11 Amazing Solo Destinations Every Muslimah Should Take!

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Traveling solo as a Muslim woman can be scary. But there’s a delicate sense of strength and humility when you decide to rely entirely on Allah SWT.

Like any regular trip (especially solo traveling), your ultimate must-do before you embark on the journey is to do RESEARCH!

If you are a Muslimah who’s looking to explore potential solo trip destinations, this inspirational guide is here to help your narrow down your solo travel destinations a lot easier.

Without further ado, let’s look at some Muslim-friendly destinations for our Solo traveler sisters!

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Without further ado, let’s check out these 11 Solo-friendly destinations Every Muslimah should take!

🚨 Update: This year, in 2023, the Muslim Women Friendly Destinations list was officially published and this can be another source for you Muslimah Solo Travelers to check out, in determining your final destination!

Muslim Women Friendly Destinations 2023
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United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is undoubtedly a safe solo trip destination for the Muslim woman.

As a country with a designated “female-only” section in their public transport, it is no surprise that Dubai is recently ranked as the third-safest city for solo female travelers.

As a Muslim country, what’s there to worry about Halal food, walking around conspicuously as a Muslimah, and praying on time? Adhaan (prayer call) is clear and loud whether at the shopping mall or walking down the streets!

#MST Tip: While in the UAE, why not go beyond Downtown Dubai and explore its Old City instead? If not, a mountain day trip to Khor Fakkan?


A top Muslim-friendly solo trip destination in Malaysia.

An award-winning Halal travel destination, Malaysia has it all. Halal food, Muslim-friendly atmosphere, ease of accessibility to mosques on top of the many attractions, be it historical, cultural, jungle escape, beach life, or modern city life!

When in Malaysia, forget Kuala Lumpur (I’m a local, trust me). It’s time to go off the beaten path, explore majestic Putrajaya, or have an island hopping trip in Redang, Terengganu! Borneo’s a great idea too!

The cities are also interconnected by public transport of railways, buses or flights!

#MST Tip: The Nasi Lemak & Cendol here is amazing! & if you’re traveling during Ramadhan, the atmosphere is simply one of a kind.. especially street food you’ll find only within the Holy month!

United States of America

High on the solo trip destination on every Muslimah’s bucket list is none other than the USA.

“Land of the Free” has many attractions and activities you can do.

From a metropolitan experience in NYC, to walking down the streets of Washington DC among majestic government buildings, or a breezy and foggy exploration along the hilly city of San Francisco, you name it!

These days, Halal food is easily found in the major cities in the USA! Even if you can’t find them, Muslim-friendly options like seafood are also available. And when it comes to public transport, they’re hardly a problem in major cities.

#MST Tip: Do something different when in the USA! How about a 50+ hour train ride from East Coast to West Coast instead?


One of the best solo trip destinations every Muslim should go for is Uzbekistan!

Famous for its silk road heritage and Oriental calligraphy masters, this country has heartwarming Muslim people, colorful markets, and lots of delectable Halal food!

Another reason why Uzbekistan should be on your list is that it has strong history backed up with a center for the development of Islam education in Central Asia.

Some places to visit in Uzbekistan are Mosque of Bukhara, Samarkand, and Tashkent!


If you’re a Muslimah looking for a budget solo travel destination, look no further than Indonesia!

This Southeast Asian country is home to the largest Muslim population in the world.

The fact that the country has plenty of helpful local people who are mostly Muslims, plenty of Halal food, accessible prayer spaces and public transport (hello – gojek!), safety makes it a great destination to also venture for first-time Muslimah solo travelers!

#MST Tip: Make sure to add an island itinerary to your Indonesian trip! Beyond Bali, consider Labuan Bajo, Lombok, and Flores (these islands look like paradise and they’re cheaper than the Maldives!)


For Muslim Solo Travelers with a lot of room to stretch in their budget, it’s time to head to Maldives!

This nation of islands in the Indian Ocean has a 100% Muslim population, and trouble-free resort islands that value extreme seclusion!

When in the Maldives, the island experiences are where the wonder lies. You can join in sea adventures, nature excursions, or just relax all day long in your overwater villa!

Plus, you don’t even need to worry much about navigating and transfers as the resort provides everything.

Now, who’s dreaming of some me time in private pool escape?


The land of the rising sun is, ultimately, on everyone’s bucket list, no matter what type of traveler you are!

What makes Japan a great Muslimah-friendly solo destination is the fact that the country has been ramping up efforts to welcome Muslim tourists and has been equipping the entire country with Muslim-friendly facilities for the past decade!

Plus, with the consistently low crime rate, welcoming attitude to solo travelers (in dining areas, trains, capsule hotels etc.), and extensive public transport system, how is Japan not a dream when it comes to first-time solo travel destination?


An upcoming European solo travel destination that is filled with under-the-radar Islamic Heritage sites in Spain!

The country holds three big cities with deep Islamic heritage to the Al Andalus period such as Seville, Granada and Cordoba.

Al Andalus is Muslim Iberia, including Spain, Portugal, and part of Southern France.

#MST Tip: While in the area, sites such as Cordoba Mosque (two-hour ride from Madrid), and Alhambra (built by the Nasrid Dynasty) are must-visit!


Singapore is one of the best solo destinations for Muslimah who do not want to make extensive road trips!

On top of the efficient public transport and consistently low crime rate, this intimate city-state has everything! Metropolitan city vibes, multicultural population, a thriving Muslim community at Kampung Glam, and urban green pockets all around!


A popular solo trip destination among Muslim women is undoubtedly Turkey.

Part-Europe and part-Asia, this Muslim-majority country is home to the Ottoman Empire.

While the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque are a few of the most prominent Islamic sites, there are other places steeped with Islamic heritage and culture that you can experience, like Busra!

Istanbul is an excellent stop for a quick layover between European and Asian countries! It has extensive, easy-to-use public transport that’s great for Muslim solo travelers exploring the capital!


Another up-and-coming destination for an excellent Muslimah-friendly solo trip is Taiwan!

The mountains in Taiwan are just soooo dreamy!

Regardless of Taiwan’s status as a non-Muslim majority country, it has been pushing efforts to improve more Muslim-friendly facilities like restaurants with clear Halal dietary labels and Muslim prayer rooms. Plus, the country recently ranked second in the Muslim Travel Index 2022 when it comes to non-OIC countries!

Plus, with the well-connected railway service for solo travelers to move around easily between big cities and small towns, Taiwan is a dream!

Wrap Up- 11 Solo Destinations Every Muslimah Should Take

And there you have it! 11 Muslim-friendly destinations that are great for those who want to embark on their solo trip. Hopefully, these Muslim solo travel-friendly destinations have sparked some ideas on where you should go!

Did we miss out on any other countries that you think should be in this list? Share in the Muslimah Solo Travelers Community Group!

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