Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Wahid Hasyim Review as a Muslimah Solo Traveler

By Farihah
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Are you looking for a quick stay in Central Jakarta for business or leisure solo travel?

Then you’ll want to hear our review at Holiday Inn Express Wahid Hasyim, as experienced by Muslimah Solo Traveler Farihah. From why you should stay here, to what to expect, Halal-friendliness and so much more

Holiday Inn Express Wahid Hasyim Review as a Muslimah Solo Traveler: Standard Twin Room

The room was basic, and it had everything you can expect for someone who pops in and out of the hotel and spends much of her time outside, exploring Jakarta solo.

Standard Twin Room Holiday Inn Express Wahid Hasyim Review

I would recommend that you get a room with a view, that is, if you’re able to snatch one as the location is centrally located in Jakarta. The room that I stayed in had a view of only walls.

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What is the main difference between Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express?

This article by Nerd Wallet perfectly sums it up, Express is more for those looking for a short-stay business traveler meanwhile, the standard Holiday Inn offers full service.

Why Stay at Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Wahid Hasyim?

There are a couple of reasons why you’ll want to choose this hotel.

You want walkable, easy access to Central Jakarta and its nearby prominent attractions.

The hotel is centrally located to everything that you can possibly get and would want to visit in Jakarta, such as Sarinah Mall, Monas, Thamrin, and Tanah Abang textile market.

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Convenient for the value that you get

As a Muslimah Solo Traveler who is always on the go and wants a value-for-money stay right in Central Jakarta or who has more plans to explore Jakarta than stay in the hotel, this is the kind of hotel you should go for.

It is comfortable enough for you to sleep in and decompress so you can discover the mighty Southeast Asian city.

Nearby to all kinds of public transport available in Central Jakarta

Just outside the hotel, you can call a Bluebird taxi or the humble blue three-wheeled Bajaj.

Bluebird taxi Jakarta

Otherwise, you can always have the hotel arrange transportation for you. With all being said, transportation is not an issue at all.

International and Continental Breakfast Halal Buffet

Halal Food Oriental Spread Buffet

For the money that you pay, the buffet was considerably alright.

You will not get a massive buffet spread as this Holiday Inn is the “Express” version, so expect an express, grab-and-go breakfast that’s enough to fill your tummy until you have lunch at any Indonesian Dining Establishment.

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Regardless, you’ll get Indonesian cuisines like Indomie, Soto, Nasi Goreng and International offerings like toast, etc., just enough to keep you full as you go about your day exploring the rest of Jakarta, which has too many Halal and Muslim-friendly food options!

2 Pros & 1 Caveat

1. Warm, Hospitality From Hotel Staff

Generally, everywhere you go in Indonesia, the people are warm and hospitable. So you can expect nothing less than that at Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Wahid Hasyim.

Holiday Inn Express Wahid Hasyim Review as a Muslimah Solo Traveler

The staff was kind enough to let me check in earlier as my room was ready. While this may not be the case for everyone, it all depends on your level of communication and sometimes your arrival time.

2. Muslim-friendly Amenities & Services Available

Being located in Indonesia, you can rest assure that Muslim-friendly amenities like sajada (prayer mat) are available.

The food served is also Halal so that’s nothing to worry about.

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1 Caveat: Not a CHSE-certified Hotel

Only later, when I traveled to other Indonesian hotels, I realized there’s such a thing as “CHSE-certified.” And Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Wahid Hasyim was not CHSE-certified.

What is CHSE certification?

It is the national standardization hotel certification issued by the government. CHSE is the abbreviation for “Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environment.”

This helps you narrow down your choices in choosing a stay in not only Jakarta but throughout Indonesia.

Wrap-Up: Holiday Inn Express Wahid Hasyim Review as a Muslimah Solo Traveler

There you have it!

Our review of Holiday Inn Express Wahid Hasyim. Wahid Hasyim area is generally great for a Muslimah Solo Traveler who’s on her first visit to Jakarta and wants ease of central access.

If the hotel’s sold out, you can discover other nearby hotels like Kosenda Hotel or Swiss-Belinn Wahid Hasyim. The street is practically filled with hotels!

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