17+ Best Halal Food in Pontianak, Indonesia (Desserts, Noodles, & More!)

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17+ Best Halal Food in Pontianak, Indonesia (Desserts, Noodles, & More!)

Best Halal Food in Pontianak, Indonesia

The capital of Indonesia’s West Kalimantan is home to many ethnicities.

Hence, with the variety of Halal Food in Pontianak, Indonesia, the capital flourishes as a culinary and gastronomy destination.

In this article, we will share the must-eat, must-try, from heavy meals to snacks, desserts, and more!

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Mie Sagu

One of the top Halal Food in Pontianak, Indonesia is Mie Sagu.

Mie Sagu Pontianak

These are noodles made of sago that are particularly famous from Riau to Kalimantan.

The Mie Sagu in West Kalimantan is particularly distinct to the Malay Community.

According to Siti Muliani, Mie Sagu in Pontianak comes with a soupy broth, and the addition of bean sprouts and anchovies, unlike the Mie Sagu in Riau, which is made stir-fried.

  • Where to get it: Warung Pa’ Ngah


One of the top Halal Food in Pontianak, Indonesia, is Bakso!

Best Halal Food in Pontianak, Indonesia

Known as the country’s comfort food, wherever you go in Indonesia, you’ll find variations to the Bakso.

What’s unique about Bakso Pontianak is that it uses Kwetiau noodles which are different variations. It is also known to have a

  • Where to get it:


While this is the King of Street Food in Indonesia, Martabak is stuffed, thick pancake that comes in two types:

  • Martabak Manis (pancake with sweetened filling such as chocolates, condensed milk, sweet corn, etc).
  • Martabak Telur (savory counterpart that is filled with egg-filling)
  • Where to get it:
MST Tip: Get the Martabak Srikaya for a taste of Southeast Asia!


You don’t have to go all the way to Northern China for a taste of Lamian!

Lamian is a wheat Chinese-style noodle made by stretching and pulling, then cooked with various broths (meat or vegetable-based.

One of Pontianak’s best Chinese Muslim-friendly Restaurants is Golden Lamian Gajah Mada.

Besides the lamian, the HK Crispy Chicken is favorite among the locals

  • Where to get it: Golden Lamian Gajah Mada (directions)
Where to find Halal food in Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia
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Nasi Goreng Ayam Kremes

This is Indonesian Fried Chicken with Crunchy Bits (Kremes).

This dish is sold in every warung (small restaurant) and angkringan (push-cart stalls) in Pontianak.

But for the best experience, do eat by the Kapuas waterfront. There, you’ll find plenty of stalls selling Nasi Goreng Ayam Kremes.

  • Where to get it: Golden Lamian Gajah Mada (directions)

Mie Tiaw

Halal Food in Pontianak, Indonesia

Mie Tiaw, also known as Kwetiaw, is especially famous in Pontianak.

This noodle dish refers to flat rice noodles and comes with a couple of Halal Mie Tiaw variations.

You can get it stir-fried (Mie Tiaw Goreng), blanched (Mie Tiaw Rebus), and so much more.

One of the best Halal restaurants in Pontianak selling Mie Tiaw since the 1960s is the Mie Tiaw Apollo. Otherwise, you can get them pretty much at every push-cart stall and restaurant with signs of “Mie Tiaw” on display.

  • Where to get it: Mie Tiaw Apollo (directions), Mie Tiaw Barokah (directions), and stalls with “Mie Tiaw” outside on display.


You can’t talk about Halal Indonesian food without mentioning the country’s pride — Indomie!

Where to Eat Halal in Pontianak, Indonesia

If you’re a lover of the instant noodle brand, did you know that the noodles were inspired by the Indonesian fried noodle dish of the same name?

In Indonesia (Pontianak included!), Indomie is eaten throughout all meal times — breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, or even during snacking!

So you’ll see them pretty much everywhere!

How to eat rice in Indonesia
Typical rice dish in Indonesia would consist tempeh, indomie and Teh Botol on the side

You’ll find them at restaurants selling buffet which operates on self-serve; by the pushcart warung, and so much more.

  • Where to get it: Pretty much all restaurants, stalls, and hotels in Pontianak sells them.

Bonus: When in December-ish onwards, be sure to try the jackfruit or durian sold plenty by the roadside!

Authentic Coffee

As the capital of coffee, Pontianak has many authentic coffees that you should try while solo traveling there.

Best Halal Food in Pontianak, Indonesia

These coffee either have a fullness to the taste, distinctive from its coffee beans, or has a slight spiciness to the taste with the addition of ginger (Jahe in Indonesian) to the coffee.

Halal Coffee Shops in Pontianak, Indonesia

For the experience, get your coffee from Aming Coffee, which President Joko Widodo once visited. Make sure to get srikaya toast together with your coffee for the whole experience!

In Warung Kopi Suka Hati, on the other hand, coffee goes well with Pisang Salai (smoked banana)

Es Jeruk Pontianak

Ditch the canned drinks in Indonesia and go for the standard drinks — Es Jeruk!

Halal snacks in Pontianak, Indonesia
Tela-tela and Es Jeruk

This is iced orange juice with the perfect sweet and sour. Depending on the type of local orange used, it can be sour too!

According to Nunuk, compared to other Es Jeruk sold throughout the country, the Es Jeruk in Pontianak has a hint of tartness due to the local orange used.

  • Where to get it: All eateries and restaurants in Pontianak, Indonesia


Tela-tela has been a favorite Halal snack in Pontianak recently.

Tela-tela are chips made from tapioca that has been sprinkled with cheesy fine powders.

Great for snacking in the evening as you relax at Kapuas Riverbank in Pontianak!

Halal eateries at Kapuas Waterfront, Pontianak
Eateries by Kapuas River
  • Where to get it: At warung (eateries) by the Kapuas riverbank

Bubur Paddas – Best Halal Food in Pontianak

Best Halal Food in Pontianak, Indonesia

One of the top Halal Food in Pontianak, Indonesia, and a specialty of the region is Bubur Paddas (spicy porridge).

Compared to East Malaysia’s Bubur Pedas in Sarawak (famous as a Breaking Fast cuisine and commonly found during Ramadhan), the Indonesian Pontianak version comes with lots of vegetables and is served throughout the year.

  • Where to get it: Warung Pa’ Ngah (directions)

Nasi Uduk

Originally from Jakarta, you can also find this Betawi cuisine in Pontianak.

This dish is Indonesian-style steamed rice in coconut milk with various side dishes and condiments such as fried chicken, egg, tempeh, rice crackers, fried anchovies, etc.

A legendary restaurant that sells Halal Nasi Uduk in Pontianak is Nasi Uduk Ayam Gebuk Mr. Achiang. You can also find Sayur Asem (which will be explained below) here.

  • Where to get it: Nasi Uduk Ayam Gebuk Mr. Achiang (directions)

Sayur Asem

This Sundanese cuisine is a famous Indonesian mixed vegetable tamarind broth.

With a sip of this broth, you’ll feel a mixture of flavors such as sweet, sour, and slightly spicy.

Halal Restaurants in Pontianak, Indonesia

The best way to eat this broth is to have it alongside white rice, fried chicken, and tempeh, the Indonesian way.

In Pontianak, get a taste of Sayur Asem in Cabe Merah (served as Nasi Timbel), or Nasi Uduk Ayam Gebuk Mr. Achiang.

Es Teler

Halal Desserts in Pontianak, Indonesia

While this is not technically a food, but a dessert, if you’re in the mood for something cooling,

go for Es Teler!

This is an Indonesian Fruit cocktail whereby Shaved Ice is served with Avocado (Alpukat in Indonesian), coconut mil, sweetened milk, and jackfruit.

Perfect for pairing with snacks like Tela-tela!

  • Where to get it: In most Indonesian restaurants and warung (eateries).

Nasi Ayam Geprek

The humble Nasi Ayam Geprek is a way of life for Indonesians.

Originally from Yogyakarta in Java, Nasi Ayam Geprek is basically fried chicken that has been crushed and mixed with hot and spicy sambal chili paste.

You can also taste them in Pontianak, from restaurants or roadside stalls with “Nasi Ayam Geprek” on display in their signages.

Kuliner Pontianak Halal

  • Where to get it: Ayam Geprek Bang Min (directions)

Kek Lapis Pontianak

Thinking of what to eat in Pontianak when you have a sweet tooth?

Halal Traditional Cakes in Pontianak, Indonesia

Go for the layered cake. Kek Lapis Pontianak is a city’s specialty, especially during celebrations like Eid (Lebaran in Indonesian).

A flavor that you should try is Kek Lapis Legit, which is the original version. Otherwise, flavors like plum or durian are worth a try too.

You can either buy slices of it from cafes like La Gramma; or the whole cake for souvenirs to bring home from Le Gita.

Bakwan (Fritters) Pontianak

Bakwan means vegetable fritters.

There are many kinds of Bakwan in the country.

Halal Street Food in Pontianak, Indonesia

One of them is Bakwan Jagung, a popular fried street food (known as gorengan) snacks in Indonesia.

In Pontianak, the Bakwan is more distinct with its crunchy texture on the outside, and soft on the inside.

Best Halal Food in Pontianak – Takeaway

There you have it! Top 17+ Halal Food (& drinks) in Pontianak, Indonesia.

In Pontianak and looking for Muslim-Friendly Things To Do Alone there? This article will guide you!

Or perhaps you’re planning to visit the Capital of West Kalimantan soon alone as a Muslim woman? Our Muslim Solo Travel Guide to Pontianak, Indonesia is here to give you inspiration, safety tips, and more.

If you do end up exploring Pontianak, or Indonesia in general solo, share your experience with us in the ? Muslimah Solo Travelers Community FB Group!
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