5+ Things To Buy in Tanah Abang Market, Jakarta’s Modest Shopping Paradise (Tips & Travelog!)

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Muslim-friendly Things To Buy in Tanah Abang

If there’s one place that you can’t miss out on your solo trip to Jakarta, it is Tanah Abang.

Just as The Grand Bazaar is to Istanbul, Turkiye, and Khan el-Khalili is to Cairo, Egypt, Tanah Abang is such to Jakarta, Indonesia.

But here’s a caveat. Tanah Abang is HUGE!

Like most of us who would come on a first-time solo trip to Indonesia without knowing what to expect, it’s easy to get lost (while that’s fun, too) and let time pass in Tanah Abang.

Without further ado, here is a list of the Things To Buy in Tanah Abang and tips for making the most of your Solo Exploration there!

What is Tanah Abang?

Before we get into what are the things to buy in Tanah Abang, it is important that you understand what Tanah Abang is referred to:

  1. A district in Central Jakarta that includes the market complex, which bears the same name.
  2. Tanah Abang Market / Tanah Abang Textile Market (Pasar Tanah Abang in Indonesian). This market has existed for centuries at the corner of Sudirman Avenue. You can find cheap bargains and local goods on sale here either in bulk or single items.
Tanah Abang Textile Market Jakarta

In this article context, we refer to the latter, Tanah Abang Market.

Without further ado…

Prayer Garment Sets (Mukena)

On top of the list of Things To Buy in Tanah Abang is the prayer garment!

As the most-populated Muslim country in the world that is also a leader in Muslim textiles, you can expect the prayer garments here to come in various materials and styles.

Pink, natural colors, imprinted with the world map (oh yes we saw one! 👇), heavy soft cotton materials, or on-the-go thin materials for those who travel a lot. Simply anything that you won’t expect is there!

Muslim-friendly Things To Buy in Tanah Abang, Jakarta

The prayer garment sets usually come with pouches so that’s neat to have!

While Tanah Abang usually leans on the more affordable price range, you can also find high-end prayer garment in certain stalls here.

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Hijab (kerudung) or Jilbab

Your Solo Shopping exploration in Tanah Abang, Jakarta, is incomplete without buying the Indonesian hijabs!

Why? Because you can never get such styles outside of Indonesia!

The square scarfs are donned on many head mannequins as you enter the textile market. So trust us, as you’ll be spoiled by so many choices!

Depending on the season, time of the year, you’ll find various styles of hijab as well.

Niqab in Tanah Abang, Jakarta

If you’re wondering if there’s any niqab or hijab scarf sold, the answer is yes!

Simply Anything Muslim-friendly fashion!

…because Tanah Abang is known for this, as Muslim-friendly fashion is sold on the Semi Lower Ground (SLG) and Lower Ground (LG) floors.

Some Muslim-friendly fashion in Tanah Abang includes long dresses, abayas (gamis in Indonesia), or accessories like a magnetic pin.

The gamis in Indonesia can come in various colors and styles.

And depending on what’s on trend in the country during the time you visit, they can look very cute, and wearing them will help you blend in with the crowd in Indonesia!

Location in Tanah Abang Market: G, LG & SLG

MST Tip: On days leading up to Eid, Tanah Abang Market will be packed with shoppers coming in from throughout the country, so if you’re there during Ramadhan, this is the best time to experience the vibe of the market! Catch the travelog here.

Indonesian-centric Fashion & Everyday Items!

We would like to say that Indonesian fashion is different from worldwide Muslim-friendly fashion.

But that doesn’t mean that Indonesian fashion is not Muslim-friendly! You’ll find them for sure!

This means batik fashion outerwear, kebaya (traditional Javanese blouse), and more.

Besides that, from the 2nd floor to the 6th floor, you’ll also find everyday items like bags, purses, shoes, or even sportswear like burkinis sold. Holding the title of the largest textile wholesale market in Southeast Asia, you bet Tanah Abang carries a variety of options.

Cheap goods in Tanah Abang

From original labels to imitation, second-hand, expensive, or cheap goods!

Different types of garments are segregated via their floors.

Hajj Souvenirs – Nuts, Prayer Beads, Etc!

Are you looking for some Muslim-friendly shopping in Jakarta for your Hajj preparation? Or do you want to buy some Middle Eastern food products?

Tanah Abang Market has it!

From Zam Zam water bottles to honey, prayer beads, nuts like pistachio, and head caps for men, head on to level SLG and LG, and you’ll find them among the many vendors.

Things To Buy in Tanah Abang, Jakarta
MST Tip: Obral means on sale!

No matter which stalls you choose, you’ll have the same option, with slight differences.

Tips for Making The Most Of Your Tanah Abang Shopping Experience!

Now that you have a rough idea on what are the things you can buy in Tanah Abang, here are some additional tips so you can make the most out of your Solo Jakarta exploration:

1. Plan what you’ll buy

The seven levels at Tanah Abang Market are no joke. So plan earlier so you can (1) get your shopping done and (2) enjoy the rest of the shopping floors in Tanah Abang Market.

Floor directory in Tanah Abang, Jakarta

2. Go early!

Honestly, though, you may get a good bargain by being the day’s first customer! So head on super early!

Sale in Tanah Abang Jakarta

3. Experience pre-Eid shopping there

If you have the capacity, do choose to experience Tanah Abang in the days leading up to Eid. This is the only time you’ll see the market comes alive with last-minute Eid markdowns, the latest Eid fashion, and just crowds from the whole country!

Must watch: Catch our Travelog in Tanah Abang to understand how the market is during the end of Ramadhan!

4. Enjoy getting lost in Tanah Abang Market!

Don’t be shocked to find out you’ll enter from a different side of the market to leave at another side! Go with the flow, and enjoy!

MST Tip on Prayer Rooms (Mushola in Indonesian):

They’re everywhere. You’ll find the whole market would be blasted with Adhaan when it’s prayer times so don’t worry about that.

We do suggest you bring your own prayer garments as post-Covid, Indonesia’s prayer rooms rarely provide prayer garments that you can borrow for prayers.

& since the place is known to sell prayer wear, might as well take this opportunity to buy one for your #MuslimSoloTravels!

Tanah Abang Shopping Mall (Block A)

Jl. H. Fachrudin, Kp. Bali, Kecamatan Tanah Abang, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10250 (directions)

Tanah Abang Opening Hours

8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. daily

Opening Hours during Eid may differ. MST Tip: Ask our Community for the latest information!

Wrap Up: Things To Buy in Tanah Abang, Jakarta

There you have it! Some ideas on what can you buy in Jakarta. If you need more inspiration on what to do while in Jakarta, check out our full Things To Do Alone in Jakarta article.

For more authentic and timely recommendations, our Global Muslimah Solo Travelers Community is there to answer whatever you need to know!

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