Santa Monica and Venice Beach Itinerary (Tips on Halal food & Solo-friendly!)

Santa Monica and Venice Beach Itinerary (Halal & Solo-friendly!)

While Hollywood is great, the next best thing you should check out in Los Angeles is the relaxed, beachside life at Santa Monica and Venice Beach.

If you’re coming to Los Angeles for more than one day, you must include Santa Monica and Venice Beach in your Solo itinerary.

It is without a doubt that there are lots of things to do that are Muslim-friendly around the area! From relaxing at the beach to going on an e-bike and buying souvenirs… you’ll be surprised to spend so much time there!

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Venice vs. Santa Monica

These two locations have their own highlights, providing unique things to do.

  • Venice has the Canals, reminiscent of the one in Europe, however LA-style. Besides that, there’s also the Boardwalk for diverse experiences.
  • Santa Monica has a more upscale and polished atmosphere. It has a legendary pier, marked with a huge Ferris Wheel, a beautiful beach, and a long promenade of retail spaces.
Santa Monica and Venice Beach Itinerary

Muslim-friendly Things to do in Santa Monica and Venice Beach

Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach are excellent places for Muslim Solo Travelers to explore!

There are plenty of things to do there that you’ll never get bored.

Take Photo at Venice Sign

Venice Sign

Start your Santa Monica and Venice Beach Itinerary by visiting the Venice Sign.

This is a legendary modern symbol of Venice, the exact replica of the 1905-version installed by Abbot Kinney, Venice’s first real estate developer.

#MST Tip: Get a photo with the iconic Californian palm trees in the backdrop for a nice effect!

Stroll Around Venice Canals

These three canal-line blocks right off 25th Street feature an idyllic scene that will take you back to Europe. Think charming beach houses with their own dock, arched pedestrian bridges, and ducklings swimming in the canals!

People Watch at Venice Beach Boardwalk

Santa Monica and Venice Beach Itinerary (Halal & Solo-friendly!)

This beachside street market is filled with vendors selling all kinds of jewelry, souvenirs, and knick-knacks.

Known as a free speech zone, this place has a bohemian feel. Street performers, activists, and artists are also plenty here.

So, watching the diverse people here is an exciting part of the experience.

Venice Beach Art

Not only that, but you’ll also see Venice Art Walls adorning the majority of the Boardwalk!

Cycle From Venice Beach to Santa Monica

From Venice to Santa Monica, you’ll pass by Ocean View Park, Barnard Way Linear Park, Crescent Bay Park, up until Original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica in this 2-mile long way.

Located on the south side of Santa Monica Pier is the Original Muscle Beach. This beach workout area is famous for its public bars and ropes over the sand. The site has a history where people of Santa Monica would watch gymnasts, stuntmen, and stuntwomen practice during the Great Depression.

Walking can take forever, to be exact, approximately 45 minutes to one hour, depending on your stamina!

But there’s a way to make this journey more enjoyable and shorter, especially in LA’s Heat! And that’s through cycling!

The path from Venice to Santa Monica is paved with lighted paths, clear signage, and designated bike lanes. So this makes biking an enjoyable ride!

Get your ? bike rentals at ?? discounted rates before you go to Venice Beach and Santa Monica!

Walk along Santa Monica Pier and see the sights!

In the middle of Santa Monica Beach and the center of Santa Monica is its very own landmark: Santa Monica Pier!

Santa Monica Pier

More than a century old, this pier was the first concrete pier established on the West Coast in 1909. Since then, the pier has been known as a great fishing spot in Santa Monica.

This pier features a theme park and pop-up shops selling beachside souvenirs; sometimes, you get to see a local performing!

Play in Pacific Park

Pacific Park, Santa Monica

Your Santa Monica itinerary is incomplete without letting your inner child play at Pacific Park!

Located at the end of the Pier, this park features a giant Ferris Wheel, tons of rides like a Merry-Go-Round, and games!

The Ferris Wheel also gives an excellent view of the entire Pier stretch!

What to do at Santa Monica

Swim in the Ocean at Santa Monica Beach

A day in Santa Monica is incomplete without spending time at the beach itself!

This beach is famed for its Southern Californian vibes and stretches over 3.5 miles long! Because it is so long, the locals have divided it into two sections:

  • North of the Pier
  • South of the Pier

..which the pier acts as the center of the beach!

Santa Monica Beach

Shop & Experience Third Street Promenade, Downtown Santa Monica

Last on your Santa Monica and Venice Beach Itinerary is to end your day at Third Street Promenade.

This open-air promenade in Santa Monica features more than 80 retailers (some upscale) and restaurants.

Check out this article for detailed info on Halal Food in Santa Monica and the rest of LA.

Sometimes, you can even see different types of street performance shows here, like dance and people showing tricks. This makes the atmosphere here fun to experience while walking around!

Halal Food & Prayer Facilities in Venice Beach and Santa Monica

Check out this post for ideas on where to eat Halal food or Vegan options around the area.

There are no prayer facilities in Venice and Santa Monica.

The nearest mosque is King Fahad Mosque in Culver City, located about 4-miles away.

Santa Monica Pier
Entrance Sign to Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica and Venice Beach Itinerary

In an essence your Santa Monica and Venice Beach itinerary can look like this:

TimeEstimated DurationWhat To Do / Visit
12:15 – 12:45 pm15-30 minutesVenice Sign
12:45 – 1:30 pm30 minutesVenice Canals
1:30 – 2:30 pm1 hourVenice Boardwalk (Vegan lunch or bring your own Halal lunch here)
2:30 – 3:30 pm30 minutes – 1 hourBike / walk from Venice to Santa Monica
3:30 – 4:30 pm30 minutes – 2 hoursSanta Monica Pier (Play in Pacific Park)
4:30 – 5:30 pm1-2 hoursRelax / swim at Santa Monica Beach
Near sunset30 minutes – 1 hourThird Street Promenade
Santa Monica and Venice Beach Itinerary

Feel free to adjust according to your needs, and prayer times as well.

Where to Stay in Venice Beach and Santa Monica

If you’re planning to stay around for more than a day, there are a couple of accommodations around.

In Santa Monica, you can consider ? Sea Blue Hotel or ? The Georgian Hotel!

Is it better to stay in Venice Beach or Santa Monica?

Depending on what is your preference, Venice has a more bohemian style meanwhile Santa Monica is just more upscale.

However, for Muslimah Solo Travelers, it is recommended that you choose to stay around Santa Monica, and Venice is known to have an “unsafe” reputation when night falls.

Sunset at Santa Monica

The Best Time To Visit Venice Beach and Santa Monica

Summer: Popular season filled with events. Large crowds. Average temperature of 19°C | 71°F.

Off-season: Anytime except summer. Santa Monica is warm throughout the year, with an average temperature of 17°C | 65°F.

During the holidays: Fridays & Saturdays are the busiest days of the week. Major holiday weekends like July 4th (July), Labor Day (September) and New Year’s Eve (December), and Memorial Day (May) can draw more crowds.

Santa Monica Pier at sunset

How to get to and around Santa Monica and Venice Beach

You can get to Santa Monica and Venice via car or public transport.

From downtown LA: Take the Metro Expo Line to Santa Monica Pier

Or you can take the Big Blue Bus from Downtown LA / Hollywood locations to Venice (updated schedule here)

FAQs on Santa Monica and Venice Beach

Is there Halal food at Santa Monica and Venice Beach?

There are very few Halal food around, but Muslim-friendly options are available.

Is it safe for a Muslim woman to explore Santa Monica and Venice Beach solo?

Yes for during the day. At night, it is recommended to stay away from Venice Beach as it is known to have a “sketchier” reputation.

Can you walk from Venice Beach to Santa Monica pier?

Yes you can

How much time do you need at Venice Beach?

2-3 hours would do. But it can go up to half-a-day, depending on your exploration and interests

Is Venice Beach and Santa Monica the same thing?

No. Venice is located on the part of the shore, and Santa Monica is

Is Santa Monica safer than Venice?

Yes, Santa Monica is known to have a safer reputation than Venice

How far apart are Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier?

About 2 mile (3.2km) long

#MST Tips For an Enjoyable Time at Santa Monica and Venice Beach

Some Solo & Muslim-friendly tips that you should know when visiting Santa Monica and Venice Beach:

Go before the sun sets. Venice is known to be unsafe at night.

Have your Halal meal planned out. Either bring it from your departure place, and have it as a picnic around Santa Monica and Venice, OR eat at any of the shops selling Halal Meat or Vegan options there. Do note these shops can be located far from the attractions, so a lot of walking is included!

Wear comfortable shoes and airy clothing if you intend on walking only!

Prepare a travel towel, and a change of clothes if you plan to dip in the beach waves!

Final Thoughts — Santa Monica and Venice Beach Itinerary

I hope this Santa Monica and Venice Beach Itinerary guide helped give you a rough idea of what exploring the area will be like!

It is an excellent place for Muslim Solo Travelers to experience a different side of LA, besides the bustling Hollywood experience!

For other Muslim-friendly ideas on the Things To Do Alone at LA, check out this article!

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