Solo Day Trip to Bursa [Things To Do, Halal Food & Tips!]

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Are you considering going on a Muslim-Friendly Solo Day Trip Bursa from Istanbul, Turkiye?

You’ve come to the right place.

The first capital of the Ottoman Empire and the fourth largest city in the country has exquisite places that trace back to the country’s rich history.

This article will give you an idea of what you can do in Bursa on a day trip, Halal Food, how to get around as a Muslimah Solo Traveler, and more.

Read on.

About Bursa

Muslim-Friendly Solo Day Trip Bursa

Bursa is a breath of fresh air from the busyness of tourist-filled Istanbul. This charming city that’s just one hour plus away from Istanbul is an underrated destination because:

  • It is the center of silk excellence and trade. The first Ottoman Capital is located at the western end of the Silk Road.
  • The landscape from Istanbul to Bursa is priceless.
  • It is a place of great importance to the Ottoman Empire, serving as the first seat capital.

How To Get To Bursa from Istanbul

You can get to Bursa from Istanbul via many modes of transportation. A direct bus from Istanbul to the terminal in Bursa (3.5 hours) is available.

Solo Day Trip Bursa

However, we recommend you take the ferry from Istanbul (Yenikapi) to Yalova (approx 2-hour journey), and then take the bus from Yalova to Bursa (1.5 hours) for the best experience. This is if you’re going on your own or you’re only joining a guided day tour once you’ve arrived in Bursa.

But if you’re going solo with a Bursa tour package from Istanbul, everything will be settled for you. All that’s left to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

The Journey From Istanbul to Bursa

Experience the Ferry Ride Across the Sea of Marmara

The ferry ride is an experience that makes the solo day trip to Bursa worth it.

Ferry Ride Istanbul to Bursa

However, if your tour catches the ferry ride from Gebze port instead of Yenikapi port, you’ll be able to see Osmangazi Bridge!

Regardless, you’ll be able to see the vastness of Marmara from Istanbul all the way to Yalova.

Ferry Ride from Bursa to Istanbul

MST- Tip: Don’t forget to enjoy the rural sights that come with the bus ride!

From Yalova, it’s time to enjoy the rural sights of Yalova all the way to Bursa.

Solo Day Trip Bursa
Olive trees along the way to Bursa

You’ll be able to see greenery like olive trees and even strawberries!

Muslim-Friendly Things To Do Alone on a Bursa Day Trip

There are so many Muslim-friendly Things To Do Alone in Bursa! Here are just a couple of them.

See a Panorama of Bursa from Uludag Mountain Cable Car Ride

Cable Car Ride in Bursa
View of Bursa from Uludag Teleferik Cable Car Ride

In Turkish, Uludag means “Great Mountain.”

It is also the highest mountain in the Marmara region, with the tallest peak, Kartatepe at 2543m

Did you know that you can see a panoramic view of Bursa as you descend from the mountain of Uludag?

This is achievable via the mountain cable car ride (Uludag Teleferik).

The greenery view from the mountains is just breathtaking and will be the highlight of your Solo Day trip to Bursa from Istanbul.

It is recommended that you get a Bursa Tour from Istanbul, so all your transportation (ferry, bus ride, and even up to the mountains) is covered. All that’s left for you in Bursa is to enjoy.

Go Skiing or Kayaking at Uludag National Park

If the mountains are high on your Solo day trip Bursa bucket list, then make your way to Uludag National Park.

As a city centered by the mountain, Uludag is the hot spot for skiing in winter and nature spots like kayaking for the rest of the year.

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During winter, Uludag presents a magnificent landscape and fresh atmosphere that is filled with atmosphere and snow-dusted pine trees.

Also, did you know that Uludag Ski Center is Turkiye’s first and largest resort? All the more reasons to try skiing there if you’re a fan of the winter sport.

Visit the Yesil (Mehmed I) Complex

Another exploration that you should include on your solo day trip, Bursa is the Yesil Complex.

Also known as the Green Social Complex, this complex houses one of Turkiye’s most beautiful and historic buildings, the Yesil “Green Mosque.”

The complex also has a madrasa, royal tomb, Turkish bath and beautifully constructed surrounding buildings.

At the mosque’s garden courtyard, you’ll also see views of Bursa city!

See The Ancient Inkaya Tree

When going up the mountains on your Solo day trip in Bursa, be sure to stop at Inkaya Plane Tree at Inkaya Village.

Inkaya Tree Bursa Solo Day trip

This tree has been around since the Ottoman times and is told to be over 600 years old.

Under the tree is a restaurant that is surrounded by streams from the mountain.

There are also cafes surrounding the tree that will give you other foodie options if the restaurant underneath the tree is not to your liking!

Address: İnkaya, Uludağ Cd. No:163, 16370 Osmangazi/Bursa, Turkey (directions)

Shop for Home Made Turkish products

Bursa sells many Turkish home-made products, from sweets like baklava, jams and marmalade to crafts like silk.

The locally-made jams and marmalade in Bursa, on the other hand, is an esteemed Ottoman flavor, especially in the palace.

Marmalades in Bursa

Most locally-made jams and marmalades in Bursa are made of natural fruits and nuts like walnut, figs, pomegranates, apricot, and more.

Eat Iskender Kebab – Bursa’s iconic dish

Did you know that the Iskender Kebab is a specialty of Bursa?

It is known as Iskender Kebab from its inventor, Iskender Efendi, who lived in Bursa in the late 19th century.

Iskender Kebab

Iskender Kebab Bursa
Photo by via Instagram

A type of doner kebab on top of grilled pide bread that is soaked with tomato puree. The kebab is served with a dollop of yogurt, grilled tomatoes, and eggplant on the side.

To eat this, you can look for signs like “Iskender kebabi” or “Bursa kebabi” at the restaurants in Bursa.

Irgandi Koprusu

A place with great Ottoman significance in Bursa is Irgandi Bridge.

Built in 1442, during Murad II’s reign, this bridge was a trade center. Merchants used to sell and trade silk here.

What To Do Alone in Bursa, Turkiye
Photo by @mkahriman via Instagram

Located between Osmangazi and Yildrim, this bridge also spans Gokdere’s mountain stream.

Today, you can still see shops selling traditional handcrafted work as you walk along the bridge.

Solo Day Trip Bursa

Medieval Market Place Koza Han

If you have extra time to extend your Bursa tour, include the medieval Koza Han Market Place.

Things To Do Alone in Bursa, Turkiye
Photo by @efulliim_ via Instagram

Even today, you can see silk cocoons are still being traded in the marketplace, a tradition since the 16th century.

Some folks have said this market is even better than the Grand Bazaar!

Finding Halal Food in Bursa

Finding Halal food is not a problem in Bursa.

In Turkiye, it is generally understood that food is Halal unless proven to be otherwise.

What To Do Alone in Bursa

As mentioned above, the popular must-try local food in Bursa is the Iskender Kebab.

Prayer Spaces in Bursa

The same goes for finding prayer spaces in Bursa. There are lots of mosques around.

Solo Day Trip Bursa
Inside Green Mosque

Two important Ottoman Era mosques Bursa are:

  • The Green Mosque, Yesil Cami / Mehmed I Mosque on the East Side of Bursa. (directions)
  • Grand Mosque of Bursa (Ulu Cami) located just nearby Koza Han (directions)

Getting Around Bursa

Bursa has a developed public transport system. You can get by bus, metro or tram.

It is best to have a one-time card or BursaKart while traveling alone in Bursa via the bus. You can’t pay via cash.

The card is similar to the IstanbulKart.

Get the current rates and timetable here.

Best Time To Visit

Solo Day Trip Bursa

The best time to visit Bursa depends on your aim and preference.

If you want to see greenery or indulge in kayaking, April – November is good times, but Spring and Autumn have subtle temperaments.

Winter in Bursa

If you are thinking of winter activities, then December to March are when the ski resorts are open for winter outdoor activities.

Guided or Organized Tours in Bursa for Solo Muslimah Travelers

For the best and ease of experience for your Solo Bursa Day Trip, we recommend getting a Bursa Tour from Istanbul.

Solo Day Trip Bursa

By joining a Bursa tour guide, your ferry ride, bus ride, cable car ride, and tour activities are pre-arranged. All that’s left is for you to enjoy the experience.

Can you do a Bursa Day Trip Without a tour?

While you can go on your own, that one requires much planning earlier if you think of doing only a day trip.

If you plan to do Bursa without a tour on your own, the best way is to rent a car for the ease of navigating around.

Bursa FAQs for the Muslimah Solo Travelers

Why Should Bursa Be On Every Muslimah Solo Traveler’s Bucket List?

Bursa should be on your bucket list if you are a history aficionado or if you want to see something other besides Istanbul that’s not too far away.

Plus, it is just nearby to Istanbul, in comparison to other cities like Cappadocia, or Konya.

Is Bursa Safe For Solo Muslim Female Travelers?

Is Bursa Safe for Muslimah Solo Travelers?

Bursa is mainly safe for Muslimah Solo Travelers.

However, like any other city in the world, it is wise to exercise standard precautions when traveling alone as a Muslim lady here.

Bottomline: Solo Day Trip to Bursa

Bursa is a beautiful destination that’s filled with ancient Ottoman history.

For those who want to get away for a bit from Istanbul but at a destination that’s not too far out, then Bursa should absolutely be on your #muslimsolotravel bucket list.

In essence, if you want to avoid thinking of how to navigate the transportation system in Bursa, go with a Tour Guide.

We hope this Bursa Solo Day Trip was helpful. 

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