Muslim-Friendly Granada Solo Day Trip

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Granada Solo Day Trip

Are you thinking of going on a Granada Solo Day Trip?

You’re in the right place because, as a Muslim Solo Travel-tested destination, Granada is primarily known for its Iberian Muslim heritage and famous landmarks.

Once an Arab City, Granada is a special destination for Muslims and draws many visitors from Muslims worldwide because of its history and the spotlight it influenced on the world.

In this article, we will share with you the Muslim-friendly things to do alone in this Andalusian city, including where to get Halal Food, how to get around & more!

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About Granada

Located at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Granada is known for being the final remains of Al-Andalus

(Islamic Iberian Peninsula) and the refuge of Muslim civilization before it fell a Christian territory.

Home to the famous Alhambra, which dates back to the Andalusian ruling period in the 8th Century, there’s more to Granada than just that, which will be covered below.

Regardless, today, the Southern Spain city is close to Muslims’ hearts because, till today, Granada marks the capability of Muslims to mankind at the height of the Nasrid Dynasty.

Muslim-Friendly Things To Do Alone in Granada in One Day

The Alhambra

Alhambra, Granada Solo Day Trip

Thinking of What To do in Granada in one day?

The Alhambra is where you should be then.

This medieval fortress-castle complex is known for being one of the world’s most famous Islamic architectural monuments.

Named “Alhambra” for its reddish fort (Qal’at al-Hamra in Arabic) look, this building is a reminder of the Islamic Golden Age and was once the abode of the Nasrid Caliphate.

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out the Generalife Garden (initially named Janat-al-Arif in Arabic!) and Palaces of the Nasarids!

MST Tip: Be sure to check out the view of Albaicin from Granada’s Nasrid Palaces!

Explore the Albaicin – Arab Quarter

View of Albaicin

The Albaicin is Granada’s most scenic quarters because of its Moorish legacy.

A walk here and you’ll pass by whitewashed houses, narrow cobblestoned lanes, medieval Moorish quarter that is mixed with its flamenco and handicrafts heritage.

Together with the Alhambra and Generalife, the Albaicin has been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984.

?? Join this Guided Walking tour of Albaicin and Sacromonte in Granada and learn about the Moorish Arab ☪️ Quarter & its untold histories ??‍?

Experience Worshipping at Granada Mezquita – Mezquita Mayor de Granada

Granada Mosque

When in Granada, plan your journey so you would have your prayer time at the Mezquita.

This is a fairly new mosque that is located within Albaicin District, overlooking the Alhambra.

The Fountains, tile work, and flowers have a touch of Andalusia to them, so a mosque experience you wouldn’t get elsewhere!

Did you know? Olive Oil sold here is the best! You’ll also get to help the local Muslim Community when you buy olive oil sold just outside the Mezquita!

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Shop at Plaza Nueva

Souvenirs at Plaza Nueva

Are you in Granada for the shopping experience?

Head to Plaza Nueva, or the nearby Plaza Isabel!

These are located central to Granada and are surrounded by homegrown and international brands.

Plaza Nueva is the oldest square in Granada, whereby the Darro River flows underneath it.

What’s also great about Plaza Nueva is that the square has an old-world feel with fountains, restaurants, and impressive historical buildings.

Plus, it’s a great start to most attractions in Granada. Either start your trip up to the Alhambra from here or walk down Darro River and end your solo day trip here.

Snowshoe Hiking in the Sierra Nevada

If you’re not in Granada for the Alhambra, how about some time in nature, hiking, but with snow?

You’ll also enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Sierra Nevada’s Hoya de la Mora, located 40 minutes from Granada’s Center.

Plus, it’s fun to explore mountainous regions you’ve never explored before!

No previous experience is needed, but you need a moderate physical fitness level to join this experience.

Stroll Along the Darro River & Admire the Natural Life

Darro River (known originally as Hadarro in Arabic), the very gorge separating Alhambra and the Albaicin is a great spot in Granada to just chill and stroll.

Along Darro River, you’ll spot ducks by the riverbank, water cistern, picturesque Moorish bridges and the mighty towers of Alhambra.

Wrap up your Solo Granada in One Day by relaxing at Darro River.

Experience Little Morocco in Granada

Tea Shops in Granada

Your One Day in Granada is incomplete without sipping some Mint Tea at any of the Moroccan Tea Houses [teterías]!

You can find them lined up along Caldereria Nueva Calle (Street). This busy, narrow street is the heart of a Muslim-friendly Granada experience.

Besides the tea houses and Halal establishments, you can even shop for pottery, clothes and rugs, jewelry, and other souvenirs from Morocco, Syria, and others.

This street lights up with colorful lamps when it’s nighttime, so the ambiance is dreamy!

Hamam Bath – Arab Baths Banuelo

Want to see more of what the Muslims have left in Granada on your Solo Day Trip?

Head on to the Hamam Sites! Some hamam sites will allow you to tour around if you don’t want the Hamam wellness experience.

An ancient Arab practice where cleaning, purifying, and relaxing through a bath. The hamam centers in Granada showcase prominent Nasrid architecture that will remind you of a past era.

MST Tip: If you want to try the hamam experience, we suggest asking first if it’s fully naked or if you’ll be able to cover the private parts. There were also past experiences where they wouldn’t even let you choose if the masseuse is a male or female.

Hamam Baths in Granada to check out:

? There are many Hamam centers in Granada, but one of the famous one is ?? this (own bathing suit is required). 

Flamenco Show

Flamenco Show in Granada Solo Day Trip

To wrap up your night in Granada, we suggest you attend a Flamenco Show.

As you walk past the streets in Granada, it is common to see windows of shops selling Flamenco dresses, as it is part of their cultural heritage.

The flamenco is brought by the Andalusian Roma (Gypsies who settled in Southern Spain), so it’s interesting to see how this musical performance has become a cultural treasure of Andalusia!

Experience it all with a Flamenco Show that will set the stage alive.

Palacio de la Madraza

Muslim-friendly Granada Solo Day Trip
Photo by tatooo60 via Instagram

If you have more time in Granada and want to explore more than just the Alhambra, Palacio de la Madraza is an Andalusia Islamic building that you should check out!

Once the Muslim School of Koranic Law by Yusuf I, the inside of this Palacio is magnificent.

You can see a rich Andalusia style similar to Alhambra. However, now the building consists of a different mixture of styles from Moorish to Baroque and Churrigueresque (Spanish Baroque). Now, it is the home of Granada University but can still be visited by non-students.

  • Entry: 2 € from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Address: C. Oficios, 14, 18001 Granada, Spain (directions)

Self-guided walking tour in Granada

Exploring Granada Solo as a Muslimah

If you have only 1 day in Granada, Spain, don’t waste any more time and go on a self-guided walking tour and solve fun riddles. This one includes the Madraza as one of the attractions!

San Nicolas Viewpoint

Besides The Alhambra, which presents a spectacular view of the Albaicin, you can see a magnificent view of Granada from the San Nicolas Viewpoint.

People usually come here during sunset, where the golden hour view is indescribable.

Going up here is a bit of a climb, so make sure you have your sturdy shoes upon coming uphill!

  • Address: Plaza Mirador de San Nicolás, 2, 18010 Granada, Spain (directions)
  • Opening hours: 24 hours

Safety in Granada for Muslimah Solo Traveler

Safety in Granada for Muslimah

Granada is mainly safe for the Muslimah Solo Traveler.

As it is a touristy hot spot that draws many Muslim travelers and a reasonably small city compared to Spanish counterparts like Barcelona, it will be easy in sha Allah for Muslim ladies to travel solo here.

Shaimaa and Nafeesa both went to Granada on their first solo trip abroad. Listen to their conversations if you need ideas on how to go around your solo trip!

However, remember that you should exercise caution in any city. It is one of the safest European cities when it comes to street crime.

When it comes to exploring, do be careful with the following:

  • Any streets that start with the name Cuesta (means slope).
  • Large crowds and busy places like Processions
  • Being flashy in touristy places like Plaza Nueva, and outside the corridors of Granada Bus Station.
  • Crossing the road!
  • Pickpockets outside touristy spots.
Tourism Booths in Granada, Plaza Nueva

Drop by the Tourism Booths (Informacion Turistica) for information on tourist spots. Even Alhambra has one! 

Halal Food & Muslim-Friendly Eateries

Finding Halal Food in Granada is easy!

With the growth of Halal establishments around due to the migration of Muslim residents from Morroco and neighboring North African countries, and its history as a Muslim settlement since the reign of Al-Andalus, you’ll easily find Halal eateries at these two locations:

  • Little Morocco C. Calderería Nueva (as mentioned in this post)
  • Street in between Plaza Nuevaa and Plaza Isabel La Catolica

Some recommendations are:

  • Restaurante Arrayanes for tagines and couscous. (directions)
  • Teteria La Oriental: Traditional tea shops for a comfy and cultural setting (directions)
  • RESTAURANTE TETERÍA RIAD ELVIRA: Pastela’s a highly raved menu here (directions)
  • Om Khalsoum: Moroccan-style & Vegan Tapas. However, alcohol is served. (directions)
  • PadThaiWok: Those who need a break from Kebab and Doner (directions)
  • Tajin Dar: Moroccan food (directions)

Have you been to Granada before ?? Share your solo tips and experiences in the Community!

If there’s no Halal sign, look for Arabic and Muslim-affiliated words Rahma or Syria!

Note: Be careful of the word jamón, as this means ham.

Mosques & Prayer Spaces

Mosque in Granada, Spain

While there are mosques and prayer spaces in Granada, it is worth noting that these prayer spaces sometimes only open during the prayer window time.

That means the mosques may be closed if you come way past Dhuhr Adhaan.

Regardless, do check with security. If they know you’re Muslim, you’re welcome to enter.

Check out our Journeys with Shaimaa to listen to her experience feeling Masjid Granada’s tranquility on her first-ever Solo trip to Granada, Andalusia.

Best Time to Visit Granada, Spain

When to visit Granada

When to visit Granada?

The best times to visit Granada are May-June and September-October when the weather’s pleasant.

Situated in Southern Spain, the city is known for its strong sunlight and temperate weather.

It has hot summers and chilly winters.

The rest of the year, you can expect Granada to be:

  • May and June (Spring): This time, flowers are in full bloom, and the city’s calendar is packed with cultural events
  • July and August (Summer): The temperature can be hot and uncomfortable. Plus, it’s the tourism season that can overwhelm you by mid-afternoon.
  • September and October (Autumn): It may rain/become chilly on one of the odd days in October.
  • November – February: Winter months see fewer visitors, but also a time when the flowers in Generalife gardens are in full bloom. If you’re thinking of skiing in the Sierra Nevada, this is the time!

Granada Public Transport

It’s easy to move around Granada on your Solo Day Trip as access to various public transport is available.

Alhambra bus
The bus to Alhambra is a specific version and different from other buses in Granada

You can either navigate around the Andalusian city through these means of transportation:

  • Bus: Make sure you have Euro coins with you!
  • Minibus: Especially for going to the narrow and steep alleys of the Albaicin district and towards the Alhambra
  • City Train: Hop on, Hop off
  • Taxi: They’re affordable and always go according to the meter.
  • Ride-share like Uber: However, it is best to skip this as it is easier to hail a taxi on the street
Taxis in Granada

? Best Tip to Explore Granada ?? on a Solo Day Trip: Be sure to wear comfy shoes as Granada is hilly and Albaicin is mostly lined up with cobblestoned streets!

High-speed trains or buses are easily available if you’re coming from Madrid to Granada Day Trip or Seville to Granada Day Trip.

Likewise, when it comes to Granada Day Trip from Malaga.

Beyond a Day Trip — Where to Stay in Granada for the Muslimah Solo Traveler & Where To Go Next?

If you would like to extend your day trip in Granada, the best place to stay is the Albaycin Quarter.

It is close to the Mezquita (Mosque), and is walkable to many of Granada’s attractions.

Where to stay in Granada for Muslimah Solo Travelers
“I stayed at Hostal Rodri, an affordable stay with exceptional service that they even gave me a personalized map on Granada plus tips on where I should explore” — Farihah

Otherwise, the hotels around Little Morocco are also a good choice, as is nearby Halal food establishment.

If you’re looking for a stay in the city’s central district, Plaza Nueva, nearby Plaza Isabel de Catolica, is excellent as well as there are lots of taxis, buses, and Halal eateries around. However, the price range here can be higher compared to the rest.

Extensions & Day Trips From Granada, Spain

If you’re thinking of making nature-based day trips from Granada, Sierra Nevada, the Alpujarras should be on your list.

Depending on which mountain experience you’re more inclined to, these are what both attractions have to offer

Sierra Nevada Park (8 hours)

  • Dramatic sights of forests, lagoons, azure lakes & snow-capped mountains
  • Hiking experience on the mountain’s park trail

Alpujarras (Historical Mountain Village) 8-10 hours

  • Breathtaking views of Mozarabic style, Whitewashed houses.
  • Spain’s highest mountain village is located on the foothills of Sierra Nevada
  • Experience the traditional village life

The Wider Region of Andalusia

Where to explore beyond Granada, Spain

Granada is an excellent place for you to start exploring the broader region of Andalusia.

You can also continue your Andalusia Solo Exploration to Malaga, Cordoba, or Seville.

Final Thoughts: Muslim-Friendly Granada Solo Day Trip

Hopefully, this Muslim-Friendly Granada Solo Day Trip has helped you plan out your solo exploration in the home of Alhambra.

If you need extra suggestions when it comes to Spain or Granada, peer support in solo traveling as a Muslim woman, or would like to share your solo travel tales with like-minded Muslim women, do drop by our Muslimah Solo Travelers Community Group!

For more ideas on where to go next besides Granada? How about The Netherlands, a bit up north, or Turkiye if your onward destination is east?

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