23+ Turkiye Souvenirs That You Should Buy! (+ Bargaining Tips!)

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Are you solo traveling in Turkiye and looking for the Best Turkish Souvenirs for your friends and family?

You’re in for a treat because Turkiye has so many Muslim-friendly souvenirs you can bring home from your Istanbul Solo Trip.

From Turkish Ceramics to Turkish Delights and Turkish Silk products, these are just a few of the many things to buy in Turkiye!

Especially in Grand Bazaar, there are just too many options! Without earlier mental preparation on what to buy, you may end up spending more than necessary.

So without further ado, let’s check out the list, shall we?

Turkish Ceramics & Pottery

Turkish Ceramics

Just go to any souvenir shops in Istanbul, around Galata, Grand Bazaar, or Sultanahmet, and you’re bound to see Turkish Ceramics sold.

Ceramics and pottery are a huge part of Turkish history, dating back about 8000 years ago. Prehistoric Anatolia is the earliest region that developed Turkish ceramics by combining water, air, earth, and fire.

The prized ceramics are from civilizations of the Seljuks and Ottoman Empire.

Where to buy Turkish Ceramics in Istanbul

These ceramics have provided great insight into past culture and history that makes it so special,

From ceramic plates to bowls, and tiles, you’ll find plenty of Turkish ceramics and pottery sold in Istanbul.

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Colorful Mosaic lamps

Turkey Lamp Souvenirs

Want to bring home some Turkish vibe?

Then you’ll need some nostalgic and colorful Turkish Mosaic Lamp!

Found almost in every alleyway in the Grand Bazaar, these lamps come in various styles — standing, hanging, or a cute little bowl that you can put at your desk.

However, when bringing these back home, make sure you’ve wrapped them up securely so you will not break the glass lamps.

Hamam products – Turkish Towels, Bathrobes, and Soaps

It is no secret that Turkiye is famous for its Hamam products!

Hamam means bath, and in the case of Turkish souvenirs, you can think of towels, soaps, and bathrobes.

The soaps come in various scents, shapes, and sizes. Some even have rose petals meshed together with the soap.

Some come in cute boxes or are wrapped with ribbons, making them great and handy souvenirs for your loved ones.

Handmade Carpets and Rugs

Turkish Carpets

Ah, remember the Oriental-looking carpets we’ve seen too much on our Pinterest boards?

You can get them a lot in Turkiye, especially Grand Bazaar!

Whether you want it as a runner, a rug, or a huge carpet, it’s there! All that’s left for you is to choose — which can give one a headache as there are too many options!

Home decor Turkish souvenirs

However, note that these handmade carpets and rugs can be costly. That even the sellers in Grand Bazaar might start charging you in Euros, or Dollars.

So, just be ready for that and put on your best bargaining skills when it comes to Turkish rugs and carpets.

Silk scarf

Silk Scarves in Turkiye

Turkish Silk Scarves are perfect souvenirs of Turkey, especially for ladies.

You can find them in various lengths.

The best silk scarves are those made from Bursa, once an important Silk Road Center route in Anatolia because of its silkworm breeding nursery during the Ottoman Economy.

Beyond the scarf, in Bursa, you’ll also see silk made into various products like handkerchiefs, neckties, hats, shirts, and so much more!

Iznik Tiles

Best Turkey Souvenirs

The precious Iznik Tiles are a famous traditional Turkish gift for those who love home decor.

They have a distinct yellow, red, turquoise, and white color scheme that you would not miss out on.

You can see them prominently in mosques like Suleymaniye Mosque, Sultanahmet mosque, and Topkapi palace structuring the walls as decoration.

Why are they called Iznik tiles? These beautiful tiles were named after the town in which it was produced, Iznik in Western Anatolia, and have been around since the 16th century.

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Oil Lamps

Another unique Turkish souvenir collection to have in your home is oil lamps.

They come in several classic variations, bronze, brass, and so much more.

As the traditional lighting of the Turks, these oil lamps are still very popular today for decorative purposes in homes, offices, or camping!

Brass and Copper Kitchenware

Best Turkey Souvenirs

If you love collecting kitchenware, a top list on your Turkey Souvenirs hunting list should be brass and copper kitchenware.

The pots and pans come in all shapes and sizes.

What the Turkish Coffee Pot does is that it is made to heat hot drinks quickly, like Turkish coffee with Hot Sand!

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And depending on your cookware, some types can enrich your flavored drinks better than other kitchenware elements.

P.s. There are Engraved Turkish Coffee Pot, Engraved Mug, and so much more.

Turkish Cay Set

Where to buy Turkish Cay Set

One of the famous things to buy in Turkiye is the Cay Set.

If you have felt inspired after drinking cay in Istanbul or Bursa, it’s time to bring home the tea set!

Turkiye has the highest per capita tea consumption, whereby tea (cay) is known as the national drink.

Did you know that you’ll be served cay in the Grand Bazaar because it’s just how the norm is?

Get the tea set or pot that has been carefully engraved so you can have an enjoyable Turkish cay time with friends and family back home.

Turkish Delights

Turkish Delights Souvenir

Aahh…. Who does not love Baklava?

These are undeniably the best Halal Turkish souvenirs to bring home to your loved ones as they’re naturally sweet.

Baklava is one of the most popular Ottoman pastries. It is also a type of Turkish Delight that has brought people together.

They come in assorted treats like walnut, cashew and pistachio.

There are other Turkish delights (lokum) that you can get at a good bargain in the Grand Bazaar so ask around, which one can stay fresh for a long time!

Handmade Jams

Homemade Turkish Jams

If you want to continue your traditional Turkish breakfast back home, then one Turkiye Souvenirs that you should buy is handmade jams.

As one of the most valuable elements in Turkish culture, the jams in Turkiye come from natural fruits and plants.

Depending on your preference, you’ll surely find a jam of your liking, like walnut, peanut butter, strawberry, and so much more!


Spice Bazaar, Istanbul

The best Turkish Spices come from the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul.

Since 1664, the bazaar has been filled with the scent and color of various spices like Saffron, Turmeric, Cumin, Paprika and so much more!

You can find whatever spice you need, but if there are top three that you should get, it is…

  • Cumin (Anatolian spice that is used for garnishing)
  • Sumac (popular in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean to flavor meat)
  • Isot (peppers from Southern Turkiye used in Kofte and salads).
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Turkish Tea

Of course, besides the spice itself, buying Turkish tea is a must for tea connoisseurs!

They’re unlike any ordinary Black tea that you can find in the regular supermarket.

The way to drink Turkish cay from its tulip-shaped cups when the tea is piping hot? Hold it by the rim! And you’ll become a true Turk!

Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

Thinking of what to buy in Grand Bazaar when you love coffee more than tea?

Then the answer is simple!

Just go for Turkish coffee!

What’s particularly famous about Turkish coffee is its strong taste and dark brown color.

While you’re there, be sure to get your coffee with its Brass or Copper Kitchenware so you can also make Turkish coffee back home.

Don’t know how? Ask the shop attendants at Grand Bazaar to teach you!

Dried Fruits

Looking for natural Turkey Souvenirs?

Then dried fruits are your answer.

Dried Fruits Turkiye

Whether it is dried apricot, dried coconuts, dried figs or prunes, and more, mixed dried fruits from Turkiye have one of the best qualities in the world.

And you can find them a lot in Grand Bazaar!

Slippers and sandals

Muslimah Solo Travelers who are fashionistas can bring home some trendy Turkish sandals.

Speaking of the traditional ones, most have bling, bright-colored intricate pattern designs on them, so depending on your preference and what you’re looking for, Turkiye has it!

Get the pointed ones for extra Ottoman flair in your everyday look!

Embroidered Bags & Silk Pouches

Silk Pouches and Embroidered Turkish Bags

One of the best souvenirs from Turkey for your loved ones is embroidered bags and petite handmade silk pouches.

They come in various designs, colors, and embroideries. 

Usually, these gorgeous bags pouches in Turkiye are handwoven by local artisans.

Not only are they handy to bring home for the Muslimah Solo Traveler, but as well as convenient for storing cash and coins!

Old Maps & books of Ottoman

If you prefer souvenirs with a touch of nostalgia, which will remind you of Turkiye at the same time, then buying an Ottoman Map or Book is a no-brainer!

In Grand Bazaar, or specialty shops like Galata Kitabevi, you can find a variety of maps — old (some even have hints of termites), new, and those from the Ottoman Empire times.

Plus, with a map as a souvenir on display at your home, you’ll be reminded of how meaningful your solo trip to Istanbul was.

Or perhaps, the map and history will give you new ideas for your next solo adventure in the land of the Turks!

Fridge Magnet

Fridge Magnet Turkiye

Ah, if it isn’t the typical and just perfect souvenir for your friends and family…

You can find fridge magnets sold everywhere in central Istanbul.

MST Tip: Get Fridge magnets that look like Iznik Tiles if you can’t bring home the actual Iznik Tile due to just how heavy (and the possibility of it cracking) it is.


Turkish Jewelry Souvenirs

Subtle or extravagant, you’ll find it in the jewelry in Turkiye.

These are excellent souvenirs from Turkey for your loved ones — mom, sister, or daughter — back home.

Go inside the Old Bazaar’s section in Grand Bazaar for the best and most classic jewelry you can find around the area!

Souvenirs from Istanbul, Turkiye

Traditional Turkish dresses

Want something Turkish to pair with your jewelry?

Traditional Turkish Dress in Grand Bazaar

Then why not go all out and treat yourself to some Turkish dresses!

As a country with old Ottoman traditions, did you know that each region in Turkiye has its iconic traditional dresses?

Most come in colorful, bright, and embroidered fabrics with head dresses. Striped textile is often part of the look as well. Do ask your shop attendant at Grand Bazaar which region your traditional costume of your choice comes from!

Turkish gifts for her

Leather Goods

Did you know that Turkiye is also known for its high-quality leather goods?

The work craftsmanship when it comes to leather accessories to coats and handbags will surely not disappoint you.

Not only are the leather goods in Turkiye more economical than purchasing the ones in Western European countries of America..

Most are also handmade, so you can be sure that there are no two identical leather goods!

Bonus: Cat Bags

Cat Bags in Grand Bazaar

Because Istanbul is a city of cats, why not buy your beloved furry feline companion back home this very souvenir from Turkiye?

You can find them sold plenty outside of Misir Carsisi — Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul.

Misir Carsisi, Istanbul

Where to Buy the Best Souvenirs from Turkiye?

Gift shops in Galata, Istanbul

There are many places to buy souvenirs in Turkiye, especially in Istanbul!

Arasta Bazaar, Sultanahmet

How to Bargain in Turkiye?

Do keep in mind that touting is part of the experience when bargaining in Turkiye.

In general, expect to haggle over expensive items like carpets and textiles. Start with a price lower than a rough figure of what you’re willing to pay. Then the vendor will adjust accordingly — most will bump up as they’ve now gotten a figure of what you can pay.

Some may even immediately sell via Euro if you have a non-local look.

When using card, double-check if the payment is via Turkish Lira (TL) or Euro (€)

How to bargain in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul?

Final Thoughts: Turkey Souvenirs That You Should Buy!

There you have it! Must-buy Turkiye souvenirs from major cities like Istanbul and Bursa.

We hope this guide has helped give you an idea of what to buy when in Turkiye!

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