Best Muslim-friendly & Halal Indonesian Beauty Brands

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Are you currently solo traveling in Indonesia and are on the hunt for the best local Halal beauty brands to bring home with you? Or simply to discover?

As one of the top producers in the World’s Halal Cosmetics Market, Indonesia is HEAVEN when it comes to Muslim-friendly cosmetics. Plus, trust us when we say that a solo trip here is incomplete without buying at least one of their Halal-certified makeup or skincare products.

From bold looks to natural, daily wear, wudhu-friendly products, curated and drugstore-available brands, read on as we will share with you the Best Muslim-friendly Indonesian Beauty Brands; some are personally tested by our Editors.

Finding Halal Indonesian Beauty Brands as a Muslimah
Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

Where To get Halal Cosmetics or Skincare in Indonesia?

You’ll easily find them in their local drugstores like Guardian or Watsons throughout the country

However, it is easy to be overwhelmed, thinking, “Which Indonesian cosmetics brand is Halal?” when presented with that many options in the local drugstore.

Without further ado, here are some trusted brands so you’ll know what to look for the next time you find yourself in an Indonesian makeup section (offline or online!)

Where To get Halal Cosmetics or Skincare in Indonesia?
How local drugstores in Indonesia look like! Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

Did you know? That Indonesia has enacted a “Halal product assurance” law in 2014, requiring all cosmetics to identify them as Halal-certified, or non-Halal by 2026. That’s just two years away!

Wardah – Pioneer of Halal Makeup in Indonesia

Top of the Halal beauty Indonesian brands list is none other than the OG Indonesian cosmetic brand, Wardah.

Everything about this brand, from the process of producing it to what you see in stores, stems from a sustainable process.

The products go through rigorous testing, halal, modern and high-quality Muslim-friendly innovation standards that follow international law.

Halal Pressed Powder in Indonesia
Credit: Wardah

The best part about Wardah is the makeup line cater for the mass but still retain the high-quality makeup you’d expect from the drugstore.

So expect the foundation, powder foundation, Quad palette, and lipsticks to be all in the more affordable range.

Halal Eyeshadow in Indonesia
Credit: Wardah

MST’s Picks: Exclusive Matte Lip Cream, Colorfit Velvet Powder Foundation, and Colorfit Lip Mousse.

And if you’re not keen on makeup, their sunscreen is worth considering. UV Shield Essential Sunscreen Gel (sold over 97k on Shopee) for those with dry skin or Wardah UV Shield Light Matte Sun Stick for those who are constantly on the go

Halal Sun Stick in Indonesia
Credit: Wardah

Editor’s Note: When I was in Bali, I had a close encounter with the Vice President of R&D of Paragon Group (parent company of Wardah and Emina), Dr. Sari. In the session I attended, a Muslimah from The U.S. asked her, “Why is Halal makeup not as long-lasting as Western makeup?” Dr. Sari brilliantly answered her by saying, “Our products cater to the needs of Muslim women, who need the makeup to be easily wiped off when taking wudhu (ablution).”

Back to the question of what most people would have in their minds: “Can Muslims use beauty products?” Now, the better question would be, “What type of beauty product would be more suitable to our faith-based needs?”

You’ll easily find Wardah in local Indonesian drugstores like Watsons or Guardian. Or you can get them on Shopee.

Emina – Great for #TravelLight Life!

From the same parent company as Wardah, Emina is geared more towards the youngsters.

Credit: Emina

And dare we say – Emina’s petite-sized products makes it one of the best Muslim-friendly Indonesian Beauty Brands for Muslimah Solo Travelers!

As travelers, we are always looking to carry only minimal weight, and Emina embodies it in pretty much all of their makeup products – from the 4.2 lip scrub to the 3.5g Pressed Blush, 8g Browcara and our favorite – their 3.6g Creamy Lip Tint!

Halal Eyebrow Product Indonesia
Credit: Emina
Halal Lip Tint Indonesia
Credit: Emina
Halal Blush in Indonesia
Credit: Emina

And in our travels, we have to be creative enough. Emina allows just that with the blush, which could be your lip tint and vice versa.

Editor’s Note: I stumbled upon how cute and compact Emina is at Guardian inside one of Jakarta’s largest malls. This was in Ramadhan’s last days, and Emina was my only lipstick throughout my one-month solo trip in Java!

Like Wardah, make your way to the nearest drugstores in Indonesia to get a hold of Emina or purchase them online here on Shopee.

BLP Beauty – For The Eyeliner Geeks!

BLP Beauty is a brand that is a breath of fresh air, and according to us, their blush can beat the cult-favorite NARS blush.

Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

As a Muslimah, having a Halal option is gold.

From the ‘just right’ shimmery eyeshadow pen (perfect for those constantly on the go and don’t want to fiddle with an eyeshadow brush!) to the natural-looking face glow and the non-black power liner, this brand is minimalist but the best kind of minimalist.

Halal Eyeliner in Indonesia
Credit: BLP Beauty
Halal blush in Indonesia
Credit: BLP Beauty

If you can, BLP Beauty is one to absolutely experience in-store. The curated Beauty Space adds to the shopping experience even more in Indonesia!

Nonetheless, you can also find this Halal beauty Indonesian brand online via Shopee

Halal brands in Indonesia
Credit: Muslim Solo Travel

#MajorLOVE: One thing that’s great about BLP is their #BLPRecycle initiative. Did you know that the $500billion/year beauty and personal care industry generates a lot of waste? However, this initiative allows you to collect stamps for discounts on your next purchase when you bring back your used BLP empties. Not only do you get discounts on your next purchase, but you know you’re part of a more conscious use of cosmetics.

Experience BLP Beauty Space at:

  • Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta (operating hours & directions here)
  • Living World, Bali (operating hours & directions here)
  • Paris Van Java, Bandung (operating hours & directions here)

Or purchase them on Shopee here.

Sariayu – For Traditional Indonesian Scrubs!

Best Muslim-friendly Indonesian Beauty Brands
Screenshot Photo of Sariayu

One of the Best Muslim-friendly Indonesian Beauty Brands that has been in the market for quite a long time is Sariayu.

What makes Sariayu unique is that they incorporate locally sourced Indonesian herbs like Indonesian Pegagan, also known as Asiatic Pennywort, which is the star of their blemish care serum, and Lanzones (langsat in Indonesian) into their facial care products.

Best Muslim-friendly Indonesian Beauty Brands
Credit: Sariayu

Editor’s Note: Sariayu’s lulur (body scrub), toner, and even two-way cake compact powder are products I remember seeing on my mother’s dressing table growing up.

Widely known as a skincare brand, Sariayu has a line of Halal-certified and dermatologically tested makeup for that natural glow look.

Their cream foundation and pressed powder cater to the yellow skin undertones, which can sometimes be absent in Western makeup.

Editor’s Note: Sariayu’s lulur (body scrub), toner, and even two-way cake compact powder are products I remember seeing on my mother’s dressing table growing up.

Find them in-store at Martha Tilaar Shops in flagship Indonesian malls (list here)

Check out Sariayu on Shopee here or Amazon here.

From This Island – For The Natural Skincare Lovers!

Are there any fans of Maudy Ayunda over here?

Credit: From This Island

If you have watched Habibie & Ainun or are a fan of her activist endeavors in education, literacy, and youth empowerment, you might be a fan of Maudy’s recently released Halal and Vegan skincare line called From This Island.

It is the only skincare in the market to feature its patented Papua Red Fruit, which is proven to have more than a 128x antioxidant effect, much more potent than green tea.

Rooted in centuries-old wisdom and proven science, Besides the Papua Red Fruit Plumping Cream, From This Island, features Java Black Tea, Mangosteen, and Guava Barrier Moisture Gel that would make you want to explore the depths of Indonesia beyond Bali!

Best Muslim-friendly Indonesian Beauty Brands
Credit: From This Island

Purchase From This Island here on Shopee

Best Muslim-friendly Indonesian Beauty Brands

There you have it – some of Indonesia’s top Muslim-friendly cosmetic brands!

By now, you shouldn’t be worried about asking, “Which makeup brand is Halal?” as we have listed the most sought-after in this article.

The best experience, in our opinion, is always trying them in their flagship stores anywhere in the country – all the more reasons for you to embark on a solo travel adventure there!

But if you’re not yet in Indonesia, not to worry, with internet these days everything is possible!

Simply search for the Halal beauty Indonesian brands mentioned above in Shopee (Asia) or on Amazon (worldwide).