Samar Trail Jebel Jais Hike [What To Know & Expect]

Jebel Jais Samar Trail Hike

Would you like to have a taste of what it’s like to hike around UAE’s highest summit.. but WITHOUT the need to actually climb to the summit? Then, you will like the Samar Trail Jebel Jais Hike!

This is a Lower Segment Hike at Jebel Jais, suitable for beginner & moderate hikers and the occasional trekkers.

I recently took this hike on my trip from Dubai, UAE so read on for my full review on what to expect!

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About Jebel Jais

Jebel Jais is a popular hiking destination in the UAE because of its golden badge as “the highest summit in the country”. It is also part of the stunning Hajar mountain range, which is the highest mountain range in the Arabian peninsular.

With an elevation of 1,934 meters up to the peak, and a five to 10 hours round trip trek, climbing the summit can be a grueling challenge!

Jebel Jais Samar Trail Hike

Jebel Jais Summit vs Samar Trail

Unless you are a local, or an adventurer that’s used to climbing mountain summits, you’d need to be properly trained, and fully prepared for the steep altitude hike to Jebel Jais Summit.

If you’re someone who just wants an easy-to-moderate hike, that’s where Samar Trail makes a great option!

About Jebel Jais Samar trail

Samar trail in Jebel Jais is one of the “introductory” hiking trails that is located on the lower segment of Jebel Jais.

The trail starts from Al Gazaah and ends at Aneayad, an ancient settlement area that was once inhabited by Al Rahbi mountain tribe of Mount Jais.

Video of Samar Trail Hiking

Things to Know about Samar Trail

Longest trail in the Lower Segment of Jebel Jais

Going in a loop of a total of 6km, Samar Trail is the longest trail in the lower portion of Jebel Jais.

Hence, you’ll get to work out a sweat the most, and see the most of Mount Jais’ lower portion.

Easily done as a half-day trip hike

That is, if you only wish to hike Samar Trail, and do not wish to explore the rest of Jebel Jais areas.

The whole trail takes about 4 hours (depending on your stamina).

Rock Formations at Samar Trail
Rock formations of old settlement at Samar Trail

Friendly for moderately-experienced and beginner hikers

If you’re someone who has a good fitness level, active in sports and knows mountain terrain, this is a good hike to check out.

If you’re a beginner, you can also try out this trail. However, I do suggest that you need to be extra prepared for the occasional steep slopes and loose rocks.

Offers a glimpse to Mountainside Farming Life

Mountainside Farms at Samar Trail

Samar Trail is dubbed as one of the best trails on its Lower Segment Hiking Trail in Jebel Jais because of the glimpse of traditional life that comes with it.

If you’re lucky, you might chance upon goats and donkeys!

Samar Trail, Jebel Jais Review

From my experience of hiking Samar Trail in Jebel Jais, these are what I have encountered, and what you can expect, from the beginning till the end of the loop hike.

Steep & Rocky Edges

Slightly after the beginning of the trail, the inclination pathway was already steep and rocky.

This path came with view edges that drop down vertically to the roads.

But that lasted for just about 5-10 minutes.

Pro-tip: If you have fear of heights, then you’ll want to consider this trail because there’s no way you would not encounter steep edges!

Cool & breezy weather as you hike up

As you get nearer to the summit, you can immediately feel the drop in temperature.

It’s also extremely windy up near the summit, so thermals or extra jackets are highly recommended!

At the Samar Trail Summit — Spectacular 360 views of Jebel Jais Mountain Terrain

But with the fear, comes with the reward of the beautiful Hajar Mountains surrounding your hike to the summit of Samar Trail

It took about 2 hours for me to reach the summit. If you spend so much time recording or taking photos, it might take lesser than that.

Rugged mountain ranges from all sides of the loop trail until down views of the road can be seen, considering it was not a shaded trail.

There’s a hut to relax for a bit.

Summit at Samar Trail

Besides that, ruins of old settlements can be seen from afar.

Old Settlement & Mountainside Farm – Donkey Path Hike

Going down from the Samar Trail summit, I passed by a donkey path.

This is the best highlight of the Samar Trail in my opinion, as you can see a mountainside settlement with vast greenery. Faint sounds of chicken, donkeys and goats can also be heard.

donkey path hike jebel jais

Confusing Trail Roads Down the Settlement

Samar Trail Pathway

Do take note that past this Aneayad settlement, the route can get a bit tricky and confusing, as there were no clearly marked trails on where to exactly go from here.

I was confused by the navigation so after asking the locals, they told me that the path downwards from this settlement is through following the edges of the rocks!

Check out this YouTube video on Samar Trail Hike to know exactly what I meant.

Rocky path downwards

Past the settlement, the paths were absolutely rocky.

They could even hurt your toes if you’re not wearing hiking boots.

I was wearing a normal running shoe so, at some point, it was painful to be walking on sharp, loose rocks.

Trails with clear markings and occasional signposts

At the beginning of the hike, the trail is mostly marked, with signposts and clear stairs.

Past the summit, the signposts weren’t that clear.

I suggest you have an offline map on standby for ease of navigating, or hike with a tour guide for the ease of hiking experience.

Total hiking hours at Samar Trail

Depending on your stamina, and the amount of stops you take, the average loop trail is about 4 hours.

FAQs on Jebel Jais Hiking

What is the difference between Samar Trail and Sidr trail?

As you can see from the Route map below, Sidir trail is the easiest trail in the lower segment of Jebel Jais mountain.

Samar Trail Route Map in Jebel Jais

What’s the difference between Samar Trail and other Jebel Jais hiking trails?

A lot of differences. Each trail varies in terms of the difficulty level, experience, duration, and just the views that you’ll get.

Can you camp in Jebel Jais?

Absolutely. There are 3 dedicated camping sites around Jebel Jais, equipped with parking, toilets, rules, and shades.

How to get to Samar Trail?

From Dubai:

  1. 2 hours drive to Jebel Jais Entrance (approx. 158km)
  2. Drive 15 minutes (15.5km) to Samar Trail Car Park (FREE government parking)
  3. Walk to the Starting point of the trail

Here’s the Samar Trail Jebel Jais Route Map.

Samar Trail Tour Option

If you haven’t had any mountain hiking experience before, or do not understand the terrains and topography of a mountain, I suggest that you take a tour for the ease of hiking experience.

Samar Trail Tours

This tour is beginner-friendly and is suitable for anyone to experience the unique nature of the Samar Trail in Mount Jais!

Before you hike

Be prepared

  • Know your ability. Do not attempt a trail that’s beyond your capabilities.
  • Bring enough supplies — energy bars, water, first aid kit, and sunscreen!

Wear appropriately

  • The mountain trails here are rocky and steep, especially near the summit so hiking boots with good grip are highly recommended.
  • Thermals can also help your body stay at optimum temperature and not be affected by sudden drop in temperature

Plan your route & Bring a map

  • Although Jebel Jais has trails that are clearly marked and signposted, It is advisable that you have a map on hand. I suggest that you download an offline version through Wikiloc, this can help you navigate Jebel Jais easier.

Tour guide

  • If you want to hike Jebel Jais but do not want to prepare everything, go with a certified tour like this one.

Check the weather

  • The weather in Jebel Jais is usually pleasant, and 10 degrees cooler than the rest of UAE as it is located at a higher altitude.
  • However, it does have its own microclimate so it can drizzle in the desert. Check the latest weather reports

Hike with a friend, or let people know of your plans

  • If you are a solo traveler, do update your family on your whereabouts. If things go south, they can immediately contact the authorities.

Samar Trail Jebel Jais Conclusion

To summarize Samar trail Jebel Jais Hike, this moderate hiking trail is perfect for those who want to have a day trip adventure in Jebel Jais, Ras Al Khaimah

This trail packs a punch in terms of adventure, beautiful Hajar mountain range views, and a glimpse of old settlements!

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