21 Muslim-Friendly Things To Do on Your Solo Trip to Dubai [Safety & Real-life Advice!]

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Are you planning for a solo trip to Dubai? Then you’re at the right place!

Ranked as the “third safest destination for solo travel,” we vouch for this destination, and our Muslimah Solo Travelers Community who have traveled to the Emirate, has repeatedly echoed the same feeling as well.

From the bustling souks (markets), to easy transportation and low-crime (non-existent really) track record, Dubai is a perfect place for not just Muslimah Solo Travelers, but all Muslim travelers!

Here is an idea of what are the things to do in Dubai Alone, what to know about navigating Dubai, and our when it comes to your perfect solo trip to Dubai:

About Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Located on the Arabian Gulf, Dubai came from humble beginnings as a fishing settlement established by the Al Maktoum (family of the current rulers).

Today, it is a cosmopolitan city that makes up one out of the country’s seven emirates. It is known as a business hub that connects the United Arab Emirates to the world.

With about 76% of the country’s population being Muslim, naturally, Dubai is a Halal Travel destination!

Safety Concerns – Why You Should Try Traveling Alone to Dubai as a Muslimah!

If you have never traveled to a country alone as a Muslimah woman, it is common to feel:

  • “Is Dubai safe for tourists?”
  • “Is Dubai safe to travel alone?” or
  • “How safe is Dubai for women?”
Traveling Alone in Dubai as a Muslim woman

Based on our Editor’s experience traveling to Dubai as Muslimah, together with our Community’s Collective experiences, we can say that you should not be concerned. But again, precaution is important.

Some tips from the Community recently shared on 7th February 2024 are how Dubai has:

  • Lady-driven taxis at the airport (more about this below)
  • Voice & video-call are restricted in Whatsapp (news here). BOTIM is the preferred app here.

Editor’s Note: When I was in Dubai, I happened to see a huge sum of money lying around in Dubai Mall, the busiest mall in Dubai. This was near Shake Shack. Passerbys just looked at it, and no one dared touch it. That was how safe, Dubai is!

According to us at MST, the general consensus:

  • For Dubai, and the UAE in general, is known for its low crime rate.
  • Studies have also shown that Dubai is safe to walk around at night.
  • You can find cameras (CCTVs) located everywhere.

The public transportation (even the bus and train stations) in Dubai also separates the ladies’ section from the male. So, you can easily sleep while waiting for your next stop.

Women-only ride in Dubai

On top of that, there are mosques and prayer rooms that are easily accessible wherever you go! You can find them in the mall, and at gas stations!

This makes it all the more reason why you should try solo traveling in Dubai!

21 Things To Do in Dubai Alone

Now, onto the Muslim-friendly Things To Do in Dubai Alone. You will never feel that your itinerary is missing something.

1. Explore Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

One of the best places to visit in Dubai alone is the Al Fahidi District.

Dubai may be known for its mega-skyscraper…

But before all the high-rise buildings, there are stone houses located by Dubai Creek that built the Emirate into what it is today.

Al Fahidi District is HUGE! You can wander around for a day if you don’t plan.

Pro-tip: Plan your time at Al Fahidi District by getting a map from the SMCCU counter

Al Fahidi Bastakiya Dubai

Learn more about the history of Al Fahidi, and its traditional wind towers from SMCCU’s professional tour guide in this Cultural Tour of the Al Fahidi Al Bastakiya District in Authentic Old Dubai.

Highlights of Al Fahidi District:

  • Leather painting (check) shops
  • Dagger Museum
  • Coffee Museum
  • Wind Tower Structure

2. Experience the Emirati Majlis Cultural Meal at SMCCU Dubai

Food brings people together.

What better way to understand the Emirati way of life if not through cultural experience and traditional cuisines!

Cultural Meal SMCCU Dubai

The cultural meal here takes place in the Majlis (Arab way of gathering) setting of traditional Arab houses. This house dates back more than a century alongside cultural guides.

Come with an empty stomach because it will be a huge feast!

Location: Within the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

Duration: 90 minutes

Editor’s verdict: I personally experienced this session, and it taught me so much more than just a cultural meal. The host session also taught me about Emirati history and culture. It is a good crash course for the United Arab Emirates and its local people. Book prior in advance here

3. Experience the AED1 Traditional Abra Boat Ride

High on the “what to do in Dubai alone” list is taking the traditional Abra (water taxi) ride.

A ride on this gives you a glimpse of Old Dubai and what life was like back then.

MST Tip: There is an abra ride designated for women only.

Abra Boat Ride Dubai Creek

Abra ride is easily accessible via walking from Al Fahidi Historical Area near:

(1) Al Ghubaiba marine Transport Station

(2) Dubai Old Souq Marine Transport Station

Route: Bur Dubai Abra Station to Deira Old Souk Abra Station (vice versa)

4. See the World’s heaviest gold ring at Dubai Gold Souk

The Gold Souk is, hands down, one of the best places to visit alone in Dubai.

Dubai Gold Souk

You can see all sorts of gold! Such as football shoe gold, the world’s heaviest gold ring, and traditional Emirati head jewelry!

This souk is connected with many other souks, such as textile souk and spice souk.

Have you seen sulfur and indigo sold just like that before? Come here if you haven’t!

Address:  Gold Corner Building, 3rd Floor – Gold Souq – Deira – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

If you want to experience the best of Old Dubai, this Explore Old Dubai, Al Fahidi District, Museums, Markets, Foods&Abra “Small Group” tour is perfect!

This tour includes:

  • Emirati lifestyle & knowledge at Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood
  • A personal tour guide that explains the little things about the area
  • Museum entrance to Coins Museum
  • Visit to 3 souks (Grand Souk, Spice Souk & Gold Souk)

5. Shop at Dubai Mall

A Solo Trip to Dubai isn’t complete if one does not visit its flagship mall—Dubai Mall!

Dubai Downtown

Located in Dubai Downtown, Dubai Mall is one of the largest malls in the world.

Here, the activities are more than just shopping. You can see sharks at Dubai Aquarium, try ice skating, or check out the cultural exhibitions on showcase.

Once shopping or window-shopping is done, it’s time to head outside and check out Burj Park!

6. See Burj Khalifa and Dancing Fountains at Burj Park

Another must-do activity on your Solo travel Dubai trip is spending the day at Burj Park in Downtown Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

This park is huge! It surrounds the lake where you can see Dubai’s famous Dancing Fountain.

If you watch the water fountains from the side of the railways, you can get an obstructed view as there are lots of people way before the fountain show starts!

But if you would like unlimited good views of the Dubai Fountain Show in the evening, I recommend taking this Dubai Fountains Show Lake Ride. This tour lets you see the fountains from a close-up, from a traditional abra boat ride! – “Worth it” tour if you can’t make it for the traditional Abra Boat Ride.

Dancing Fountains Dubai

Also, from Burj Park, you can see the tallest building in the world—Burj Khalifa!

Get the best overall view of the Burj Khalifa building from:

  • Opposite the Opera House; or
  • Open space nearby the playground and Wings of Mexico on Sheikh Rashed Boulevard

Go To the Top of Burj Khalifa

While you’re in Burj Park, why not check out this skyscraper first!

As the World’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa stands over 828 meters tall with 160 stories. So far, it is so tall that no skyscraper has come close to it since January 2010.

If you want to go inside the tallest building in the world, there are two types of observation decks offered here:

At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY (Full Burj Khalifa Experience)

  • On Level 148 at 555 metres + visit to Levels 124 & 125
  • Includes personalized tour
  • Burj Khalifa’s history and see the SKY exhibition
  • You can see views of the city from an outdoor terrace and indulge in Arabic coffee & dates at the premium ‘At The Top Sky’ lounge.

Book your Burj Khalifa Level 148 ‘At the Top SKY’ Entrance Ticket with a One-way Transfer for a hassle-free experience!

Burj Khalifa from Souk Al Bahar

At the Top, Burj Khalifa

  • Level 124 (public outdoor terrace & high powered telescopes); and
  • Level 125 (spacious deck decorated in Arabic mashrabiya)
  • 360-degree observation decks (view of the city, desert, and ocean)

Book your Burj Khalifa Observation Deck Admission here (includes hotel transfers, too, if you check the option provided)

However, note that going up to “At The Top” can be dizzying, so come prepared if you have vertigo or fear of heights!

Pro-tip: Make sure you’re aware of Burj Khalifa timings at the top, as they have allocated a specific block of time for visitors. & book in advance to avoid long queues!

Muslim Solo Travel Tip: Whichever experience you choose, 5:00 pm is the perfect time to experience Burj Khalifa as you can see the sun turns into night, followed by a Water Fountain show down below.

Opening hours: 12 pm-10 pm daily (last entry is 45 minutes before closing)

A visit to this skyscraper can be costly as it is the highlight of Dubai, book for the non-prime hours as the price is lower than prime hours.

7. Relax at La Mer

Think beachfront, exciting events, shopping, and fabulous restaurants…

That’s exactly what you get at La Mer!

But if you’re a certified foodie, you can’t miss out SALT at La Mer.

Another solo-friendly water activity in La Mer is the Water Bike! Think of it as a half stand-up paddle boat, and half bike, but on the water!

8. Experience Snow in the Desert at Ski Dubai

Skiing in the desert? Nothing is impossible in Dubai!

At Ski Dubai, you get to play with all types of snow-based activities. A few of them are bobsled, zorb ball, and mountain thriller.

Chairlift Ski Dubai

Take a ride on everyone’s favorite… the Chairlift ride, where you can feel as if you’re going up a snowcapped mountain!

Pro-tip: If you want to know what skiing or snowboarding is like, choose a day pass that includes a discovery lesson.

Personally, we recommend the Daycation pass as it comes with:

  • Access to must-do experiences at Ski Dubai (classic Indoor Ski Park activities),
  • One experience
    • Discovery lesson on snowboarding or skiing –
    • 2 hours on the slope (for intermediate onwards)
Muslim Solo Travel to Dubai

If you have had no ski or snowboarding experience before and would like to get a feel for it, the Daycation pass is the best!

9. Chill at Kite Beach

There are plenty of things to do alone in Dubai!

One of them is relaxing at Kite Beach.

If dipping your feet in between the sands is too relaxing, how about some water sports?

Some water sports activities offered here are surfing, stand-up paddleboard, and kayaking.

But if there’s a water sport that we recommend, it is Stand Up Paddle Board. It’s like walking, but on the water!

10. Learn about Dubai’s Pearling Heritage at Al Shindaga Museum

A Muslim-friendly Solo Dubai trip is incomplete without learning about the heritage of this world-class metropolitan.

Al Shindagha Museum

Guess where did it all start?

From pearl diving!

  • Ticket price: 50 AED/person
  • Opening hours: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm (Wednesdays – Monday)
  • Address: 288 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Al Shindagha can be confusing as the layout is like a maze. If you would like to have a hassle-free experience, join a 3-4 hour Historic Shindagha Walking tour. This tour will take you around important monuments and heritage sites, on top of the museum visits so you wouldn’t miss anything important.

11. Ride the World’s Tallest Ferris Wheel at Bluewaters Island, Dubai Marina

The Dubai Eye is the World’s tallest Ferris wheel and is located at Bluewaters Island.

Dubai Eye

But what’s interesting about this ride is the view that comes with it!

At the top of the Ferris wheel, at 250m, you can see the whole view of Dubai Marina’s shining skyscrapers and the Palm Jumeirah.

Book your Ain Dubai experience here.

12. Try out Camel Milk Products

When in Dubai, it’s time to try any camel milk-based products because…. well, it’s the desert!

There are all sorts of Camel Milk products that you can find a Dubai, from flavored Camel Milk and Camel Milk Ice Cream.

They’re readily available at the supermarket!

13. Go on a Dune Safari Ride

The desert is a mysterious place. What better way to experience it if not through a dune safari ride?

The red dunes in Dubai are a great Dubai solo travel activity. You get to experience thrill unlike a theme park and feel red sands in between your toes.

Pro-tip: Join the sunset ride for the best experience, where you can see shades of pink and purple across the horizons.

Book your Desert Safari Dubai ride here. This one includes hotel transfers with a 4×4, and you will get a closer look at the desert life!

14. See Falcons and Camels Up Close

The falcon is not an ordinary bird in the UAE. If you look carefully at the road sign, you will notice that the national highway bears the crest of the bird.

Seeing the national bird of the UAE and the animal of the desert up close should be on the Dubai itinerary!

If you have no plans to venture into the desert, you can see these tame animals at Al Fahidi.

Falconry Experience Dubai
However, a Falconry experience in the desert is worth considering as it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You'll get to not only interact with a falcon but other species like hawk, eagle, and owl!

If you’re lucky, you get to hear an Emirati bedouin sing a song to call the falcon!

Camel ride, on the other hand, can be experienced inclusive of other Desert Safari Dubai experiences.

Camel in Dubai

Sustainable tourism pro-tip: Do exercise your common sense when it comes to riding camels, especially if you know the poor animal is tired after a long day of carrying tourists.. Sometimes, a close-up photo is enough.

15. Sample Middle Eastern Delights

Any sweet tooth here?


You’ll love Middle Eastern delights! You wouldn’t get enough of them when you’re in the UAE.

Some delights that you must check out are Kunafa and Mabrouna Cream! YUM!

Get them from Feras Sweets.

16. See the European Vibe of the Glass Dome of Mall of the Emirates

Another mall high on the list of visiting Dubai in Mall of The Emirates.

Mall of The Emirates

Besides the fact that it is a shopping haven and home to Ski Dubai, it is also an architectural marvel!

Don’t leave without seeing the European Glass Dome!

Built-in classic European architecture, seeing the glass dome of the mall is a sight to behold! You can immediately feel the upscale aura of the mall, which is precisely what Dubai is known for.

Pro-tip: You can see it from Level 3, nearby the Praying Room.

17. Take Photo of the Whole Dubai Skyline at Marina Creek Harbour [for FREE!]

Since pretty much of the metropolis is built out of skyscrapers, it is impossible to see the whole of Dubai Skyline from Downtown, Marina, or Sheikh Zayed Road.

If you want to see the Dubai Skyline for FREE, Marina Creek Harbour is a good place.

This harbor oversees the Dubai skyline in the background. It is a relatively quiet place and is perfect for those who prefer a discreet environment and would like

Marina Creek Harbour

18. Go on a City Tour — for Those on Limited Solo Time!

Have limited time in Dubai but want to see the most out of the Emirate?

Then a City Tour is a time-saving, affordable, and hassle-free option!

This half-day touristy activity is one of the best things to do in Dubai as a solo traveler.

Becoming a solo traveler can already be exhausting if you try to experience a foreign place on your own. Following a half-day tour like this lets you relax, see the most out of the city, and ask all sorts of questions.

Big Bus Dubai

Another option is the typical Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Tour. What’s unique about this elevated deck tour is that it comes with a premium Dhow cruise!

19. Understand the Islamic Way of life at Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is not your ordinary mosque. It is one of the most iconic architecture in Dubai, with architectural styles originating from Syria and Egypt.

Jumeirah Mosque Dubai

What’s also interesting about the mosque is that it holds cultural visits for visitors to understand the Islamic and Emirati ways of life.

You can learn how to do the Wudhu (ablution), taste Emirati light refreshments such as Fuala, and ask lots of questions!


Pro-tip: Come with modest covering. Ladies are required to cover their hair here with a scarf or any type of headdress.

Visit timings:

  • 10:00 am
  • 2:00 pm
  • Daily except for Fridays
  • Registration begins 30 minutes before the program begins

Check out 19 Muslim-Friendly Things To Do in Old Dubai

20. Go to Palm Jumeirah

You’ve seen its picture online.. the one that is shaped like a date palm tree when photographed with a drone from the sky.

Palm Jumeirah is an archipelago of artificial islands and is the home to Atlantis The Palm, Dubai.

As the largest manmade island on the planet and self-proclaimed eighth wonder of the world, a trip to Palm Jumeirah can be a memorable one!

You can relax by strolling around Palm Jumeirah Waterfront Promenade or do kayaking. You’ll get to see Dubai from a different view, work out and have fun amidst the waters!

21. Try a Shawarma (less than 10AED) and Karak Tea

Finally, you should only wrap up your solo travel in Dubai trip if you have had a taste of authentic Dubai Shawarma and Karak Tea.

The best places to get these are at Deira and Bur Dubai. Our personal favorite is from City Burger Restaurant & Cafeteria

Shawarma in Dubai


Address: Street # – 19a – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 222 6050


And there you have it! Ideas on what to do with a sample itinerary for your solo trip to Dubai! What are you waiting for? Time to pack your bags!

Be sure to share this post with someone you know who is going to visit the Emirate!

If you have solo traveled to Dubai recently, do share your stories in our Muslimah Solo Travelers Community!


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