Khorfakkan Solo Day Trip – Halal Food, Mountain Adventures & MORE!

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The less-visited seaside Khor Fakkan will surprise you in so many ways…

It is surrounded by rugged mountains, the beach and is blessed with a microclimate that’s cooler than the rest of the emirates of the country.

Located just an hour’s drive from Dubai, this makes Khorfakkan Day Trip a great idea for Muslimah Solo Travelers!

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About Khorfakkan

Khorfakkan Panorama from Al Adwani Tower
Khorfakkan from Al Adwani Tower

Khorfakkan is a town that lies on a scenic beachside bay along the east coast of Sharjah emirate, opposite the Gulf of Oman.

The charming town is right in between the rugged Shumayliyah Mountains (rise up to 1,023 meters) and the Arabian Sea.

The blue waters, the dramatic mountain gorges make it an adventure heaven for those seeking to go on a little hike, or scuba dive!

Did you know that Khorfakkan means “Creek of Two Jaws” in Arabic?

Historical Khorfakkan

Khorfakkan day trip
Fancy joining a Women-only tour this 2024? Waitlist here to be notified first!

Khorfakkan is rich in history and heritage.

Its strategic location and thriving economy as a flourishing port along the Arabian Sea made the Portuguese built forts around the town in the 16th century.

According to historical records, the Portuguese Explorer Alfonso de Albuquerque said this town was rich with vegetables and fruit trees and water pools for irrigation.

Till today, Khorfakkan’s wealth in nature can be seen throughout the city, its colonial remains are also available in plain sight through the refurbishment of its fortresses. Hence, making it a great place for a one-day trip from Dubai!

Places To Visit & Things To Do on Your Khorfakkan Solo Day Trip

If you are wondering, “What is special in Khorfakkan?” let us just stay to never underestimate the power of a small town.

There are actually a lot of things to do!

Here are some of the best experiences that Khorfakkan has to offer.

Nearby Khorfakkan

Pass by the Longest Mountain-Excavated tunnel in the Middle East

Longest tunnel in the UAE Khorfakkan

The journey to Khorfakkan begins before you even arrive there!

The way to Khorfakkan is so beautiful, it is as if you’re in Switzerland with the rocky mountain-excavated tunnels! The nearer you are to Khorfakkan, the more beautiful the highway looks.

There are five tunnels altogether, but the most special one is the Al Sidra Tunnel! At 2.7km, it is the “Longest covered tunnel in the Middle East”

Visit Najd Al Maqsar Heritage Village

Located deep in the mountains of Khor Fakkan is Najd Al Maqsar, an abandoned settlement with history of human presence that goes as far back as about 3 centuries.

Now an archaeologically important site to the town and Sharjah, this village has a collection of traditional 100-year old Emirati houses built with stone walls and mud bricks.

The highlight of this village is the Al Maqsar tower on top of the mountain. It is a monument that gives off a similar resemblance to other towers in the city like Al Rabi, and Al Adwani.

It’s a great way to see what life was like in the past if you’re interested in knowing what life was like before modern-day Khorfakkan.

Pro-tip: This village is just next to Wadi Shees so plan accordingly

Buy some fresh fruits by the highway roadside vehicle stands

Roadside Fruit Stands in Khorfakkan Highway

One of the best experiences in Khor Fakkan is buying fruit from the vehicle stands by the roadside.

Tangerines, peaches, bananas, mangoes… You name it!

The fruits sold here are fresh, and the buying experience is just one of a kind. You’ll also get to contribute to the sustainable income of these fruit sellers, so this responsible travel behavior makes the experience truly meaningful.

What you should know: I didn’t see these fruit stands while going towards Khor Fakkan, but only on the way towards Sharjah from Khor Fakkan.

See Khorfakkan’s panorama from the mountaintop Al Suhub Resthouse

The UFO-looking Al Suhub Rest House is another option for you to see a panoramic view of Khorfakkan’s spectacular mountains.

The rest stop has a lounge/restaurant called Cloud Rest, situated 600 meters above sea level.

Nature and adventures around Khorfakkan

Free diving in the blue waters of Khorfakkan

Freediving is unlike any other kind of diving.

It is diving deep in the water, without the use of breathing apparatus.

So, if you’re a certified freediver, Khorfakkan’s blue waters and stunning location facing Gulf of Oman will guarantee you to have an unforgettable freediving experience!

Pro-tip: The sea temperature can be low, in between 30-33C so rash guard is needed for protection against the sun, and wetsuit from the cold.

Diving/Snorkel at Shark Island

khorfakkan diving
Balaji Rai, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If freediving is allowed, diving and snorkeling are definitely on the list, too!

Khorfakkan is one of the most popular diving destinations in UAE because of the beach town’s strategic location on the east coast of the country.

One location that is famous for this type of activity is Shark Island.

It is a rocky outcrop island on the south-eastern side of Khorfakkan Bay that is known for its rich marine life and hard corals.

As the name indicates, there’s a good chance to see sharks like blacktip reef shark in between November to April!

Other than that, species that you’d encounter here are mackerels, batfish, barracuda, and trevally, to name a few.

Hike to Al Rabi tower of Khorfakkan

Khorfakkan is a favorite hiking destination in The UAE.

If you love hiking, then you’ll want to hike to Al Rabi Tower on your Khorfakkan Day Trip.

This Khorfakkan hiking spot has everything you’ll dream of— breathtaking seaside views, great work out and interesting pitstops.

Some highlights of this Al Rabi tower hike:

  • Historical Al Rabi watchtower that dates back to 1915 A.D. at the beginning of the hike
  • The message from Sharjah’s current ruler, Sheikh Sultan Al Qassimi that reads: “God cherished nature. We are wary of man’s tampering with nature. If you love Sultan, appreciate what he has done for nature’. So please, leave nothing but footprints!”
  • Praying point – perfect for Muslim travelers wishing to pray mid-hike!

Pro-tip: Hike during the weekdays as it can be crowded during the weekends here.

Other things to know about Al Rabi tower hike:

  • Distance: 5.3km marked trail with total elevation of 395 meters.
  • Beginner and solo-travel friendly as the trails to Al Rabi tower are marked throughout.
  • Getting here: No 4×4 needed
  • Estimated time needed: about 3 hours going up and down.

Go on a picnic at Wadi Shees Park

One of Khorfakkan’s new tourist attractions is Wadi Shees Park.

This 11,362-square meter park features a beautiful 25m-high artificial waterfall, a collection of native plants, and lots of palm trees!

It is now a favorite picnic spot in Khor Fakkan, with terraces overlooking spectacular mountain views.

The shaded outdoor terraces are also connected to the stone pathways and wooden benches, making it easier and safe for visitors to just chill out.

Explore the nature side of Khorfakkan’s Wadi Shees

The wadi (valley) in Khorfakkan is an area rich in incredible biodiversity, thanks to its nearby freshwater sources.

Wadi Shees (Shees Valley) is situated nearby Shees village, an agricultural village rich in farms, date plantations, and rewarding activities for visitors.

Some say this is a hidden gem of Khorfakkan!

Depending on what day you’re going, a hiking trip here can present various native plants and animals.

See some wildlife while Kayaking at Al Rafisah Dam!

Kayaking is a special endeavor on your Khorfakkan Day Trip because….

You can potentially see wildlife like gazelles and ducks when kayaking!

How cool is that?

While it might not be exactly an up-close encounter, I personally saw them at an appropriate distance from my kayaking experience at Al Rafisah Dam.

Based on my experience, high up in the mountains around the dam is also where you can potentially see mountain goats too!

Pro-tip: Bring some binoculars and perhaps a zoom lens if you’re into animal spotting!

Kayaking at Al Rafisah Dam

I also have a detailed post on all you need to know about Al Rafisah Dam.

In Khorfakkan Town

See the whole view of Khorfakkan and its port from Al Adwani Tower

Al Adwani Tower Khorfakkan

If you don’t want to hike so high up the Al Rabi tower, but want to check out the historical landmarks and landscape during your Khorfakkan Day Trip…

Then make your way to Al Adwani Tower!

Originally built as a lighthouse, the climb up to the top of the tower takes about 5 minutes walking up the stairs.

From the top, you can also see beautiful views of the town’s beachfront and its harbor lined with fishing boats, all the way to the mountains!

Indulge in Seafood & Halal Emirati Traditional Cuisine at Hisn Khorfakkan Restaurant

Shrimp Saloona Hisn Khorfakkan Restaurant

Nothing beats fresh seafood in Khorfakkan!

Because of its close proximity to the beach, the seafood here are absolutely fresh.

I personally tried the shrimp saloona – shrimps cooked in sweet and sour-based stew at Hisn Khorfakkan.

Another traditional cuisine that you must try here is the fava beans (foul medames) which is known as Najla Bakhi here.. It is cooked in a stew broth.

If you don’t wish to try the seafood, rest assured the food served here is halal, as how the rest of restaurants in Khorfakkan are.

Learn about Khorfakkan’s history at the Hosn Khorfakkan museum

Hosn Khorfakkan Museum
Entrance to the museum

If you’re a history geek, you can’t miss out on the opportunity to learn about the city’s beginnings at Hosn Khorfakkan.

This is a restored fort turned into a museum at the side of Khorfakkan’s Old Souq.

It has exhibits of Sharjah’s East Coast history, the Al-Qasimi dynasty’s influence in the region, and explanations on the fortress and how the port town was occupied by the Portuguese in the 1600s.

Pro-tip: Bring exact cash when you come here and preferably small notes. The museum operators do not have small notes to change your bill here.

Entry fee: 5-10 AED

Hisn Khorfakkan map
Map of the Khorfakkan Old Town

See the Traditional Way of Life at Traditional Crafts Museum

My favorite part of Khorfakkan was learning about the traditional way of life and occupation of the Emiratis in Khorfakkan at this mini, FREE museum under Sharjah Institute for Heritage!

Khorfakkan Day Trip
Real life exhibits of Emirati Souq

It’s basically a long alley that showcased the differences between various types of Souq traders, and a Pearl Merchant.

What you should know: Since it is a FREE museum, some exhibits here are displayed in Arabic only.

Pro-tip: it is hidden right inside the Old Souq so you’ll need to walk further in, past the Heritage Store to get to the entrance.

Buy Souvenirs from the Old Souq

The Old Souq in Khor Fakkan is a traditional market that sells a variety of Emirati household items. These make great souvenirs!

Khorfakkan Old Souq
Old Souq of Khorfakkan

These traditional items include palm leaf baskets, oud perfumes, kitchen utensils as well as traditional clothes you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Besides that, you can also have a sip of Arabic gahwa in one of the cafes inside.

Check out Khorfakkan’s Roman-inspired Ampitheater

Make sure to visit the Amphitheatre on your Khorfakkan Day Trip!

This is no ordinary amphitheater.

It is a cultural landmark designed as a semicircular structure, with imposing stone facades consisting of 295 columns and 234 arches.

Built with heavy Roman inspiration in mind, this amphitheater is similar to the amphitheaters in Rome.

Sometimes, the amphitheater hosts open-air events here in conjunction with local festivals.

Pro-tip: Check out the official tourism board for regular updates on the latest happenings in Khorfakkan.

See Al Shalal Waterfall

Just nearby the Ampitheater, is Al Shalal Waterfall.

Al Shalal Waterfall is a man-made waterfall that features a waterfall cascading down the city’s iconic “rocky” structure at 43 meters above sea level.

Here, you can see water flowing down the “rocky” man-made waterfall from 43 meters above sea level—a tribute to the city’s iconic rocky mountains.

Take in the sea breeze at Khorfakkan Beach & corniche

Khorfakkan Beach & Corniche

Khorfakkan Beach is one of the best beaches I have ever been to in the United Arab Emirates!


Because it is beautiful and peaceful, plus the breeze from the Arabian Sea here just feels lovely.

Pro-tip: make sure you buy some Middle Eastern delights and Arabic gahwa at Feras Sweets pop-up shop here before you sit down and immerse in the beautiful beachside view!

Things to know about Khorfakkan

The best time to visit Khor Fakkan

  • From November to April, when the weather is pleasant and is winter time in the United Emirates
  • Outside of these months, the weather is still cooler compared to its neighboring emirate.


  • Surprisingly, in comparison to the other Emirates in UAE, I was bitten by a couple of mosquitoes in Khorfakkan. Perhaps this has something to do with its special microclimate or its location next to the sea.

Banks in Khor Fakkan

  • Best to have small notes when you’re in Khorfakkan. If you need some cash in this town, you can get them at the business district located opposite Khor Fakkan Corniche. A couple of major Emirati banks, like Emirates NBD, ADCB, and Bank of Sharjah are located there.
Banks in Khorfakkan Corniche
Most banks are located here, opposite Khorfakkan Corniche

Halal Food, Masjids and prayer rooms in Khorfakkan

Halal Food & Masjid in Khorfakkan
  • There are plenty of Halal restaurants, masjids, and prayer rooms available around Khorfakkan. Wherever you go, you’ll see one for sure. Hence, this makes Khorfakkan a Muslim-friendly destination.

Khorfakkan weather

  • Unlike other parts of the United Arab Emirates, which are arid and dry during its summer months, Khorfakkan is blessed with a cool micro-climate all year round.
  • The temperature ranges from 16C to 27C. This is because of its location being surrounded by the Hajar mountains and the beach.
  • In certain areas, such as Wadi Shees, you can expect the climate to be cool because of the surrounding oasis and natural reserves channeled from the freshwater mountain springs.

How to get to Khorfakkan

Khorfakkan from Dubai

Khorfakkan is located just approximately 130km (70 miles) from Dubai, which is a one-hour drive.

If you’re thinking, “How do I get from Dubai to Khorfakkan by bus?” as of the moment, there are no direct bus services available.

You’ll have to take multiple public transports, which are:

  1. Take the intercity bus (E700) from Union Square Bus Station in Deira, Dubai to Fujairah Bus Station in Fujairah (about 1 hour+) — Refer to RTA routes here and install RTA S’hail app for accurate schedules.
  2. To get to Khorfakkan, you’ll need to take a Careem/taxi from Fujairah (about 30 minutes)
  3. It can cost around 110-130 AED
Fujairah is the nearest emirate to Khorfakkan

Abu Dhabi to Khorfakkan

Abu Dhabi is located a bit further away from Khorfakkan, at a distance of 263 km (163.4 miles)

A one-way drive can go up to three hours. Hence, I do not recommend that you do a Khorfakkan day trip from Abu Dhabi as going to and coming back can amount to a 6-hour drive.

Is Khorfakkan worth visiting?

Absolutely, yes, when it comes down to a Khorfakkan Day Trip!

I was surprised to discover so much heritage, adventure, and history offered by this small town!.

The best thing is that it is easily explored with your feet, making it an easily explored town, especially for those who prefer walking around when visiting a new destination.

If you love adventure, this is a must-visit town in the Emirates as there are beautiful wadi (oasis) to explore, trekking opportunities in rocky mountains, and diving excursions.

There’s also lots of Halal food around, considering it is a town located in the United Arab Emirates.

Muslim Solo Travel Takeaway: Khorfakkan is an underrated city that should be on your one day trip from Dubai should you plan to visit the Emirates soon.

Experiencing Khorfakkan easily as a Muslimah Solo Traveler

Experiencing Khorfakkan as a solo traveler

Khorfakkan is a great place for solo travelers to check out.

The city’s “small-town” vibe makes most of the major attractions easier to check out, within just a walking distance.

Khorfakkan Tour Packages & Car Rental

If you’re coming from overseas as a Muslimah Solo Traveler and would like to experience the town with ease and peace of mind, then joining a tour package is the best option.

Private Day Trip Khor Fakkan Tour

This tour offers sightseeing and photo stops at Khorfakkan’s main attractions like Al Rabi Tower Viewing Point, Wadi Shees & Al Rafisah Dam. (Includes pick up and drop off & A professional tour guide

Khorfakkan Car Rental

If you want to explore Khorfakkan on your own time, then renting a vehicle would be best.

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Final thoughts on Khorfakkan Solo Day Trip

With the beach, mountains, adventure, and heritage all round… Khorfakkan has everything a Muslimah Solo traveler could possibly want!

We hope this Khorfakkan Solo Day Trip guide is useful! Do share with Muslimah Solo Travelers out there you’ll know would greatly benefit from this!

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