Your Muslim Solo Travel Guide to Egypt (Safety, & Tips for Scam-FREE Experience!)

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Muslim Solo Travel In Egypt

Are you planning a Muslim-friendly Solo Travel to Egypt?

Egypt is a wonderful destination for Muslim Solo Travelers looking for a unique Egypt Solo Travel experience.

Full of character, civilization and culture. You’ll find that Egypt has many to offer! Whether it is Cairo, Hurghada, Alexandria or White Desert, you’ll find Egypt filled with pre-historic civilizations, and ancient natural formations you’ll never see elsewhere in the world.

It is also a destination that is highly misunderstood by those who do not understand how things work in the country. But fret not, in this guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know to prepare for you for an unforgettable Solo Trip to Egypt!

From Muslim-Friendly places to visit in Egypt , Solo-friendly accommodation, Halal Food, Mosques, Safety tips for the Muslimah Solo Traveler, read on!

About Egypt

Muslim Solo Travel Egypt

Officially known as the Arab Republic of Egypt, this country is located in Africa’s northeastern corner.

Home to one of Earth’s oldest civilizations concentrated on life in the Nile River Valley. Egypt has a long history that goes back to a series of native dynasties, such as the Pharaonic rule and Arab Caliphates, mixed with brief periods of foreign rules like the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Empires.

Islam in Egypt

Egypt Muslim Country

Islam is also the state religion of Egypt

Islam in Egypt is quite prominent, considering it is the country’s dominant religion, with about 90% of the population Muslims. This makes the place a unique destination for one to embark as a #MuslimahSoloTraveler to Egypt!

Egyptian Muslims make up the majority here, with 90 percent of the country’s population contributing to the world’s sixth-largest Muslim population. Besides that, Christians make up the remaining population.

This naturally makes the travel experience Muslim-friendly with its abundance of Halal food and sharia-compliant services and activities.

Muslim-friendly Places to Visit in Cairo, Egypt

Muslim-friendly attractions in Egypt

Also known as the Paris of the East, Cairo is the most “French” place in Egypt.

From strolling around Tahrir Square to learning about the Islamic heritage at Cairo Citadel, Cairo is a lovely base before you venture into other parts of the country.

On your Muslim-friendly solo travel to Egypt, there are plenty of things to do and places to visit.

Check out this article for more inspiration on what to do in Muizz Street and Khan-el-Khalili, Cairo alone. 

Other Places to See in Egypt – Extension Trips from Cairo, Egypt

solo female travel to Egypt

Besides its capital, Cairo, Egypt has many cities and attractions requiring extension trips from Cairo.

Here are a few destinations you can look into for your unforgettable Egypt Solo Travel:

Sharm el Sheikh Famous for Red Sea holidays in the Sinai Peninsula & Mount Sinai spiritual hike.

Luxor Capital of Ancient Kingdom that’s famed for Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temple

Aswan City situated on Nile River and famous for Abu Simbel ancient temple complex

The White Desert  Bedouin Camping experience in Egypt’s surreal landscape

Hurghada – A beach resort town known for Red Sea Egypt holidays like scuba diving.

Alexandria – Mediterranean port city with Greco-Roman landmarks and laid-back vibes

Suppose you would like to cover every place in Egypt, accommodating a schedule of 1-2 weeks in Egypt is recommended. But if you have some room to stretch in your itinerary about 2-3 weeks are recommended.

Halal Food & Mosques around Egypt for Muslim Solo Traveler

Halal Food in Egypt

Halal Food in Egypt is plenty, considering that the country has about 90% Muslim population.

Check out this article for in-depth inspiration on Egypt Halal Food.

Praying in Egypt
Prayer room in Egypt Shopping Mall

Mosques and Prayer Rooms, are also easily found in the country. Bring your prayer clothes to navigate around. Some mosques that you should check out are Al Azhar mosque in Cairo and the Mosque of Muhammad Ali (right next to Cairo Citadel)

Accommodation for Muslimah Solo Traveler in Egypt

Looking for the best places to stay in Egypt? Here are some of our recommendations for different parts of the country.


Where to stay in Cairo, Egypt

There are plenty of budget hotels in Cairo. City View Hotel in Downtown Cairo is one of them. This hotel has a historical view of Tahrir Square and is located strategically within downtown Cairo.

But if you don’t mind spending extra, hotels lined up along the Nile River are splendid options. A few of them are Steigenberger Hotel, The Nile Ritz-Carlton, and Fairmont Nile City Hotel.


Lilly Apartments is an MST-tested accommodation. This place is a 10-15 min walk from the city center.

You can consider Seagull if you prefer a resort with included day excursions.

El Gouna

Where to stay in El Gouna

This beach resort town has plenty of hotels! But they can be pricy, so a heads up on that!


One of the best places to stay in Egypt near the Pyramids is at accommodations overlooking the Pyramids in Giza.

Before you plan a Solo Trip to Egypt — Things To Know as a Muslim Solo Traveler

muslim solo travel egypt

Egypt would be easier for Beginner Muslimah Solo Traveler who can speak and understand basic Egyptian Arab dialect. 

Almost everything is in Arabic, and in cases where you need to translate, sometimes the translation app makes an error. 

If you want peace of mind on your solo trip to Egypt, opting for a reputable tour group is recommended, as you’ll rest the details, logistics, and transportation with them, so you are left with enjoying the experience.

Guided or Organized Tours for Solo Muslimah Travelers

Bedouin Experience in Egypt

Also, if you’re particularly interested in history, then going with a certified Egyptologist is something you should consider. 

MST Tip: If you have limited time and want a truly local experience, a bedouin dinner/lunch experience will be unforgettable!

Need Extra Research For Your Egypt Solo Travel?

Egypt is a place that needs a particular way of approaching certain situations.

To do a Muslimah Solo Female Travel in Egypt requires a certain amount of local knowledge on language, customs, and the local norm.

To be sure, if you need extra reassurance after reading this guide, drop by our ? #MuslimahSoloTravelers community, where you can ask Muslim Women who have solo traveled to Egypt before!

Best Time to Visit Egypt

When to visit Egypt

If you’re considering exploring Egypt for summer travel or winter travel, that ultimately depends on what are your motivations, interests, and your comfortability (budget, crowd, and weather-wise), here are some ideas on when is best to visit Egypt:

Winter (November – April): The weather is pleasant, with cool Mediterranean air (between 33-21 ºC). The Southern part of the country has a great atmosphere during this time. Peak time is December – January, when tourists are plenty, and hotel prices skyrockets. Places to Visit in Egypt in Winter

Summer (May-October): Weather is hot and dry, rising up beyond 40ºC sometimes. It can sometimes be so hot and humid, making it uncomfortable for one person to explore comfortably. But this can also be a great time to visit as there are few people at most attractions in the morning, particularly visiting the Red Sea would be best.

Staying Connected in Egypt with a Sim Card & Power Socket

The Airport Wifi can also be unreliable at times.

The most cost-effective option to stay connected while traveling alone in Egypt is to purchase a local SIM card with data upon arrival.

Some of the best providers are Vodafone and Orange. They can cost about 200 EGP. Vodafone is the best, but the most expensive. Orange is cheaper.

Egypt uses Type C and F power socket.

Egyptian phrases for tourists

There are some Egyptian phrases that one should know for the ease of traveling in Egypt.

The language is Arabic, but the dialect is in Masri/Masry (Egyptian).

Useful Egyptian Phrases to Know
  • As-aalaam alaikum: Peace be upon you (السلام عليكم)
  • Sabah al-khair: Good morning صباح الخير)
  • Leeza: Delicious (لذيذ)
  • In sha Allah: God willing (إن شاء الله‎): The context of this word will perplex people unfamiliar with Islamic culture in general. If you ask a person would we arrive on time, the answer would be In sha Allah—suggesting that everything that happens is based on God’s will.
  • Shukran: Thank you (ﺷﻜﺮﺍﹰ)
  • Jameela: Beautiful (جميل)
  • Ustaz (أستاذ) for male, and Ustazah (أساتذة) for female: Equivalent to Mr and Ms when addressing strangers formally and respectfully.
  • Yalla: Let’s go! (يللا)
Language in Egypt

Traveling as a Muslimah Solo Traveler in Egypt — “Is it Safe to travel to Egypt on your own?”

Travel Egypt Solo Muslim woman

If you’re wondering, “Is Egypt safe to travel solo?”, or “How can I travel alone in Egypt?”

Bear in mind the reality of traveling (solo or not) in this country is moderately safe and can be challenging as you might be facing incidents such as:

  • Tight security checks
  • Being hassled
  • Extra costs – baksheesh

Again, If you’re wondering on:

  • What is it like to visit Egypt as a Muslim Woman who Solo Travel from other Muslim ladies who recently did it, or
  • What’s the current situation in Egypt now…
Ask our ?? Muslimah Solo Travelers Community ? for the latest Muslim-friendly solo travel insights in Egypt! 

Developing Country – Scam-free Tips! 

Egypt is an exquisite destination and one of the world’s most unique due to its rich history, civilization, culture, and character.

However, it is also a country that people misunderstood because of past common scam stories from first-time travelers. 

When it comes to traveling alone as a Muslim woman, safety is undeniably important. 

To safeguard yourself from unwanted scenarios, being aware of potential scams is essential in helping you navigate certain situations (should they arise), as well as increase your confidence when traveling alone as a Muslimah.

With that said, here are some scams that has been reported in the past which are important for you to know so you can spot them, avoid them, handle them with grace, for a wonderful, Scam-free solo trip in Egypt! 

Common Uncomfortable Scenarios in Egypt

As a developing country, everything comes with extra in Egypt.

For those unaware of how things normally work in Egypt, these scenarios may be considered as scams. But in actual reality, the local people are just looking for livelihood as they’re living in a Developing Country.

Some scenarios to watch out for:

  • They approach you to offer some location insights, saying you can pay later. This can result in hidden fees that come with the extra hassle you won’t get by going with a pre-organized or private tour guide.
  • They approached to take your photo with expecting a tip in return. If you do want one, be sure to pay them afterwards. If you don’t want one, just ignore.
  • They approach to carry your baggage (sometimes by force) just 3 meters further, then hold out their hand, expecting something in return. If you refuse, it may result in angry looks or, worse, shouting condescendingly.
  • They follow you around for a while and tout you to join their tours. Don’t make eye contact and keep walking because they’ll come to a stop.
  • Taxi/Uber drivers with other intentions (drop you at a place nearby to your pinned location to introduce you “his tourist guide friend”). Make sure you check your location in your phone!

Related: Giza & Everything You Need to Know!

Everything in Egypt comes with a price tag. So be wary, ask in advance if there’s any expectation (payment), or you can rather decline and move along.

During situations like this, you’d want to be decisive and, to an extent, be aggressive in rejecting something or your No’s.

For extra peace of mind, consider booking trips with reputable tour guides (be it for the whole trip, all-inclusive resorts, or day excursions).

To add extra proof for your solo travels to Egypt, here are some protection that you should consider:

? Travel insurance to protect your trip

?? Muslim Solo Travel’s Safety Tips & Duas ??

? Recommendations from our? Muslimah Solo Travelers Community – ask whatever you wish to ask!

Security & Travel Restrictions in Egypt

One thing that you should know is that security is quite tight in Egypt.

There are metal detectors at almost all entry establishments throughout the country.

This means museums, train stations, and even shopping malls. They’ll also check your bags as well.

metal detector in Egypt

Egypt Travel Restrictions To Be Aware Of

Because of its geo-political location, Egypt is a country with strict restrictions.

There are several checkpoints (within the city, cultural institutions, and roadtrips) where the police will do a search and ask you questions. This is normal for security measures.

But to ease your mind when traveling, going with a reputable and certified tour guide is recommended, as you’ll get past these easily. 

So if you’re thinking of making a solo backpacking trip through Egypt, you might want to be prepared with extra cushion.

Extension Beyond Egypt

Depending on your time, extensions beyond Egypt can include nearby Levantine and North African countries like Jordan, Lebanon, and Morocco.

Other than that, GCC countries like the United Arab Emirates, Turkiye or up near Europe is a good idea too.

Recommended Egypt Itinerary for the Muslimah Solo Traveler

While this is a recommendation for how you can spend your week-long trip to Egypt, feel free to personalize your trip accordingly to your needs

1-2Cairo & Giza
2-3Hurghada / Sharm el Sheikh
3-4Luxor & Aswan
4-5Cairo (decompress)
5-6White Desert
One Week Solo Trip Itinerary in Egypt

The Bottom Line: Muslim Solo Travel Guide to Egypt

Despite all, Egypt is still one of the best places to visit, as it is full of character and ancient history. 

It is also still one of the affordable places to go for Muslimah Solo Travelers who are on a budget.

Before you embark on your journey to Egypt, make sure you know all the (explicit and implicit) Egypt travel requirements and be prepared if you are determined to travel to Egypt alone.

Be A Part of the ?? #MuslimahSoloTravelers ? Community ?

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