Ramadhan Food in Sarawak, Malaysia [What to Buy at Bazaars!]

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Ramadhan Food in Sarawak, Malaysia [What to Buy at Bazaars!]

Ramadhan Food in Sarawak, Malaysia

Are you looking for Ramadhan food in Sarawak?

You have come to the right place!

As someone who grew up in Sarawak’s capital city Kuching for most of my life, and having lived in Miri for 4 years, I am very familiar with the Ramadhan Bazaar scene of these cities.

And what better way to experience Kuching’s City of Gastronomy UNESCO title if not through experiencing its bazaars during Ramadhan, where you can find all sorts of food diversity!

 Bazaar Ramadhan Sarawak
Halal Food Concerns
As the bazaar is intended exclusively for Ramadhan, the food sold here are all Halal. So there’s nothing to worry about when buying!

Disclaimer: Some of the links here are affiliate links. I receive a small commission AT NO EXTRA cost to you if you use the links. Hope you find this guide helpful!


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Sarawak’s Ramadhan Foods To Try

On top of the normal Ramadhan foods you can get in other parts of Malaysia, Sarawak has its own dishes which makes the Ramadhan experience in Sarawak truly unique.

Here are some not-to-be-missed Ramadhan Foods in Sarawak:

Bubur Pedas – Sarawak’s Special Ramadhan Dish

If West Malaysia has Bubur Lambuk, Sarawak has Bubur Pedas.

Pedas, which means “spicy” in Malay language is a portion of what the savory dish is all about. It’s not that spicy, spicy!

Created by the Malay community of Sarawak, Bubur Pedas is usually enjoyed during Ramadhan.

This Sarawakian special Ramadhan porridge is made of special spice seasonings (bumbu) which its ingredients consist of vegetables and peanuts.

Price: RM5-6/container

Suntong Tutok — Sarawak’s Traditional Moreh snack

For the folks in Sarawak, Ramadhan feels incomplete without the suntong tutok.

This is a delicacy that is sold only during the Ramadhan month and is usually eaten during Moreh.

What this is, is barbecued and smashed cuttlefish, dipped in a homemade dipping sauce.

Did you know: Moreh means Ramadhan supper in Sarawak after Tarawih prayers.

Preparing the Suntong Tutok is not easy.

In essence, the barbecued cuttlefish would be rolled using a special machine, and then smashed with a hammer.

Price: RM6-RM35 (depending on size)

Where to get it:

  • Available in some Ramadhan Bazaars
  • Suntong Tutok Zaidi at Kampung Nombor (Kuching)
  • Sotong Salim – Nor 6, Pusat Penjaja Gerai Aneka Rasa, Jambatan Gantung, Satok from 6pm to 11pm.
  • Alrizq Suntong Tutok (Miri)

Kuih Bongkol – Sarawak’s Traditional Dessert for Iftar

This is a traditional food of the Sarawak Malays, and is enjoyed particularly during iftar in the holy month of Ramadhan.

Made of rice flour, and coconut milk that is drizzled in palm sugar (gula apong), this dessert is wrapped in banana leaf and then steamed.

Hot or cold, the dessert tastes different at different times!

Price: RM0:50-RM2 (depending on sizes and vendors)

Where to get it:

  • All Ramadhan Bazaars in Sarawak

Cendol Gula Apong

Cendol is a Southeast Asian ice-crushed sweet dessert.

Cendol Gula Apong

It contains green jelly droplets (made of rice flour), with coconut milk, and red beans drizzled with palm sugar.

While other Malaysian states (especially in Peninsular Malaysia) use local palm sugar such as Gula Melaka, or Gula Merah (brown sugar), Sarawak has its own palm sugar variation.

That is Gula Apong!

This not-so-secret ingredient is what differentiates this cendol Sarawakian compared to cendol found in other parts of the country.

Price: RM2:50-RM5:00 (varies on size)

Where to get it:

  • All Ramadhan Bazaars in Sarawak

Laksa Sarawak

Every Malaysian state has its own laksa, a flavorsome noodle dish, and Sarawak is not excluded from the list!

Laksa Sarawak is one you must try if your first time coming to Sarawak happens to be during the month of Ramadhan.

What is it: A spicy vermicelli noodle soup distinctive for its combination of spices and herbs in its broth.

Price: RM6-RM10 (depending on Laksa variations)

Where to get it:

  • All Ramadhan Bazaars in Sarawak

Mee Kolok

Mee Kolok is an iconic Sarawak dish that is made of springy egg noodles tossed with beef, chicken, and mixture of shallots and fried onions.

Mee Kolok

Mee Kolok is available all year round, including Ramadhan Bazaars.

There are two ways to eat it:

  • Dry
  • Wet, poured with soup made from beef or chicken stock.

Dry or wet, it depends on one’s preference, but for the full experience, try eating it with soup.

Price: RM6-RM8 (depending on variations)

Where to get it:

  • All Ramadhan Bazaars in Sarawak

Lemang Betawi

Not an ordinary lemang, Lemang Betawi is a Sarawakian’s unique take on the lemang.

Lemang Betawi Sarawak

What is lemang: Lemang is a traditional food, in which glutinous rice, coconut milk and salt is cooked in hollowed bamboo.

Pioneered by Mohd Saiful Bahari Rosli, Lemang Betawi is a different concept as it doesn’t use hollow bamboo in cooking glutinous rice.

Instead, Lemang Betawi uses Banana Leaves. This gives a unique taste to the Lemang!

Lemang Betawi Bazaar Mydin Kuching

Where to get it:

  • Ramadhan Bazaar Mydin. Check out their FB group for the latest info.

Rojak Sibu @ Rojak Haji Kassim

If you’re wondering, what’s the difference between Rojak Kuching and Rojak Sibu?

The difference is that Rojak Sibu uses Kuah Satay (peanut sauce).

Dubbed as “The best Rojak in Sibu Town,” you don’t have to go all the way to Sibu to get this! It is also available at Ramadhan Bazaars in Sarawak!

Rojak Sibu

Rojak is a combination of fritters, vegetables, noodles, and sometimes fresh fruits in a sweet-and-savory paste.

Did you know: Sibu is third-largest urban settlement in Sarawak, after Kuching and Miri?

Where to get it:

  • Ramadhan Bazaar Mydin. More information on their FB page

Kuih Takir

Kuih Takir

Kuih Takir is a traditional kuih (delicacy) in Sarawak!

From a glimpse, this kuih looks like a boat, as it is wrapped in squared-shape palm shoots

Same as the bongkol, this kuih is a favorite of the local people when it comes to the month of Ramadhan!

The taste? Creamy with just the right balance of sweet and sour!

Where to get it:

  • All Ramadhan Bazaars in Sarawak

Ramadhan Buffet

If you want to have a sit-down experience without going over a crowd of people at the bazaar, then a Ramadhan Buffet experience would interest you!

A Buffet experience lets you taste various Ramadhan Food in Sarawak like Laksa, Kuih Bongkol, and Bandung drinks- all in one place!

Most of them, are held in local restaurants, hotels, and convention centers like Borneo Convention Centre Kuching.

Muslim-travel tip:

The hotels and convention centers offering Ramadhan buffet usually have prayer rooms nearby to ease your Maghrib prayers.

Local restaurants, on the other hand, differ. You may need to pray at the nearest surau (praying rooms).

Sarawak Ramadhan Traditions

Since Sarawak, Malaysia has a Muslim demographic of about 33% (made up of Malays and Melanau), it is only natural for the state to have its own Ramadhan Traditions.

Some Ramadhan traditions in Sarawak are:

  • Eating Suntong Tutok for Moreh (Ramadhan supper in Malaysia)
  • Having Kuih Bongkol for Iftar
  • Iftar picnic at Padang Merdeka, Kuching. If you happen to be in Kuching when this is happening.. Then this is your perfect chance to experience what breaking fast is like, with the locals!

Ramadhan Bazaars in Sarawak

Looking for “ramadhan bazaar near me” in Kuching? Or Miri? Here are some bazaars that you can go to when looking for Ramadhan Food when you’re in Sarawak.

Main Ramadhan bazaars

In the country, there are main Ramadhan bazaars located in the place’s city centre, or nearby the city centre.

Kuching – Bazaar Ramadhan Satok

Bazaar Ramadhan Satok, Kuching

This is a legendary Ramadhan Bazaar in Kuching.

You wouldn’t miss it if you come here during Ramadhan. There are all sorts of food sold here, from

It is located right in the heart of Satok, opposite the mini roundabout at Aneka Textile and BS Superstore.

As the days leading up to Hari Raya (Eid) comes nearer, this bazaar would be filled with more pop-up vendors selling clothes, accessories, and Raya desserts.

Satok Ramadhan Bazaar Video

How to get here:

  1. Via bus:

a) Get down from Wisma Satok, through Kuching Metro Electric City Bus Service. FREE service. Map route here.

b) Walk 5 minutes to Bazaar Ramadhan Satok.

  1. Via Taxi, or e-hailing services like Grab.
  2. Car rental

Miri – Miri City Council’s Football Fields

Previously held at the parking space of Indoor Stadium Miri nearby Miri City Fan, this year Miri City Council moved the bazaar to the Football Fields instead.

Other Ramadhan Bazaars in Sarawak to check out

The above are not the only Ramadhan bazaars that you can check out when in the cities of Kuching or Miri in Sarawak.

There are other Ramadhan Bazaars held in other parts of the cities.

However, they are a bit further from the city center, and can be located within suburban neighborhoods.

  • Kuching
    • Bazaar Ramadhan Mydin Petra Jaya
    • Bazaar Ramadhan MetroCity
    • Bazaar Ramadhan Medan Niaga Satok / Kubah Ria
    • Bazaar Ramadhan Stutong
  • Miri
    • Bazaar Ramadhan Saberkas
    • Bazaar Ramadhan Permyjaya
    • Bazaar Ramadhan Taman Tunku

Tips on Visiting Ramadhan Bazaar in Sarawak

  • Prepare small change like RM1, RM5, and RM10 (0.30~2.4 USD) as cash notes is the primary method of exchange.
  • Come before 4:00 pm if you would like to avoid the crowds. If you come later than that, some food would be sold out and it would take longer to buy one particular food as the queue adds up.
  • Some helpful Ramadhan & Malay terms you should know:
    • Buka Puasa – Iftar
    • Sedap – Yummy
    • Moreh – Supper, after tarawih prayers. Only held in Ramadhan

Save for later!

I hope this Ramadhan Foods Sarawak, Malaysia guide was helpful! Be sure to save this post for your next Ramadhan Bazaar hunt in Sarawak!

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