How to Solo Travel in Indonesia as a Muslim Woman; Beyond Bali, Halal Food like a local & MORE with Giannisa Ovie (@giannovie)

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How to Solo Travel in Indonesia as a Muslim Woman

In Journeys with Muslimah Solo Travelers Ep. 3, we have Halal Travel Enthusiast Giannisa Ovie (@giannovie on TikTok and Instagram) sharing her local insights on how to solo travel in Indonesia easily, especially Jakarta easily as a Muslimah.

In this episode, she shared tips on what to buy in Ramadhan Bazaars in Indonesia and how to experience Eid in Greater Jakarta. And we’re talking about how to shop like a local, especially when it comes to Muslim-friendly fashion (from the affordable ones, local brands and one-of-a-kind high-end items).

As a city that is notoriously known for its traffic, Gia also shared how do locals (and Muslimah Solo Travelers) can navigate the roads easily and comfortably with the common alternative – a bike!

Watch or listen to the entire episode as she shared more on the non-Halal words to watch out for in Multicultural Muslim Country like Indonesia, what’s beyond Bali (psst.. a Muslim-friendly island that’s just nearby!) and more…

Solo Traveling Beyond Bali & Moving around in Indonesia in English

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Inside This Episode (timestamps)

1:10 – Gia’s first trip to Vietnam, which deepened her appreciation for Halal Travel. Her whereabouts and story in Malaysia

03:52 – Labuan Bajo – Flores & what to do there.

05:26 – Snippets of what to expect today in this talk with Gia.

06:08 – Ramadhan in Indonesia (huge and important celebration for the whole of the country, not just Muslims) + Gia’s tips and what to have from local’s perspective at Ramadhan Bazaars in Jakarta. Muslim population in Indonesia.

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09:07 – Must try Ramadhan food in Indonesia & the meaning behind the Indonesian word “Takjil” & the time you should buy these – Expected Maghrib time in Jakarta (approximate time)

15:30 – The largest mosque in Southeast Asia. Masjid Istiklal & the story behind it. + Eid Prayer & what time should you be there to make it on time on Eid

Solo Travel in Jakarta, Indonesia as a Muslim Woman
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18:20 – How to Solo Travel in Jakarta as a Muslim Woman. How to Navigate in Jakarta’s infamous traffic (macet). The different types of public transport in Jakarta that Muslimah Solo Travelers can take. & Cards for transportation.

Experiencing Motorcycle Ride-Hailing as a Muslimah Solo Traveler in Indonesia
Gia’s experience in riding a motorcycle with Deaf Driver-Partner in Indonesia

23:45 – Bajaj, Gojek, and how to ride motorcycles and alternative two/three-wheeled vehicles in Jakarta as a Muslimah Solo Traveler and feel safe at the same time. Tips on how to find bajaj, and negotiate in Jakarta (+ payment in Jakarta).

Translation in Gojek App in Indonesia
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? Good To Know When In Indonesia ??: Tuna Rungu means “deaf” in the Indonesian Language

29:40 – Shopping for Muslim fashion in Jakarta. Pasar Seni, KL vs Sarinah, Jakarta.

31:40 – Modest Fashion in Jakarta, Indonesia: affordable and upscale ones. & crowd expectation in Tanah Abang during Ramadhan and days leading up to Eid celebration

34:50 –  How to distinguish Halal and non-Halal establishments in Indonesia. Halal Certification in Indonesia.

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36:20 – Question from Muslimah Solo Travelers on Ferry, Bus and other modes of transportation in Indonesia. Eg on Sumatra Island

40:30 – Non-halal words to watch out for in Java Island, Indonesia. The Halal and non-Halal Jamu.

Lombok, an alternative to Bali for Muslimah Solo Travelers

44:00 – Lombok, the Muslim-friendly island option beyond Bali. What to do here as Muslimah Solo Travelers. Moving around in Indonesia with English as a Muslimah Solo Traveler who don’t speak indonesian language.

51:35 – Final words from Gia, Yogyakarta & Traveling Solo is a Learning Experience

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