The Traveler’s Mindset: A Kampung “Village” Women-Only Retreat Experience In Janda Baik, Malaysia [Reflections]

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Start your new year renewed, and recentered, as you travel back to yourself in the tranquil Mountainhill village of Janda Baik in Malaysia.

In this once-in-a-lifetime retreat together with Balancing Bridges’ Sonia, you will embark on a two-day, one-night journey to discover the traveler within you and uncover…

  • The person you are capable of becoming, being, and a better version of yourself
  • The layers you are yet to discover amidst judgment-free zone of sisterhood.
  • Having fun, off-the-grid style, back-to-basics in a tranquil Malaysian mountainhill village.
  • Time off, just to get away from the busy city life for a bit!

Post-retreat Feedback

The Traveler’s Mindset 2024 Retreat Feedback

4 out of 5

“Bring me more calmness and maybe kind of reaffirm of my perspective about certain things in life” – MSTer Farhana

Good Stuff We shared perspectives, we explored, we tested our limits, and we dialed down in the mountain countryside of Malaysia in the new year of 2024.
Bad Stuff Mosquitoes and perhaps extra security of the location can be improved

Why You Should Join The Traveler’s Mindset Retreat in January 2024?

This retreat is a first-of-its-kind, and here are some reasons why you should join us in January 2024 in Janda Baik!

You have in-person access to accredited Muslimah Integrative Therapist and Coach

..who specializes in creative work with Muslim women from diverse cultural backgrounds.

At Balancing Bridges, led by Sonia, culturally and faith-sensitive touch is important in all her practices.

“Well-being is paramount, and I extend a compassionate hand to accompany individuals on their journey of healing, self-discovery, and growth”

– Sonia

Plus, Sonia’s coming in all the way from the United Kingdom so the next time you will get to see her and have access to her coaching, believe us, the queue might take a while!

If you want to get to know Sonia a little bit better before the retreat, come join this webinar she’s hosting!

You will experience a Muslim Malay village stay experience unlike any other

Many in our Muslimah Solo Travelers community have mentioned that “authentic experiences” are top priorities they wish to experience in their solo travels.

FREE Baju Opah offer until 5th Jan, 11:59pm. Plus one of our Cultural Pastime activity!

With Malaysia being one of the top Muslim-friendly destinations for the Ummah, having access to everything else is easy. But the village.. and experiencing what life is really like there, can be difficult unless you know a local or where exactly to go and what to experience.

✅ Limited spots available! Book yours now here

In this retreat, we will bring you a local village stay experience, coupled with activities of favorite Malaysian pastimes that will give you a glimpse of real Malay Muslim roots… before The Twin Towers and TRX (aka the latest hot skyscraper in town) arrive.

You may spark a newfound meaningful sistership!

Making meaningful friends as you grow older is…. TOUGH!

A sense of community and kindred ship is important, hence why our Community exists.

However, nothing beats in-person encounters, and this retreat is exactly that.

Embark on a journey of meeting kindred spirit in The Traveler’s Mindset Retreat

We have lots of bonding opportunities that will help you learn about the ladies you will meet in this Retreat, who may teach you a thing or two you didn’t know about yourself!

Details & Full Itinerary for The Traveler’s Mindset: Travel Back To YOU Retreat Experience

Dates: 13-14 January, 2024

Location: Janda Baik, Malaysia.

Price: Starting from RM549 up till RM659 per person. Secure your space here

IMPORTANT: If you’re coming in from outside Malaysia, be sure to check your visa availability and book your flights earlier on.

What Can You Expect In This Janda Baik Women-Only Retreat:

  • Cultivating The Traveler’s Mindset Session with Sonia, who’s currently solo traveling in Malaysia for three months
  • Sisterhood bonding time, traditional kampung (village) style. Expect games reminiscent of a favorite Malaysian Pasttime
  • Gentle Morning Hike to a Nearby Waterfall
  • Your own solo time! Option for you to deepen your reflection, or soak in the sun, enjoy the gushing stream in front of our Modern Kampung (village) Abode, or just explore the village.
  • Exploring Within You, Reflective Circle
Uncover the power of Inner You, amidst nature and faith-based activities in The Traveler’s Mindset Retreat

What’s Included

  • An intimate, coaching session with Sonia, accredited in BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Coach, and who is currently traveling solo in Malaysia for three months!
  • One Night Malay Traditional House Accommodation (options from own room to floor bed)
  • Transfers to and from Kuala Lumpur City Centre
  • Village Communal Stay experience you wouldn’t normally get to do if you come alone!
  • All-inclusive Halal Malay village meals

✅ Limited spots available! Book yours now here

What’s Not Included

  • Flight Tickets (if you’re coming in from outside of Malaysia) Check availability tickets for Malaysia Airlines or AirAsia.
  • Visa (if you’re coming from outside Malaysia and you’re not holding a Visa-free passport into Malaysia). Check Visa Requirements and Documentations needed here
  • Travel Insurance. Choose your travel insurance of choice here.
  • Personal Allowance Money – For extra expenses in the village.
  • Gratuities

Who Is This For?

Muslimah Solo Travelers looking to

  • Learn more about how to embody “The Traveler’s Mindset”, from the dual perspective of a (1) certified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Coach and (2) real experiences on past travels
  • Much-needed time to wind down to renew spirits, and reconnect with the soul, from an Islamic perspective, in a peaceful getaway near nature
  • An enjoyable and memorable time bonding with like-hearted ladies while having the option to come in solo, comfortably!
  • An adventure that is infused with cultural understanding in Malaysia’s Muslim Mountain hill village
  • Open to experience the unknown (places, people, and perspectives), and let the beauty of it unfolds by itself..

⏰ BOOK The Traveler’s Mindset Village Retreat FROM ONLY RM549 per person!

Who Is This Not For?

  • Men. All of our tours and retreats are for women only.

Muslimah Solo Travelers who are:

  • Not fit to hike (expect beginner to medium-difficulty level of hike to nearby waterfall)
  • Have strict dietary restrictions. This is not a hotel or a resort stay experience where we can customize your meal preferences. Part of authentic travel is about experiencing come what may, and that is to eat as what the locals eat. This gives you true understanding of a culture. Also, the meals that will be served are nothing too extreme, if you’re wondering.
  • Not open and flexible to experiencing the unknown 3Ps (people, places and perspectives).

Your Traditional Malay House Accommodation

There are four options to choose from:

IMPORTANT: While we try our best to accommodate everyone’s comfort level, the nature (or beauty – in our opinion!) of a traditional Malay village house experience mainly consists of floor bed overnight stay in an open shared communal space. Hence, rooms and beds are on a first-come, first-serve basis

Booking Terms and Conditions

  • This retreat is strictly non-refundable, due to the nearby approaching dates.
  • It is your responsibility to confirm your passport has 6 months validity period and have travel insurance if you are coming in from outside Malaysia
  • All other information about the retreat such as packing list, retreat schedule and trip details such as meet up points would be sent accordingly after booking confirmation, nearer to the dates.

Come As You Are, or Who You Wish To Be!

Besides experiencing authentic Malay village living, we hope The Traveler’s Mindset Retreat can provide you a safe space for you to be (1) whoever you want to be and (2) whoever you wish to be.

Sonia is an expert in bridging the many layers of identities we have, and by joining, you might just find the answer that you’re (consciously or unconsciously) seeking!

If this is exactly you, all that’s left is to do is to….

How to book The Traveler’s Mindset Women-Only Retreat in Malaysia?