Muslim-friendly Things To Do Alone in Janda Baik [+ Must-dos for Muslimah Solo Travelers!]

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Muslim-friendly Things To Do Alone in Janda Baik
Looking to experience Janda Baik with like-hearted MSTers? Join our upcoming Retreat! Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

Are you traveling solo to Malaysia anytime soon? If Kuala Lumpur is on your stay for perhaps more than three days, trust us, you do not want to forget to include a day or overnight trip to Janda Baik.


What is good in Janda Baik, you say? Dubbed ‘Pahang’s Hilly Tranquil Secret’ by many folks, Janda Baik is the dream respite for many city dwellers. Traditional Malay Muslim Homestay experience, Nature and Adventure, Local flavors, this gem has everything but the best of it all?

It’s just 45 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur by car!

Let’s dig in to know more details about the Muslim-friendly things to do alone in Janda Baik.

What is the history of Janda Baik?

Traditional Malay Houses in Janda Baik
Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

Located just above Genting Sempah, on the foothill of Titiwangsa Mountain Range, Janda Baik is a Malay Muslim village inhabited by local Malay folks since its founding in the 1930s.

While the village has existed for about a century, it remains a peaceful place for many folks (descendants of the village folks and Klang Valley City dwellers) to visit on the weekends.

Try Out Local Flavors At Hilly Cafes!

Halal Food in Janda Baik
Credit: Pineyard/Facebook

One of the Things to do in Janda Baik for a Muslimah Solo Traveler who loves cafe hunting is to just chill in the cafes.

Depending on what you like, some cafes have their own specialty, such as traditional local flavors or roasted beans. Again, it depends on what you prefer to experience! This is great whether you’re a digital nomad traveling alone or just someone who appreciates the art of slow travel..

Traditional Halal delights in Janda Baik
Credit: Lemuni/Facebook

Some of the best Muslim-friendly cafes that are great for some solo reflection while savoring good grubs in Janda Baik are:

Ambiance at Pineyard
Credit: Pineyard/Facebook

Experience a beautiful traditional homestay experience.

While there are beautiful resorts these days in Janda Baik, nothing beats the riverside homestays and chalets.

Traditional Malay House at Sentosa Janda Baik
Traditional Malay house at Sentosa Janda Baik. Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

These are, ultimately, the closest experience one can get to an authentic Malay village experience. Unlike villages in Muslim-minority countries, there is nothing to be worried about here as Malays, by default, are Muslims.

Many of these homestays are accessible to the river, so expect plenty of water opportunities!

So you bet this is one of the best, if not top, on the list when it comes to Muslim-friendly things to do alone in Janda Baik. Perfect for a solo staycation away from the city!

Rustic village stay at 101 Resort Janda Baik
Credit: 101 Resort/Facebook

You can go on your own just by booking any of the homestays available on Airbnb, (our fav!),, or KLOOK.

Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

But if you don’t want the headache of arranging logistics and want to experience it with kindred Muslimah Solo Travelers, join our upcoming Retreat here!

Get Inspo For a Wedding Destination Experience!

As mentioned, there are Janda Baik resorts that are almost always, fully booked because it is a Wedding Destination.

Wedding Celebration in Janda Baik
Credit: Tiarasa Escapes/Facebook

If you are solo traveling in search of inspo (who knows – you might be a Wedding Planner!);

…or you want to do some preliminary research before locking in a venue for your upcoming reception, a quick scouting solo trip – we all know that a wedding is mostly a women’s decision anyway! – to any Janda Baik Resort would be a great idea!

Some resorts to check out are Tiarasa Escapes, 101 Resort & Spa, eRYA by Suria, or Mandara Tree Villas

Plus, it’s good to take some time to yourself for a little while before you put on that ring 😉

Muslim-friendly Malaysia: Your perfect wedding destination
Credit: jardineventvenue/Instagram

Search for Janda Baik Resort on (earn 10th Night FREE!),, or KLOOK

Muslim-friendly outdoor activities in Janda Baik

Are there any Muslimah Solo Travelers seeking adventures in Malaysia?

Janda Baik might have what you’re looking for.

Solo adventure on ATV at Janda Baik
Credit: ATV Janda Baik/Facebook

Be it water tubing, river trekking, or hiking in search of waterfalls, ATV rides, or paintball, it is no wonder this place is an adventurous respite for many.

A solo glamping experience at Canopy Villa Glamping Park is worth experiencing too!

Glamping experience at Janda Baik Canopy Villa
Credit: Canopy Villa Glamping Park/Facebook

However, we recommend you check with certain activity providers or venues on the conditions to join because some may require a certain pax amount. If you could come by yourself and join a group on the day, that would be fantastic!

If you did something on your own here, do share with our Muslimah Solo Travelers Community what the experience was like! P/s: we’ve done a similar solo adventure in Cherating. Read all about it here.

Explore the farms – From eating fresh figs to getting up close with goats!

Being a village, it is expected that one of Janda Baik’s attractions would be the many farms surrounding it!

Some of them are open to the public to experience.

Cute goat farm tour experience in Muslim-friendly Janda Baik
Credit: Janda Baik Goat Farm/Facebook

This is a great way to learn more or nurture your green finger if you’ve been obsessed with growing things lately.

Source for figs!
Credit: Fig Malaysia Farm/Facebook

Some farms to check out in Janda Baik are:

  • Fig Malaysia Farm for fresh figs. Homemade fig drinks and jam are available. Open daily 9:00 am – 6:00 pm daily. Location here
  • Benefigs for fresh figs. Available for fresh produce purchase. Local kopitiam available on the side. Open 8:30 am – 3:00 pm on weekends only. Location here
  • Janda Baik Goat Farm to learn about goats, milking experience and so much more (booking required) 10-11 am; 3:30 – 4:30 pm daily.

Experience Local Events – Yoga, Specialized Farm-to-Table Dining Experience, House Museum Tours, or Retreats!

Experience curated events in Janda Baik.. Most are Muslim-friendly!
Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

Pretty much every month, you’re bound to see events held in cafes or open hilly spaces in Janda Baik.

In Malaysia, most of these events are Muslim-friendly. Hence, it will not be daunting for Muslimah Solo Travelers to join!

Home-owned Islamic Arts in Sentosa Janda Baik
Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

In the past, some events that were held in Janda Baik include:

How to know if these events are happening? Just be on the lookout on major social media and type in “events janda baik” nearer to your time of exploration, and you’ll surely see some that would pop up!

Book your space (limited spots available!) here with a Muslimah Psychotherapist onboard.

How To Get To Janda Baik?

Mountain hill escape at Enderong Resort
Credit: Enderong Resort/Facebook
  • Via a vehicle – taxi, Grab ehailing or rented car.

What’s Next?

There you have it, some Muslim-friendly Things To Do In Janda Baik to consider when traveling alone in Malaysia!

If you ask us, “Why Janda Baik?” honestly because it is so accessible from the commercial capital of Kuala Lumpur, a Janda Baik Solo Day Trip is possible. Provided you have done your research in advance. The more realistic question would be…

  1. If you’re in Malaysia anytime this January, join our The Traveler’s Mindset Retreat: Travel Back To You, where a Muslimah Psychotherapist is on board to lead the life coaching session together, inclusive of traditional pastime and nature-based activities with fellow Muslimah Solo Travelers who might be your next! P/s: The retreat is not just for travelers, so if you’re in it for personal development, come and join us 🙂
  2. If the dates are too near, start dreaming and planning your next trip to Janda Baik, Malaysia! Book in advance at (our fav as we get 10th night free!), KLOOK,, or Expedia
  3. If you need additional Malaysia resources, this First Timer’s or Seasoned Guide to Muslimah Solo Travelers and Kuala Lumpur article would be helpful to read, too 🙂

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