Things To Do Alone at Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco [Muslim-Friendly!]

Muslim-friendly Things To Do Alone at Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf

If there’s one place that every Muslim Solo Traveler cannot miss in San Francisco, it is Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf!

This bayside attraction is a top tourist destination.

Regardless, it is worth the hype because the experiences here truly encompass what San Francisco is about.

Without further ado, this article will share the best things to do alone at Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf, plus Muslim-friendly food options and Solo-friendly hotels around the area!

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Why is Fisherman’s Wharf so famous?

There are plenty of reasons. But simply because of:

  • It is one of the world’s scenic waterfront attractions, centrally located at a place where you can see the city’s famous landmarks like Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island.
  • The area is steep in San Francisco’s history. From the early days of the Gold Rush to the turn of the century, the Wharf was where sailboats and fishermen congregated.
  • The authentic ‘early days of SF’ can be felt there, despite the city now has grown into a cultural and financial center in Western US.
Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman Wharf VS Pier 39

What about Pier 39? What’s the difference between Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf?

Pier 39 is located inside the Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood area.

It is filled with great waterfront restaurants and tourist attractions.

Muslim-friendly Things To Do Alone at Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco

Eat Fresh Fish & Chips!

Muslim-friendly Pier 39

The first on the “Muslim-friendly Things To Do Alone at Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf” list is none other than to indulge in excellent, fresh seafood!

Many seafood restaurants are lined up along Fisherman’s Wharf, especially on Pier 39.

One humble seafood truck you can’t miss is the Codmother’s Fish!

See the Sea Lions

Sea lions at Pier 39

Seeing these sea lion superstars is one of the fun things to do at Pier 39!

They sleep, sing, squeal, and swim all day long at Pier 39’s West Marina!

According to history, these precious sea lions have been calling the Pier their home since the Loma Prieta Earthquake in 1989.

They migrate every now and then, but at most, you can see up to 900 populations around the Pier in wintertime!

Watch Alcatraz Island from a distance.

Alcatraz Island tour at Pier 39

Did you know that you can spot Alcatraz Island from a distance at Fisherman’s Wharf?

But if you would like to visit the Island, Pier 33 is where you can hop on a ferry trip to Alcatraz!

The journey takes about 15 minutes, with tours departing every one hour.

Buy Homemade Merchandise

Muslim-friendly Things To Do Alone at Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf

Are you a fan of Steph Curry? If not, The Warriors?

If yes, you can buy a homegrown Warriors Jersey in Pier 39.

Besides that, there are plenty of souvenir shops like along Pier 39 that sell a miniature version of San Francisco’s landmarks, such as cable cars, clothes, magnets, Native American jewelry, and so much more!

What to do alone at Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf

Some shops that you should check out are:

  • The Cable Car Store – one-stop souvenir shop (directions)
  • Wilder West SF – Western-style American clothing store (directions)

Get Some Muslim-Friendly Snacks!

There are many mini cafes along Pier 39 selling Muslim-friendly snacks like donuts, ice cream, and crepes if you’re ever hungry!

Related: Best 13 Halal Food in San Francisco, USA

Great for Muslim Solo Travelers as you don’t need to have reservations in fancy (intimidating to eat alone) restaurants!

See Live Events

Located right at the entrance of Pier 39 are usually where live performances and events take place.

Muslim-friendly Things To Do Alone at Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf

For the latest and upcoming events in Pier 39, click here.

Go Whale Watching

Whale Watching San Francisco

Another Muslim-friendly activity for solo travelers in Pier 39 is to go whale watching!

If you love whales, you’ll want to sign up for whale watching because you may just be able to spot the fantastic marine creature along the Bay!

Some species spotted in the past were gray and humpback whales.

This is highly dependent on the year’s season; especially great if you can do it during humpback season.

Play some arcades at Musee Mecanique

Fun things to do alone at Fisherman's Wharf

Go back in time and play some arcades at Musee Mecanique at Pier 45!

This antique spot features over 300 coin-operated slot machines, old-fashion animations, and vintage arcade games!

Even if you’re not a fan of playing games, there’s something that will pique your interest here!

Opening hours: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm daily

Address: Pier 45, San Francisco, CA 94133, United States

Admire the Flowers – a great Muslim-friendly Thing To Do Alone at Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf.

Sometimes, the simplest thing to do alone while exploring Fisherman Wharf is to just soak in the breeze and admire the flowers grown along the pedestrian walkway.

Check Out SS Jeremiah O’Brien

Paying a visit to the SS Jeremiah O’Brien is a must, especially for the history geeks!

This naval vessel is sooooo huge that you would stretch your neck to see the entirety of the vessel.

SS Jeremiah O Brien

According to history, it has made seven WWII voyages from England to South America, India, and Australia!

During the 4th of July (America’s Independence Day), this pier becomes lively with fireworks, airshows, and fleet cruises.

Location: It is parked at the end of Pier 45.

Feed The Seagulls

Another celebrity attraction near Pier 39 and Fisherman Wharf is none other than the seagulls!

Muslim-friendly Things To Do Alone at Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf

They are everywhere around the Wharf.

But mostly are concentrated around the Wharf’s giant Crab Signage.

They can come up to you if they smell food from you. Be extra careful as they can be super feisty!

Save time exploring the best of Fisherman’s Wharf by joining this ?? guided Golden Gate ? Bay Cruise + Fisherman’s Wharf Walking Tour!

Bike Along Fisherman’s Wharf!

You can also rent a bike and bike along the Wharf if you don’t feel like walking!

Biking along Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the best Muslim-friendly things to do alone at Pier 39.

There are several bike rental companies on location, so you can just go up to them and rent on the spot.

How to get to Pier 39 and Fisherman Wharf, San Francisco?

Muslim-friendly Things To Do Alone at Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf

You can get to Pier 39 and Fisherman Wharf by all forms of transportation, be it public transport system, Ferry, cable car, or ride-sharing / taxi.

It is a central location in the city.

Click here for the Official Map of Fisherman Wharf (including Pier 39)

Finding Halal Food & Prayer Spaces at Fisherman Wharf

Regardless of how very little Halal food is offered around Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf, it is still one of the Muslim-friendly areas in San Francisco.

This is because the fresh seafood is the deal here (plus—they’re super fresh!), making it an excellent option for Muslim Solo Travelers looking to dine in the area.

The same goes for prayer rooms.

If you have to pray here, do bring your own prayer mat and garment.

You can pray in between the secluded spaces at Fisherman Wharf (at your own discretion), as the nearest mosque, Masjid al-Tawheed is 40 minutes (2-mile) walk away from the Wharf.

Or adjust your schedule accordingly so you can pray comfortably at the mosque or in your accommodation!

Map of Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Nearby Attractions

Solo-friendly Hotels near Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf

Planning to stay around Pier 39 to ease your Fisherman’s wharf exploration?

Here are some Solo-friendly nearby hotels ? that you can consider:

Great Location ?? Hotel Zoe Fisherman’s Wharf

Luxury ?? Argonaut Hotel

Budget ?? HI San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf Hostel (female dorm available)

FAQs on Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf

Are the restaurants in Fisherman’s Wharf Halal?

There are no Halal restaurants in Fisherman’s Wharf. Muslim-friendly seafood and vegetarian options are available as alternatives. Detailed info in the blog post

Where can I pray at Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf?

There are no prayer rooms around the area. You can pray in secluded spaces at Pier 39. But do so at your own discretion.

Is Fisherman’s Wharf worth seeing?

Yes, it is. Because it is a place that retains San Francisco’s Early Maritime Days, including the many attractions available today.

How much time do you need at Fisherman’s Wharf?

Any time in between 2 hours up till a day.

When is the best time to visit Pier 39, Fisherman Wharf?

The best time to visit Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf, for the festival is during the 4th of July (America’s Independence Day) however, the crowd can be packed.

How far is Pier 39 from Fisherman’s Wharf?

Pier 39 is located within Fisherman’s Wharf.

Is Pier 39 Fisherman’s Wharf?

Pier 39 is part of Fisherman’s Wharf waterfront area, including its sister piers of Pier 41, Pier 45, and Pier 47.

TIPS for the Best Pier 39 & Fisherman’s Wharf Muslim-Friendly Experience for the Solo Travelers

  • Allocate half a day (at least), so you won’t have to rush around.
  • Plan what you want to do ahead!
  • Book any tours departing from the Wharf in advance if you plan to join them so you can save time there.
  • Bring a windbreaker— it will save you from the strong Bay winds!

Bottomline – Muslim-Friendly Things To Do Alone at Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco

Overall, Pier 39 and Fisherman Wharf are a must-visit while in San Francisco!

The accessibility to lots of Muslim-friendly seafood options and how walkable the attractions are makes it one of the best Muslim vacation spots for solo travelers in the USA!

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