Adventure, Faith & Healing on Women-only Ghana Seaside Camping Retreat! [Dec 1- 3, 2023]

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Are you a Muslim woman who…

  • Is still planning for an adventure at the end of this year?
  • Been dreaming of exploring Africa and discovering its natural beauty and peaceful life, but don’t know where to go!
  • Would like to get away solo, but don’t want to handle the stress of planning, logistics, and figuring out Halal food!

If you are, you would love this Muslim-friendly Women-only Ghana Seaside Camping 3-day Retreat by Nur Adventures, a Muslimah-owned travel guide!

Muslim-friendly Women-only Ghana Seaside Camping 3-day Retreat
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Why You Should Join This Muslim-friendly Women-only Ghana Seaside Camping Retreat in December 2023?

This Muslim-friendly Women-only Ghana Seaside Camping Retreat is perfect for those who want to experience the best of Ghana spiritually, soulfully, adventure, and history-wise.

In this 3-day Camping Seaside Retreat…

Nature-based tours in Ghana for Muslimah Solo Travelers

You will be led and be taken care by a Trusted Ghanaian Muslimah Tour Guide

..who is underway to becoming accredited in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to further help individuals have transformation in the area of self-development through awareness practices coupled with guidance from the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Who is Hosting This Seaside Camping Retreat?

Muslim-friendly Women-only Ghana Seaside Camping 3-day Retreat

Nur Adventures, founded by Rahmah Larry, a Ghanaian Muslimah.

In her words, “Nur came into existence after I noticed a gap in the tourism industry in these parts for Muslim women. There’s so little to accommodate a Muslim woman travel adventure seeker to explore the world without compromising her faith. Nur Adventures is also a medium to travel for the purpose of seeking knowledge about Islam through its historical heritage. And as well as to seek spiritual growth.

“I want to call myself a travel guide for Muslims who would love to visit Ghana. It’s a little country in the Western part of Africa with a rich history and unique cultures. There’s so much to explore and learn about Ghana and interesting Muslim-friendly activities,” Rahmah welcomes all Muslimah Solo Travelers to discover Ghana in Butre, Busua, and Dixcove this upcoming December.

You will experience a peaceful beach getaway in Ghana with clean water

…perfect for those looking for some time away from a busy city, and modern life.

Butre, Ghana

You will experience Western Ghana’s underrated sites and activities with like-hearted ladies!

..where you wouldn’t be able to do on your own if you were to visit solo!

These areas have a rich history of Ghana’s colonial past, with forts and castles dotted across. More of the activities offered and places you’ll be visiting in the photos detailed below

Fort Batestaine

Details & Full Itinerary for Muslim-friendly Women-only Ghana Seaside Camping Retreat

Dates: 1 – 3rd December 2023

Locations: Butre – Busua – Dixcove, Ghana

Price: $425 per person for the entire trip. Payment Plans are available through Nur Adventures.

Ghana's beautiful beaches

IMPORTANT: If you’re coming in from outside Ghana, the journey begins from Accra to Butre, where in Accra you will have a small city tour and night accommodation—Enquire Nur Adventures to know more about this.

The travel to Butre begins early in the morning on Dec 1st, on a Friday.

Movie Night in Ghana!

In Butre – Busua – Dixcove, you will engage in these activities:

  • Discussion on tazkiyya and self-awareness
  • Canoe rides
  • Book reading
  • Bonfire night chats by the sea (NLP practices to inspire self-development)
  • Swimming
  • Bicycle ride (Paid separately)
  • Beginner surf practice (Paid separately)
  • Hike to Coconut Beach (natural rock pool), etc
  • Visit Fort Batestaine

1 Hour hike to Dixcove to visit Fort Metal Cross and then to Busua, town located next to Butre. Here, we will set up camp and have movie night and activities that will make your trip memorable before leaving Busua to Accra on Dec 3rd, Sunday.

Natural Rock Pool at Coconut Beach

What’s Included

  • Muslimah Tour Guide who is aware of a Muslimah Solo Travelers’ need
  • Three Days Tent Accommodation
  • Transfer (from Accra Kotoka International Airport) if you’re coming outside of Ghana
  • Activities and visits to underrated destination
  • Meals are EXCLUSIVE – You are allowed to use the catering services of the campgrounds/resorts


Muslim-friendly Women-only Ghana Seaside Camping 3-day Retreat

✅ FLEXIBLE PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE. Contact Nur Adventures for more information about this.

What’s Not Included

  • Flight Tickets (if you’re coming in from outside of Ghana)
  • Visa (if you’re coming from outside Ghana and you’re not holding a Visa-free passport into Ghana). Visa on Arrival (VOA) available, but long queues may be expected. Check Visa Requirements and Documentations needed here
  • Travel Insurance. Choose your travel insurance of choice here.
  • Personal Allowance Money
  • Fees for additional activities like Bicycle ride or Beginner Surf Practice
Muslim-friendly Women-only Ghana Seaside Camping 3-day Retreat

 Book your Seaside Ghana Retreat now at ONLY $425 per person!

Who Is This For?

Muslimah Solo Travelers looking for

  • A much-needed time to wind down to renew spirits, and reconnect with the soul, from an Islamic perspective, in a peaceful getaway near nature
  • An enjoyable and memorable time bonding with like-hearted ladies while having the option to come in solo, comfortably!
  • An adventure that is infused with historical discovery in West Africa!
Ghana Retreat for Muslimah Solo Travelers

How to book this Muslim-friendly Women-only Ghana Seaside Camping Retreat?

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