Experience Masjid Wilayah Kuala Lumpur Tour as a Muslimah Solo Traveler [+ What To Do Nearby!]

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When in Kuala Lumpur, a pit stop at the many mosques is a must.

But the question is, which masjid should you visit?

While there are a couple of must-visit mosques, such as Masjid Jamek Sultan Abdul Samad (which we previously had a meet-up), Masjid Negara (National Mosque), a mosque that should not be missed is Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (Federal Territory Mosque of KL).

In this article, we will share about the masjid, what you can expect when visiting as a Muslimah Solo Traveler, and where else to go post-masjid visit!

About Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (Federal Territory Mosque of Kuala Lumpur)

Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

Before we dive into what to do in this masjid as a Muslimah Solo Traveler, here is some information you should know about the masjid.

On top of the many Masjids in Kuala Lumpur, this one is often dubbed as the “Blue Mosque of Kuala Lumpur” due to its similar resemblance to the Blue Mosque in Turkiye.

According to Tourism Malaysia, the architectural design is inspired by the 16th Century Ottoman Empires and traditional Malay craftsmanship.

Located on a hill in the Hartamas Duta area, just 10 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Masjid Wilayah is a favorite mosque for not only the local community to congregate but also international visitors.

What To Expect When Visiting Masjid Wilayah as a Muslimah Solo Traveler

Here are some activities that you can expect when visiting Masjid Wilayah as a Muslimah Solo Traveler

Join the MosVi Tour!

Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

One of the top things to do in Masjid Wilayah Kuala Lumpur as a Muslimah Solo Traveler is to join the MosVi (Mosque Visit Program) Tour!

By joining, you’ll learn about the many cultural influences are present in the mosque’s.

See Al Asma ul Husna (99 names of Allah) plastered inside the mosque’s walls, marvel at the intricately carved central wood adorned as the interior elements, or spot Makrana marble sourced from Jaipur, Agra, and Makrana!

99 names of Allah inside the masjid. Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

According to our Muslimah Tour Guide, Aza, she said there are about five-six cultural elements present just in this masjid Malay, Turkish, Persian, Indian, and so much more!

Wonder what other cultural elements are present inside Masjid Wilayah?

You have to join the MosVi Tour!

How to join the MosVi Tour? Make your way to Entrance B (Anjung B) and ask for the Muslimah Tour Guide, Ready To Show You Around.

Being Still in Remembrance Inside Allah’s House

It was designed to be a “mosque in a garden,” and the moment you step inside the mosque, you could immediately feel the air of calmness that would balance out the fast-paced city pace of Kuala Lumpur.

If you’re a Muslim, you can proceed to make a sunnah prayer at Tahiyatul Masjid, upon entering.

For others, walking barefoot around the masjid compound is enough to make one feel calm at heart.

Credit: Muslim Solo Travel
Muslimahs’ prayer section. Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

Learn about Islam in Depth or Enhance your Knowledge on the Deen

Learning is an endeavor that never stops.

Brochures on Islam in Masjid Wilayah. Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

And at MST, we are big believers, in accordance with Islam’s tenets, in seeking knowledge or enhancing knowledge via travel.

If you want to learn Islam in depth, or just would like to ask a question or two, or have some curiosity that you want to confirm from those who are more worthy to answer, perhaps a visit to Masjid Wilayah can help you on that.

Plus, one of the things to do in Masjid Wilayah Kuala Lumpur as a Muslimah Solo Traveler who speaks multiple languages is to visit their Masjid Tour room and browse through the different brochures the masjid has on Islam!

Sample Malay Food at the Cafe Below.

Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

Wondering What Else Can You Do At Masjid Wilayah?

This masjid is enormous in that it has a pop-up cafe that you can dine in! Like this Muslimah here chilling with her laptop and her coffee.

This cafe is located somewhere around Anjung B and C so when in doubt, simply ask!

Take Photo in Front of the Masjid as Your Memorabilia.

It is common masjid etiquette to be discreet when taking photos inside a masjid compound.

However, you can take photos as your precious memorabilia when visiting the mosque, sensibly, without disturbing the worshippers.

Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

The best place to take is with the masjid and KL skyline as your backdrop! Somewhere here, you’ll be able to see TRX – the latest skyscraper in town too!

The Masjid’s Tour Guide would happily show you where.

Post Masjid Wilayah: What Else to do in the Hartamas Duta Area as a Muslimah Solo Traveler [Shop, Dine & Explore!]

The tour at the masjid wouldn’t take more than an hour at most. So, if you have time to spare, here are some ideas on what to do nearby.

Check out Publika Nearby & get Future #MuslimSoloTravel Inspo!

Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

One of the things to do for the Muslimah Solo Traveler on their post-Masjid Wilayah visit is to check out Publika nearby.

This is more of a local neighborhood mall, but still, you can get pretty much everything from international brands and curated, local brands.

Do note that walking around Publika can feel like a maze, so be ready for an adventure!

Free open library in Publika. Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

Depending on the time of the week or year, you might stumble upon local pop-ups on the Ground Floor of Publika. This is great for Muslimah Solo Travelers who love experiencing curated local markets

While in Publika, some Muslim-owned local brands you should check:

  • Eartheories: Award-winning brand specially known for its Malay heritage remedies-based personal care products. Must-buy is their balm perfumes!
  • An-Nur: Famous for their scented hand sanitizers inspired by famous travel destinations like Tokyo, Morocco and so much more!
  • Kapten Batik: While this brand is tailored primarily for men (which makes them good gifts for your husband or brothers!), Kapten Batik also has Muslimah-friendly apparel that can complement your everyday or special wear!


Simultaneously, check out these brands on shopee

Some shops with travel elements that are in Publika:

  • JIBRIL cafe: for their famous assorted buttermilk Asian Fusion menu. Do try out the Nasi Lemak Chicken Butter!
  • SMUK Living: Scandinavian home store that will transport you to Scandinavian countries for a bit!
  • Kaleidoscope: if you’re looking for travel card games, trinkets, curated Malaysian souvenirs, or the Scratch The World Map.

Location to Publika here

Eat at Jalan Duta Food Court

For those who have plenty of time and don’t feel like going to a mall post-Masjid Wilayah but are in the mood to eat, Jalan Duta Food Court (Medan Selera) is your answer.

This is a classic Muslim food court, so you can expect hawker-style food to be served here. From buffet-style Malay dishes, biryani (beriani in Malay), Ikan Bakar (Smoked Fish), Roti Canai, and Nasi Lemak, this hawker-style food court serves food in reasonable quantity and pricing that would make your tummy… happy!

Opening hours: 6:30 am – 4:30 pm daily (locations here)

Walking here from Masjid Wilayah takes about 8 minutes.

Simultaneously, if you happen to be strolling or shopping in Publika and wondering what a “masjid near me in Kuala Lumpur” is, Masjid Wilayah would be your answer!

Stop By Istana Negara (National Palace of Malaysia)

If you have ample time and are in touristy mode, visiting Istana Negara nearby will not be missed.

However, the palace’s front gate is only applicable for brief photo opportunities, so unless you have a car or are going with a grab, be sure to tell them to wait for a while.

With a tour guide, this would be included in your trip, but double-check if it’s not stated in your KL itinerary.

Locations here

Also – did you know that you can book Grab on a per-hour basis with multiple stops these days? Talk about convenience!

How Do You Visit Masjid Wilayah Kuala Lumpur as a Muslimah Solo Traveler?

Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

Wondering how to visit Masjid Wilayah?

From Kuala Lumpur City Center:

  • Via Grab ride with just RM5-8 here

Wilayah Mosque Opening Hours: Tours are from 10 am – 4 pm daily except Fridays, which operate between 10 am – 12 noon and 3 – 5 pm. The last entry is 30 minutes before the tour ends.

Wilayah Mosque Entrance Fee: Always FREE! But donations are more than welcome.

How to request for a MosVi tour in Masjid Wilayah?

Remember, before you enter, be aware of what are the ethics of visiting a mosque such as being covered from head to toe, and respecting the worshippers.


There you have it, a gist into some of the things to do and what to expect at Masjid Wilayah Kuala Lumpur as a Muslimah Solo Traveler!

If you’re keen on The Middle East, read on this Journeys with Azlin, chairperson of Masjid Wilayah Tour Program on her Middle East Travel Tales here

While you’re in KL, do check out Pasar Seni (Central Market), or share with us what are your Solo in KL plans in The #MuslimahSoloTravelers Community!

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