Best 13 Halal Food in San Francisco, USA!

Are you looking for the Best Halal Food in San Francisco?

Here are 13 eateries that should be on your San Francisco list, segregating Halal Food establishments according to each neighborhood in San Francisco, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for while in the area!


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Best Halal Food in Tenderloin Area, Downtown San Francisco

With nearly 250,000 Muslims living around the San Francisco Bay Area, the city has a fair share of Halal establishments easily found around the Tenderloin Area.

With that said, here are some Halal restaurants you should check out in Tenderloin, Downtown San Francisco.

Before you dine, read this first ??Halal, Muslim-friendly, Pork-free, Partially-Halal, BYOB β€” All The Terms Muslims Should Know before Dining!

Halal Wings Plus

Halal Wings Plus is one of the Best Halal Food in San Francisco for BBQ chicken wings!

The wings come in various flavors like Cajun, Mango Habanero, and Chili Lime.

Halal Chicken Wings in San Francisco

This casual burger joint shawarma wraps besides the typical American classic menu like Philly Cheesesteak, fries, and sliders.

The Halal Guys

What else is there to explain about the pioneer of American Halal fast food?

Halal Food in San Francisco

With initial beginnings on Sixth Avenue in NYC, The Halal Guys can also be found in San Francisco.

Known for its gyros, chicken platters, and delicious white sauce, this is an excellent place for a late-night Halal grub because it opens till late for most of the week!

Red Chili Halal

Looking for where to eat Halal Indian and Nepalese Food in San Francisco?

Red Chili is your answer.

Halal Food in San Francisco
Photo by Henry A. via Yelp

The star menu here is Chicken Momos. There’s also a vegetarian alternative, Vegetarian Momos. Other than that, you can try Lamb Vindaloo.

Pakwan Restaurant

Pakwan Restaurant is one of the Best Halal Food in San Francisco when it comes to Pakistani-Indian cuisines.

Pakistani cuisine San Francisco

This is a quick-serve shop great for late-night naan cravings. Some specials offered here are Chicken Haleem (mashed chicken cooked with barley and lentils), Malai Boti, Bindi (stir-fried okra), and the usual fare like biryani.

Kinara Fusion

Looking for Halal steak or pizzas in San Francisco? Head on to Kinara Fusion!

This Indian-Pizza Fusion doesn’t just serve Indian-Pakistani cuisine but also a variety of Pizzas, Ribs, and Steaks for a great foodie night out in San Francisco.

Chutney Restaurant

Chutney Restaurant is another Halal Indian Pakistani restaurant in San Francisco’s Tenderloin.

Biryani in San Francisco
Photo by sofiane z. via Yelp

They serve the usual counter-style fare like Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Vindaloo, Paneer Naan and Papadam in a relaxed setting.

Kayma Algerian Eatery

Algerian food in San Francisco

Kayma Algerian Eatery specializes in Mediterranean and North African delicacies, particularly Berber heritage cuisines from Algeria.

Named after their “nomadic roots”, Kayma is the first Algerian restaurant in the Bay Area.

Some things to try here are the couscous and chicken bowl.

Halal San Francisco – Other Areas

Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant, Sunset District

Looking for Halal Chinese in San Francisco? Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant is where you should go!

This casual restaurant in Sunset District serves an array of delicious Chinese cuisines such as Beijing-style hot pots, scallion pancakes and lamb dumplings.

Regardless, don’t leave without ordering the hot pots! With the windy and breezy San Francisco weather, ordering the hot pots is comforting and an experience in itself!

Is there any Halal Korean BBQ San Francisco?

To date, there is no Halal Korean BBQ in San Francisco.

Do check out this article for the meaning of Halal and the differences between pork-free, Muslim-friendly establishments.

Final thoughts – Best Halal Food in San Francisco

That’s the end of the list of Best Halal Food in San Francisco!

Any other places that we’ve missed out on?

Comment below! Or share with a fellow Muslim Solo Traveler who’s planning to visit San Francisco soon!

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