5 Reasons You Should Visit Muslim-friendly Ghana! [+ How to Visit Ghana Safely as a Muslimah Solo Traveler]

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Credits: Visit Ghana

Is Africa on your list? While the famous ones to travel to are Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Seychelles, or Tanzania, Africa is a diverse continent… with 54 countries!

Traveling there is, without a doubt… an adventure!

And one underrated destination… is Ghana, located in West Africa.

If you are someone who has been dreaming of where to go next in this huge, huge world, here are five reasons that you should visit Muslim-friendly Ghana.

One of the friendliest countries in Africa

One of the reasons to visit Muslim-friendly Ghana is the fact that the country has a known reputation for being one of the friendliest countries in Africa for tourists; and was once ranked 11th friendliest nation, after New Zealand.

The many ethnic groups in Ghana are also known to live side-by-side in harmony, and this reflects friendliness and tolerance in everyday interactions.

This makes it a great destination for first-time travelers to the continent.

Muslim friendly Ghana

While you will meet people who would want to help you get around town or teach you a couple of words and phrases in Akan – one of the most common of nine languages spoken in Ghana — it is important to note that not everyone has the best of your interests too (like anywhere else in this world is)… So go with your gut!

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Known for rich cultural traditions, music, art

One of the many reasons to visit Muslim-friendly Ghana is to explore the land’s diverse culture – you’ll find it in the traditions, art, music, clothes, and wherever you trail off to!

And Ghanaians, they’re folks that are known to be proud of their cultural heritage.

Did you know that the country has more than SEVENTY ethnic groups?

Alone in one country!

Ghana's colorful traditions
Credit: Ghana Embassy

While English is inherited from its colonial past, other languages used here are Akan, Ewe, Dagomba, and more – be sure to ask them how many languages they speak, and you’ll be transported into a language journey!

In terms of history, you will find colonial heritage, such as forts and castles dotted across the coast of Ghana, particularly on the Western Coast of Butre, Busua, and Dixcove!

Colors and chaos are a sight to behold!

There’s never a dull sight wherever you go in Ghana.

Especially in the markets and the streets!

You’ll see colorful kente textiles sold at the market – a symbol native to the Akan tribe in Ghana and also a defining symbol of Ghana.

These fabrics are handwoven in the Ashanti Kingdom and are usually worn on special occasions.

Meanwhile, in the streets of Accra, the traffic chaos is a sight that would thrill you!

MST Tip: In many open markets in West Africa, serious bargaining is an integral part of the culture, and such is the case in Ghana, too!

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The wildlife and nature will blow you away!

One of the reasons to visit Muslim-friendly Ghana is to experience the mysterious wildlife and breathtaking nature.

The conservation centers across the country are home to free-range habitats and thousands of rare creatures! From the West African Manatee to Antelope, Hyenas, and all kinds of monkeys – particularly its native primate, the Mona Monkey!

Speaking of nature, the Western coast of Ghana, Butre – Busua – Dixcove, is stunning beyond words.

The natural rock pool, coconut trees, and pristine clear beach, you have to experience it yourself!

Visit Ghana as a Muslimah Solo Traveler

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There is a substantial population of Muslims in Ghana!

Even though Ghana is a non-Muslim nation, there is a substantial amount of Muslim population in Ghana.

How many Muslims live in Ghana? About 20% of the whole population!

This means the second most professed religion after Christianity. The country is popularly referred as the Mecca of West Africa, and this is evident through the existence of Labaranga Mosque, oldest in West Africa!

Oldest Mosque in West Africa and Ghana
Credits: Visit Ghana

How Safe is Ghana for Muslimah Solo Travelers?

Coming back to the question “Is Ghana safe for Muslim solo female travelers?”, there are several perspectives to this:

  • If you are familiar with the nuances, culture, and ways in West Africa, and if you’re a local in Ghana, it is safe for you.
  • There have also been past cases where street crimes like theft, credit card, and ATM fraud happened in places like Accra. Aka why it is best to have cash around.

Hence why, if you’re not a local…

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How to visit Ghana safely as a Muslimah Solo Traveler

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