Solo Traveling in Romania in Search of Castles, Uganda for Gorilla-trekking, and Kenya for Eid alongside Lamu’s Muslim Community with Nafeesa (@travelwithnaf)

In Journeys with Muslimah Solo Travelers Ep. 2, Nafeesa (@travelwithnaf) shared her solo travel tales on the Muslimah Solo Travelers Community Facebook Group.

Since embarking on it for the first time seven years ago to Spain through an English language program, Nafeesa has been hooked on solo traveling.

In this episode, she talks about her affinity with nature excursions like Gorilla trekking in Uganda, interacting with the local Muslim community during Eid in Lamu, Kenya; and her love for the simplicity of life away from the city as a way to recharge.

She also shared tips, on becoming self-aware when traveling, trusting in Allah, facing Islamophobia, making her own judgement and what’s beyond the Glitz and Glamor in the UAE.


Check out the entire session here in the YouTube video down below, or listen to it on our Journeys with The Muslimah Solo Travelers Podcast

Inside This Episode (+ Timestamps)

00:23 – Nafeesa’s Introduction to solo traveling. Feeling comfortable in solo traveling

03:53 – Her first trip to Spain & her love towards Spanish language , background in teaching English. Language exchange as a means of solo traveling.

06:13 – Being welcomed from the Muslim Community at a different country. Not realizing how brave you are until you hear it from someone else. Feeling scared, trusting people, figuring out on your own without reading guidebooks. Her solo traveling habits in the past, and now.

08:40 – Becoming more prepared, self-aware and alert in hearing stories from social media

09:14 – Reactions & encouragement from family members on solo traveling. First trip abroad. Self-learning on navigating in Tunisia. Picking up the little things. Tales from France.

12:50 – Facing Islamophobia when solo traveling & Allah’s protection

15:25 – Making her own judgement on a country via personal interactions with the local people. Love for learning (cuisines, people and more)

16:40 – Romania, Bucharest. & Doing background checks before meeting up with strangers in a different country

18:45 – Muslim-friendliness in Romania, Halal Food & using Google Translate in Romania

22:20 – Uganda, Gorilla trekking, bananas, & chimpanzees. The joy of simplest things in life.

30:06 – Feeling scared of being in a cabin, and alone in the jungle when the electricity would go off at a certain hours.

31:58 – Tips to your Muslim woman who has not tried solo traveling before. Finding Halal Food in Uganda. Communicating in English in Uganda. Experiencing the unity within different cultures in other countries

36:15 – Visiting Lamu, Kenya during Eid. A 100% Muslim-populated island

40:00 – Not making it obvious you’re alone. Communicating with people who don’t speak your language. Helping the locals to earn their livelihood.

41:45 – Celebrating Eid in different countries such as Turkiye

46:55 – Beyond the Glitz and Glamor in the UAE. Nature and hiking spots in the UAE.

49:30 – Is Lamu a reminiscent of Maldives? Thoughts on remote & luxury.

51:00 – Final message from Nafeesa. On reading only safety tips and ignoring the rest, and experiencing a country through your own experience.

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