Do Alone at Navy Pier, Chicago for Muslim Travelers!

Things to do alone in Navy Pier for the Muslim Travelers

Are you visiting Chicago?

While in USA’s windy city, a visit to Navy Pier is a must!

As a Muslim Solo Travel-tested destination, it was one of the best Chicago experiences ever, with so many attractions located just a walking distance from each other.

Below is a complete list of things to do alone at Navy Pier, with recommendations on where to find Muslim-friendly options and some FAQs on Chicago’s prominent waterfront.

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About Navy Pier, Chicago.

If you’re wondering, “why is Navy Pier so famous?”, it’s because it is Chicago’s prime waterfront destination.

Here, there are lots of things to do alone for Muslim Solo Travelers!

From riding the centennial wheel to buying “Chicagoan” souvenirs typically to eating Muslim-friendly fresh seafood, and just admiring Chicago’s Skyline and people watching around the Pier, these are just a couple of things you can do here!

Before You Go to Navy Pier….

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The Big Bus Chicago Hop-On Hop-Off Tour pass lets you easily hop on, and hop off from the majority of Chicago’s destinations at your own pace within 1-day or 2-day.

This tour covers 36 points of interest with 12 stops in between the Big Loop route of Chicago. One of them is Navy Pier, among other attractions like Cloud Gate, Magnificent Mile, and Chicago Riverwalk!

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Things To Do Alone at Navy Pier, Chicago for Muslim Travelers!

See a performance at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.

Things to do alone in Navy Pier for the Muslim Travelers

One of the entertaining things To Do at Navy Pier is see a theatre show!

The theater is a recipient of the Regional Tony Award, featuring innovative and best plays, theatrical presentations, and creative engagement between the artists and audiences.

Check out the latest and upcoming plays here

Directions to Chicago Shakespeare Theater

Admire the Chicago Skyline

Things to do alone in Navy Pier for the Muslim Travelers

A simple yet one of the best things to do alone in Navy Pier Chicago at night is to admire the beautiful Chicago Skyline!

You can see the Skyline along the Lakefront.

Ride on the Centennial Wheel

If admiring the Skyline from the lakefront is not enough, how about seeing it from above on the Centennial Wheel?

Centennial Wheel, Navy Pier Chicago

This 200-foot Ferris Wheel soars far above the city, showcasing a panoramic view of Lake Michigan.

The best time to experience this is in Fall when beautiful orange, brownish foliage decorates the city! Truly an experience that you don’t want to miss.

The ride runs at an interval of 30 minutes

  • Ticket fee: From $18/adult for 30 minutes ride.
  • Navy Pier Hours Ferris Wheel: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm (Sun – Thu); 11:00 am – 10:00 pm (Fri – Sat)

How much is the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier, how long is the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel Ride?

Polk Bros Park

Photo by navypier.org

Another Muslim-friendly thing to do alone at Navy Pier is to chill or have a splash at Polk Bros Park!

This 13-acre green space that acts as the city’s front yard offers plenty of free events from time to time. The fountain is also a favorite for visitors and locals to dip in their toes come summertime!

Shop for souvenirs at the Family Pavilion

Personalized souvenirs at Navy Pier, Chicago

Walking into Navy Pier, you’ll see a long, 200,000-square-foot hub stretching along to the food court of Navy Pier.

This hub holds more than 50 Chicago-centric businesses and offers the best of Windy city when it comes to retail (especially souvenirs), entertainment and so much more!

You can also get a personalized keychain or portrait drawn of yourself here!

Self-guided Tour of the Pier

things to do alone navy pier for muslim travelers

Going on a self-guided tour of Navy Pier is easily of the fun things to do alone at Navy Pier.

Some free things that you’ll stumble upon along the way are entry to Crystal Gardens, seeing ducks swimming at the lakefront, and just people-watching!

Get Lost in Amazing Chicago’s Funhouse Maze

Photo courtesy of navypier.org

Looking for things to do alone at Navy Pier this weekend?

The Funhouse Maze is an indoor amusement center.

It has over 4000 sq. ft of tunnels, mirrors, and light effects for interactive play and a sensory maze experience! According to its website, 2 million people have gotten lost in the maze (don’t worry — they’re found afterwards!) 

So if you made it till the end, that’s an accomplishment that you should be proud of!

Note: Be careful if you are prone to vertigo.

Opening hours: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm (Sun – Thu); 11:00 am – 10:00 pm (Fri – Sat)

See ducks around Lake Michigan

One of the best free things to do alone at Navy Pier is to see the ducks swimming happily along the pier!

You’ll see them in shades of green, white and black!

Learn About Chicago’s Architectural History from a River Cruise

Want to have a better view of Chicago’s panoramic Skyline?

A laid-back, 40-min sightseeing cruise on Lake Michigan will let you do so!

At the same time, you’ll get to listen to the informative narrative on the history of these spectacular architectures like Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) and John Hancock Tower!

Zoom Along Lake Michigan on a Speed boat

If cruising is not your thing, and you prefer something thrilling instead, then a race along the lakefront on the Speedboat will be a ride of a lifetime!

This 2000-horsepower speed boat ride lets you experience Chicago’s iconic Skyline in an exciting way, full of adrenaline rush!

Join in Chicago Flower & Garden Show

One of the fun and Muslim-friendly things to do alone in Navy Pier is to join in the annual Chicago Flower & Garden Show.

What to do alone in Navy Pier for the Muslim Travelers

This show has been around since 1847 and has a record of drawing over 400,000 gardening enthusiasts.

It features — you guessed right! — all kinds of new plant and flower varieties, fresh designs of luxurious gardens, and just a place where garden folks meet up and hang out.

Dine on the pier

Having a bite at the fresh seafood here is one of Muslim-friendly things to do alone at Navy Pier.

IDOF (I Dream of Falafel) is, to date, the only Halal establishment served at Navy Pier. It sells Mediterranean cuisines like gyros, shawarma wraps, and platters.

Regardless, while you’re at the Michigan lakefront, there are Muslim-friendly seafood options for your relish into! And, of course, you can expect the seafood here to be super delish!

Finding Halal Food & Prayer Spaces at Navy Pier

As mentioned above, the only Halal establishment found on the Pier’s ground to date is IDOF. It sells the usual Mediterranean fast food fare like platters and gyros.

While Halal food may be limited here, Muslim-friendly options are also available.

If not, you can just bring takeout from any Halal establishments in Chicago and dine out around Navy Pier! It’s totally okay and not frowned upon!

There are no prayer spaces on Navy Pier.

The nearest masjid is Downtown Islamic Center, located 2 miles away from Navy Pier. So, either settle your prayers before visiting the Pier or afterwards!

FAQs on Navy Pier, Chicago

Is Navy Pier Open today?

Navy Pier opens every day. From 11:00 am – 8:00 pm on Sundays till Thursdays, and from 11:00 am – 10:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Is there Halal food at Navy Pier?

There is little Halal food at Navy Pier. However, there are Muslim-friendly options like seafood and vegan meal. If not, bringing Halal takeout to Navy Pier is another way to go around it!

Is it free to walk around Navy Pier?

Absolutely. Entry to Navy Pier is free. Certain attractions require a valid ticket.

Is Navy Pier a tourist trap?

This depends on your “perception” of “tourist traps”. Regardless, Navy Pier is great for first-timers who would like the lakefront Chicago experience filled with entertainment, parks to unwind, and so much more!

How much is parking at the navy pier?

Rates begin from 16$ and can go up to 53$, depending on the hours you stay there. There isn’t any free parking at navy pier, but there are ways to pay less if you’re willing to walk a bit. Read more here
Cruise at Navy Pier, Chicago

#MST Tips for the Best Navy Pier Experience

Plan your trip in advance. What attractions interest you the most, how much time are you going to allocate for the Navy Pier overall experience, so you don’t feel rushed.

Decide if you want to check out the cruise tours. A cruise tour is undoubtedly part of the Navy Pier experience. Depending on your preference, a speedboat tour may be more interesting than a laidback sightseeing cruise tour.

Decide how much you’d want to spend. There are plenty of shops (Muslim-friendly food options, souvenirs, amusement rides, and cruises) around Navy Pier. You’ll want to set a budget so you can have an enjoyable time, without going over budget there!

Check the weather forecast. Visit on a clear sunny day for the best views of Windy City! Plus, a sunny day can help you enjoy the outdoor activities better

Bottomline – Things To Do Alone at Navy Pier, Chicago for Muslim Travelers!

There you go! A Muslim-friendly list of things to do alone at Navy Pier!

Whatever it is that you plan on experiencing here, be it just chillaxing amidst the gardens, joining any of the cruises, or seeing a Chicago theater production, Navy Pier is a great area for Muslim Solo Travelers to wander around!

The place is walkable for solo travelers to not get tired, you can have a Muslim-friendly dining experience all at the same time soak in what Chicago is all about!

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