The Ultimate Muslim Solo Travel Guide to New York City (Tips for First Timers!)

New York Muslim Solo Travel Guide

Planning to visit the Big Apple soon as a Muslim Solo Traveler?

As a #MuslimSoloTravel-tested destination with immersive cultural experiences from around the world, there’s almost everything in NYC! Theatre, towering skyscrapers, excellent walking experience, urban parks, and much more!

In this New York City Muslim Solo Travel guide, you’ll learn all you need to know to plan your best NYC trip!

From frequently asked questions on Muslim-friendly solo travel in New York to things to do alone, getting around, Halal Food, Mosques & prayer information, where to stay, and tips for traveling alone in New York City… let’s dive in!

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FAQs on Muslim-friendly Solo Travel in New York

Muslim-friendly New York City Guide for Solo Travelers

Before we head on to the best part of what to do in New York City, let’s address some Muslim-friendly concerns that one may have regarding their New York solo travels!

How many Muslims are in New York state?

New York has one of the largest Muslim communities in the United States.

To be exact, 9% of the New York City residents are Muslims, which amounts to about 1.5 million Muslims in The New York metropolitan area and 22% of the whole US Muslim population.

How many Muslims are in Brooklyn, NY?

Out of all the boroughs in New York City, Brooklyn has the largest Muslim population. According to Columbia New

How can I enjoy New York alone?

There are many ways to have a great New York City Solo Travel experience.

You can go to the park and enjoy the green pockets of the city, attend any of the Broadway shows, shop at the or just walk.

Is New York Muslim-friendly?

While some parts of the country have had problems with Muslims and Islamophobic sentiments in the past, that is rarely the case in New York City.

As a city that prides itself on having the most diverse population in the US, New York is safe for Muslims.

You can find many street carts selling Halal food, Muslim-owned restaurants these days, and the abundance of mosques in Brooklyn.

Is New York Good for Solo Travelers?

Going to New York as a Solo Traveler is never out of the question when in the US!

Being a walkable city that is complemented with accessible public transport, it is a great place for one to have their New York Solo Adventure of a lifetime!

Top Attractions & Unique Flavor of Each New York City’s Five Boroughs

NYC is comprised of the five boroughs (like cities in the Metropolis).

Each of them is famous for its own attractions and has its respective unique local experience.


Muslim-friendly New York City Guide for Solo Travelers

Manhattan has the top sights of NYC and is the global center for financial, cultural, media, and real estate. The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Wall Street, and Times Square are located here.


Brooklyn has the largest Muslim community in the country. The Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island, and the best New York Pizza are known to be here.


Queens is the most diverse borough. You can see all kinds of walks of life here.

The Bronx

The Bronx is home to the New York Yankees & is the birthplace of Hip Hop. LaGuardia and JFK airports are located here as well.

Staten Island

Staten Island

Staten Island is known for its “countryside” and “suburban” setting that is filled with famous historical institutions and green spaces.

Complete your New York Muslim Solo Travel experience by getting some ideas on the best things to do alone in NYC!

Finding Halal Food in New York City

The Halal Guys are absolutely on the no 1 list when it comes to the ultimate NYC Halal Food.

Halal food cart in NYC
Halal food carts are plenty

But besides that, there are plenty of Halal establishments, especially Halal food carts because of New York City’s global diversity!

Related ?? Halal Food in NYC ?

Best Time to Visit New York

The best time to visit New York ultimately depends on what works for you.

The season changes throughout the year, so best to prepare accordingly with suitable clothes for each season.

Spring (March-May): 4 – 16 °C

Summer (June – August): 22 – 24 °C

July is the hottest month of the year with an average of 24.5 °C

Fall (September – November): 20 – 9 °C

The best time is at the end of summer, in August, and anytime in Fall.

During this time, the weather is splendid for swimming, crowds have lessened than the usual summer crowd, prices have dropped, and you’ll get to see beautiful fall foliage colors all around the parks in New York!

When to visit NYC
Crowds in NYC during summer

Winter (December – February): 9 – 1 °C

January is the coldest month at 1.5°C

New York is especially famous for its New Year’s celebration, drawing locals and international tourists.

So if you’re coming to NYC for a New Year’s solo travel, best to be prepared far in advance as prices for hotel rooms, events, and flight tickets are at their peak during this time of the year.

Getting Around New York City as a Muslim Solo Traveler (& Tips!)

There are various ways you can get around New York


Subway in NYC

What is a solo trip to New York without a hop on the subway? The subway is an experience in itself.

The MetroCard can be purchased from any Vending Machines available at the station’s entrance.

Do take note of the subway entrance that directs you to your destination in NYC via google maps first before simply heading inside the subway. This is because one station may have multiple entrances (at various sides of the streets).

Pay attention to the color of the subway’s entrance’s orbs!

They mean different things!

Full Green / Half Green Globes: Entrance is open/half-open

Red Globe / Half-red Globe: Exit only, permanently closed, or a privately owned entrance.

Public Bus

With your MTA card, you can hop into any of the public buses in New York. Hopping on the bus may make more sense to some destinations.

Bus in NYC

Electric Bike

There are plenty of e-bikes around the city. You can rent them on an hourly or daily basis.

But I would only recommend you do so if you’re planning to explore a huge place with attractions you want to see, situated far apart from one another like in Central Park. Then it’s worth your dollar spent!

New York City Guide

Walking is a great thing to do in New York!

Walking is the most convenient way to get around NYC while having an enjoyable time.

It is the most walkable city in the whole United States of America.

You’ll be surprised at the simple everyday finds and entertainment you’ll stumble upon along the way!

Uber / Lyft / Yellow Cab

How to Get Around New York as a Muslim Solo Traveler

If you are carrying luggage, or need to get somewhere fast, then either three car-based options would be best.

But before that, do check on Maps because sometimes, the subway may turn out to be a better option, particularly during rush hour.

Pro-tip: Do Check Google Maps before riding public transport. It will show which transportation mode is the best.

Know that the roads in Manhattan and most of New York are built on a Grid System

Most parts of the city are laid out in a grid pattern, making it easy for you to find your way around NYC.

How to navigate around New York City

The way to make sense of this are:

Avenues: run north-south
Streets: run east-west
Uptown: north of 14th Street in Manhattan
Downtown: south of 14th Street in Manhattan
Fifth Avenue is the dividing line of Manhattan, cutting the island in half.

E.g.: If your address is 234 W, 42nd St, then you’ll need to head west of Fifth avenue on 42nd Street, until you come across #234.

New York has three main airports: JFK, Newark, and LaGuardia.

All of these airports are interconnected with the public transportations mentioned above.

Where To Stay in New York

New York City Guide

As one of the most expensive cities in the world, the standard room rate for New York can average around $137 per night for a one-person accommodation.

However, if you know where to look and with the right timing, there are plenty of affordable hotels that let you stay as a Muslim Solo Traveler who’s on a budget!

But, if you have room to spend extra money, go for mid-range to luxury options that provide the best New York stay with the iconic Manhattan skyline.

The Best Areas to Stay as a Muslim Solo Traveler in New York are:

Mid-range to Luxury ⭐️

?? Midtown for sightseeing, shopping, and theater

?? A convenient area that’s around Central – Downtown Brooklyn

?? Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill for the classic New York Brownstone buildings

Affordable options ?

?? Queens (with access to Manhattan) – Jackson Heights has a diverse, local residential experience

?? Long Island City (together with views of Manhattan over water)

#MST-tip: Stay within 10-minute of walking distance to the subway for easy travel.

Prayer Room & Mosques in New York

If you are a Muslim Solo traveler looking for prayer rooms and mosques in New York City, don’t worry!

Wondering how many mosques are in New York state? Based on a research in 2015, the state at that time had 285 mosques!

This makes New York the state with the most mosques, compared to other states in the United States, with the largest number of mosques situated in Brooklyn.

Some notable mosques are:

Islamic Cultural Centre of New York

  • The First Mosque in New York is also an Islamic Cultural Center housing a school, library, Imam residence, and bookstore established in the 1960s.
  • This is a beautiful mosque designed with an apparent green-colored dome. It is also part of Upper East Side’s historic sites and landmarks.

Photo by Islamic Cultural Center via Facebook

Masjid Al Aman, Brooklyn

  • The biggest mosque built from the ground in NYC” – East NY
  • Address: 203 Forbell St, Brooklyn, NY 11208, United States (directions)

Photo by Masjid Al Aman on Facebook

Masjid Manhattan, Lower Manhattan

  • A few blocks away from World Trade Center and Wall Street.
  • Multi-storied mosque with women’s prayer room on the 4th floor. Wudu (ablution) at the basement.
  • Address: 30 Cliff St, New York, NY 10038, United States
  • Click here for contact details and operating hours

Photo by Masjid Manhattan via Official Website

Islamic Society of Mid Manhattan, Midtown

  • Prayer place in Midtown
  • Sisters wing is on the 3rd floor
  • Address: 154 E 55th St, New York, NY 10022, United States

Photo by Hameed Shahul via Facebook

Other than that, NYC has other masjids like Masjid Hazrati Abu Bakr Flushing, Masjid At-Taqwa, Brooklyn and Turkish-American Eyup Sultan Cultural Center, Brighton Beach

Prayer times in New York

For the latest prayer times in New York, check out the table below.

Safety & Useful Tips while in New York

To brush up your confidence before you embark on your New York Solo trip, it is useful to know some of these safety tips.

Be aware of your surroundings in crowded areas.

NYC is full of crowds at times, and this is especially true in the subway and touristy areas like Times Square.

Make sure you are aware of your surroundings, and your belongings.

Do not carry all your cash at once

This is a usual solo travel tip, but as a Muslim Solo Traveler in NYC, it is best to only carry how much you need.

Or separate them in different pockets and places in your bag.

Be cautious when in touristy areas.

Crowded, touristy areas are full of people trying to sell you something in exchange for money.

Sometimes, you don’t realize it and are forced to pay in exchange. It can be a person who suddenly comes up to you to tell you a story or those in full-on costumes telling you can take a photo with them.

Just walk away if you don’t plan on giving them money, and you’ll be fine.

Be careful of those asking for money on the subway.

While this is rare, there are cases of this happening.

The people asking for money in the subway are either homeless people but mostly scammers. At the end of the day, it is up to you to give or not.

Don’t hop on an empty subway car.

An empty subway car is not a good sign.

Another New York solo travel tip you should keep in mind is that an empty subway during a busy time can mean there’s an AC breakdown, something spilled, or a foul smell somewhere.

Ask if you need help.

If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, just walk into a shop or a restaurant and ask for help. Many other local New Yorkers would be happy to lend a helping hand to you.

Walk quickly like a New Yorker.

One of the best ways to blend in with the crowd is to act like a New Yorker. And that is to walk quickly like the rest of them! This way, no one can know that you’re not a local.

Don’t be conspicuous.

Do not have your cameras hanging around your neck at all times, if possible. These are tell-tale signs that you’re not a local.

New York City Guide – Muslim Solo Travel Takeaway

Undoubtedly, New York City is a destination that’s pretty much on everyone’s list.

Hopefully, this New York City Muslim Solo Travel guide has answered all you need to know about traveling alone as a Muslimah!

Want more Muslim-friendly NYC inspirations? Check out this article on the Best things to do alone in NYC!

While in America, how about continuing your solo trip to Los Angeles or Chicago instead?

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