Best Things To Do Alone in Central Park for the Muslim Traveler!

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Best Things To Do Alone in Central Park for the Muslim Traveler!

Best Things To Do Alone in Central Park for the Muslim Traveler

Central Park is a great place for Muslims to explore the grounds independently.

It has many attractions, sometimes events are in place, and there are wide green spaces for picnic opportunities in the Park!

The place is, in fact, so so huge that it would take forever to check out each of its attractions. Hence here is a list of only the Best Things To Do Alone in Central Park for the Muslim Traveler.

Muslim-friendly things to do alone in central Park

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Best Things To Do Alone in Central Park for the Muslim Traveler

Paddle a Row Boat Underneath The Bow Bridge

An iconic bridge in Central Park is this 60-feet arch bridge.

The best way to experience this bridge is (1) either you walk across it, where you can overlook rowing boats gliding across the lake,


(2) you row the boat yourself, gliding underneath the bridge! It makes the experience so much more immersive!

A photo here is a must!

Check out the latest rates and details on boat rentals here.

Go on a Horse and Carriage Tour

Ever watched Eloise at The Plaza?

You’ll surely remember the scene where she decided to run away from the Plaza and hop on a Horse and Carriage Ride through Central Park!

What’s unique about going on a horse carriage ride is that reminiscent of a bygone era before cars were invented. In fact, Central Park activity is steeped in history—dating back all the way to the past 150 years!

This is a fantastic way to see the entire Park, where you can get personalized narration from the Carriage Handler!

Smell Roses at Shakespeare Garden

What to do in Central Park if you love flowers?

Go to Shakespeare garden!

This is a less-frequented attraction of the Park, due to its secluded nature.

However, you can see all kinds of roses, rosemary, and pansies decorating the winding paths! A walk down here, smelling the various flower species, is a serene activity.

Check Out The Street Performance

Anywhere in Central Park, you’ll see street performers.

They’re either doing some stunts, playing a musical instrument, or painting

be it at the arching gates, Bethesda Terrace, Literary Mall, or Shakespeare Garden,

Have a Picnic at The Great Lawn or Sheep Meadow

things to do alone in central park muslim friendly

There are so many manicured green spaces that you can spread a mat with delicious food, a book, and yourself to keep the company at Central Park.

The top two places are The Great Lawn, and Sheep Meadow.

See The View at Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle Central Park

You best believe there’s a castle in Central Park!

The secret of this castle’s existence lies in its name — which means “beautiful view” in Italian.

Created as a folly with the best views in Central Park (LOL-right!), this is one of the Best spots in Central Park for photos.

This castle’s structure — the flag and stone facade — makes it look like you’re suddenly transported to Europe!

But apart from that, it plays a huge role in the weather forecast in New York City!

You can view this castle as a backdrop from the Great Lawn.

Explore Bethesda Fountain & Terrace

From the fountain, you’ll walk into the interior walkway of Bethesda Terrace.

Here, you’ll stumble upon jazz musicians playing violin or saxophone.

What’s beautiful is the experience plus the backdrop view of the terrace that features 15,000 colorful patterned tiled ceilings that look like the ones you’ll see in Europe!

Take a Photo at Alice in The Wonderland

what to do alone in central park as a muslim traveler

This bronze statue of the fairytale character having a tea party hosted by the Mad Hatter is a famous photo spot in Central Park.

If you’re a fan, you’ll want to line up with the crowds!

Walk Along The Mall (Literary Walk)

One of the Muslim-friendly things to do alone in Central Park is to walk along the Mall!

things to do alone in central park muslim friendly

Connected from one of the grand staircases at Bethesda Terrace, this Mall has a beautiful open-air atmosphere with American elm trees.

You can see painters selling portraiture services and vendors selling NYC keychains here.

It is called a literary walk because the Southern end of the Mall contains statues of literary figures like William Shakespeare.

There are lots of benches for you to sit down and take in the atmosphere too!

See Animals at Central Park Petting Zoo

The Petting Zoo is one of the Muslim-friendly attractions in Central Park.

It is a Children’s Zoo, but who says adults can’t enter a children’s zoo!

Here, you can see animals like goats, cows, sheep, and all kinds of furry creatures.

Explore ?? Central Park with a bike ? so you can see the most of it within a short amount of period!

Go Ice Skating in Winter!

This is a popular winter activity in Central Park.

If you’re a Muslim Solo Traveler who knows how to skate on the ice rink, it’s time to strap on those skates and hit the ice!

Two main ice-skating rinks in Central Park are:

Wollman Rink
Lasker Rink (closed for renovations until 2024)

Both provide skate and locker rentals.

Click here for ticket and operating hours information.

See FREE Shakespeare Theater Performance at Delacorte Theater

What to do in Central Park for free?

There are plenty of things that you can do in the Park for FREE. However, the best one has got to be watching a FREE performance at the Delacorte Theater!

Operated by The Public Theater, the Delacorte produces several classic plays by Shakespeare at the open-air venue with a capacity of 1,872 seats!

All you have to do is wait in line on the day of the performance to get the FREE tickets.

Solo Travel in Central Park

Some ways can help you navigate Central Park successfully as a solo traveler:

✅ Plan your attractions ahead, rent a bike so you can explore the park easily, and visit according to the direction and route that make the most sense to you

✅ Join a tour so you can have a stress-free experience. Some reputable Central Park tour companies is this.

Whichever you choose depends on your motivation and time.

things to do alone in central park muslim friendly

Halal Food & Prayer Facilities near Central Park.

You can find Muslim-friendly options like Vegetarian and seafood options at the more established restaurants within Central Park.

Outside Central Park, at the entrance points, nearby Manhattan skyscrapers are lots of Halal food carts waiting to serve you Halal NYC fast food.

Regarding prayer facilities, the nearest mosque (1 mile away) is at Islamic Cultural Center Riverside Drive.

Central Park Attractions Map

You can find Central Park Visitor Centers located throughout the Park.

Getting To and Around Central Park

You can get to Central Park from any part of NYC.

The Metro is the easiest, with subway and bus lines connected directly to multiple entrance points around Central Park.

Within Central Park, you either walk (a lot of walking is involved!), ride a bike/e-scooter, or hop on a carriage ride to see most of the Park.

FAQs on Central Park

What is the best part of Central Park to visit?

This depends on your preferences. Within this post is a list of the best attractions in Central Park

What can we do in Central Park?

There are many things that you can do at Central Park. You can relax in the Park, go boating, explore gardens, see a free theater, and see street performances, to name a few.

Conclusion – Muslim-friendly things to do alone in Central Park

Now that you have an idea of the best things to do alone in Central Park, with information on the nearby Halal food, all that’s left to do for you is to go on and visit Central Park!

Want to explore more of New York? Check out this article on the best things to do alone in NYC!

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