How to gain confidence for your upcoming solo trip (with easy, doable steps!)

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Solo Travel Confidence As a Muslimah

One of your ultimate goals in life is maybe to go on that solo trip once. Backed by experiences from our Community members, let us tell you, it’s not an impossible thing to do.

But one thing is for sure, if you have not done anything on your own, no one is immediately able to gain confidence to do things on their own right from the beginning. It all starts small, one step at a time, and one which you can possibly do right at your ability.

While going on a solo trip can be daunting for those who haven’t done it, it does not have to be entirely impossible.

All you have to do is try and start small.

Without further ado, here are some ideas to help you gain the confidence you need for that much-awaited solo trip.

Attend Local Events Solo

Attending Local Events Solo
Behind-the-scenes of Attending Water Festival solo here

Wherever you’re based in the world, we’re pretty sure there’s an event that you can attend on your own. It can be anything, our favorite recommendation is, of course, events that have to do with travel, like water sports festivals, halal food festivals, or even Eid festivals.

Otherwise, your home country must have a native festival you can attend.

On the travel spectrum, there are greater travel festivals like Islamic Tourism Month in Malaysia, World Expos (the next one would be held in Osaka, Japan!) or World Halal Food Festival in London, United Kingdom.

Join events like these and see how you feel. Who knows, you might even make a friend from going there – you won’t know unless you try!

Be Comfortable With Eating Alone

This has got to be the easiest step, to begin with on your way to making your solo trip come true. Eating alone is a challenge, for those who have not done so.

While I am used to eating on my own, I understand why this may seem bizarre to those who have not done it.

Going to a fancy restaurant can surely intimidate anybody, as such an atmosphere is ideally meant for two or more pax. The trick is to go to a normal, easy, and welcoming dining establishment. Like a food court, open-air cafe, or convenience store. Some of these establishments even can give you better quality food as well.

You just have to try!

But before that, make sure to equip yourself with Halal Terms To Know so you can navigate tricky foodie situations like a pro anywhere in this world!

P/s – If you have experienced eating alone, share how it went and what worked with us in our community!

Brush Off The Judgment / Take Intrusive Questions With a Grain Of Salt!

Judgment from Aunty and Community when Traveling Alone

Once in a while, you’re bound to meet people who would ask you questions like “Are you here on your own?”

Some are simply curious, as it may seem bizarre for them to see folks who are confidently enjoying life with their own company. Don’t take it to heart, answer proudly with grace (if they’re a fellow lady that you feel you could trust) that you’re by yourself!

Like maybe that nosy aunty who’s always in everyone’s business – maybe she secretly wants to do it, that’s why she’s asking you!

Tell them it’s fun, the internet is here at our disposal for anything we need to know now.

If you found them simply can’t stop barraging you with more questions (aka we’d like to think they’re secretly curious on how to do so), feel free to share about our community with them and let our community answer them on your behalf! 😉

Bonus MST tip: Learn From Our Muslimah Solo Travelers Community!

Get inspiration from our past Journeys LIVE sessions, where we interview Muslim women who have done it. Their stories and experiences may be something you’d truly resonate with.

Muslimah Solo Travelers Community
“Want to learn how to throw 🧐 Aunty gossip to the side and solo travel? Tips, tricks and sharing stories of life on the road,” from Sarah Malik in Muslimah Solo Travelers Community for a no-holds-barred LIVE session!

Wrap-Up: How to gain confidence for your upcoming solo trip (with easy, doable steps!)

And there you have it – our suggestions on slowly gaining confidence for your upcoming, dream solo trip. Hopefully, these doable steps will help you to push yourself out of your comfort zone!

For real-time suggestions, ask our Community members how they gain confidence to make that solo trip happen, as everyone has their own unique way of building confidence towards making their dream solo trip happen!

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