Muslim Solo Travel Guide to Singapore

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Exploring Singapore as a Muslim Solo Traveler is exciting! There are so many things to see and do.

Although the city-state is the smallest compared to its neighboring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, Singapore has a mix of both: modern life of tall skyscrapers, high-end boutique shops, authentic local culture, and pockets of nature around the island city.

Plus, with the accessibility to halal food establishments, prayer rooms, and thriving Muslim Singaporean community, it is without a doubt that Singapore is one of the best Muslim-friendly destinations for solo travel in Asia!

Feel free to jump to any sections in this Muslim Solo Travel Guide to Singapore, or read through all for an idea of what visiting Singapore as a Muslim Solo Traveler is like!

About Singapore

Singapore is a city-state located on Southeast Asia’s southern tip of the Malay peninsula.

In Malay, Singapore is called Singapura, which means “Lion City.” This symbolizes the national symbol, the mythical creature of Merlion, which is half-fish and half-lion.

Singapore is a multi-religious, multi-cultural country. As of 2020, Islam accounts for 15.6% of Singapore residents’ religion. There are also many Halal establishments like restaurants and prayer rooms around the country, making Singapore an excellent destination for Muslim/Halal travel.

Places to Visit in Singapore as a Muslim Solo Traveler

As one of the best solo travel destinations for Muslim travelers, Singapore is a small country (independent city-state) that makes one day enough to see the best of what this South East Asian powerhouse has to offer.

Feel the modern vibe around Marina Bay Sands, or visit the museums and history in the Civic District and old Malay neighborhood filled with Halal food eateries and shops selling modest fashion apparel at Haji Lane.

Cafe hopping is also greatly celebrated here!

Singapore is not all about modern city centers. Beyond the surface, you’ll find lots of hidden gems like gardens around the city!

Regardless, day or overnight trips to Sentosa Island are fantastic if you have extra time.

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Finding Halal Food in Singapore

Halal food is available in Singapore, with some food establishments certified Halal by MUIS (Islamic Religious Council of Singapore).

Malay restaurants typically serve Halal food, as historically, Malays are Muslims in Singapore.

Kampung Gelam is a halal food hot spot in Singapore with plenty of local Malay and international cuisines. especially along Haji Lane and Kampung Gelam.

Some popular local food to try are Nasi Padang, Gado Gado, and Nasi Ambeng.

If you fear dining alone in public, opt for food courts, or cafes with food court vibes! Kampung Glam Cafe is one of them! The ambiance here makes it comfortable for Muslim Solo Travelers to eat.

However, due diligence is required as well as many establishments sell non-halal food.

For an easy search on the halal-certified establishments in Singapore, check out the directory here.

Prayer Spaces in Singapore

Finding a space to pray comfortably during your Muslim Solo Travels to Singapore is easy.

You can find them near famous spots or inside a shopping mall in Singapore.

Most of them have ready prayer garments and mats (sajada), but when it comes to ablution, some require you take ablution from the toilet.

Mosques can also be found in Singapore. The most famous mosque is its biggest mosque, Masjid Sultan in Kampung Gelam, a Muslim quarter.

Check this Musolla guide in Singapore for the complete list.

Prayer times in Singapore

Where To Stay in Singapore as a Muslim Solo Traveler

There are many areas in which you can choose to stay in Singapore.

Depending on your budget, Singapore has a variety of hostels, capsules, and hotels that can accommodate Single occupation stays.

The Best Areas to Stay as a Muslim Solo Traveler in Singapore are:

#MST’s pick: Kampung Gelam ⭐️

  • Nearby Singapore’s Muslim Community
  • Lots of Halal food

Shopping and Singapore Skyline Vibes 

  • Downtown, Marina Bay, and Orchard Roads

It can be pricey, but you can get a great deal if you know where and when to look.

Beach holidays and theme park getaways

  • Sentosa

Getting To and Around Singapore

Commuting around Singapore is easy and breezy! It ranked 1st in terms of excellent urban mobility in 2018 research.

In essence, for Muslim solo travelers, the train and public buses should be enough for you to navigate around.

By cycle / bike-sharing

Singapore is an excellent place to cycle because of how cars are practically non-existent around the roads and the well-connected cycling path in the city. That makes cycling a fun activity in the city.

By Metro & Bus

The MRT trains and public buses covers pretty much the entire city. It is also the fastest way to get around Singapore.

Besides the tickets at stations, You can use the MRT and buses with:

  • Foreign-issued bank cards (Visa or Mastercards). However, fees are subject to your own bank.
  • Singapore Travel Card – for hassle-free and contactless payments at transportation in Singapore, convenience stores, and food courts!

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By Walking

Walking in the city is easy, considering how well-structured the roads in Singapore are.

Most tourist attractions are also located within a short distance of the train station.

By Car

While you can opt for a car (best rental rates here), this is not recommended as you won’t need really need to, considering just how good the MRT and buses in Singapore are.

See the best rate for car rental in Singapore.

By Taxi / ride-sharing

You can opt for the taxi or ride-sharing Grab app if you need to get around the less-accessible areas in the city.

You can hail taxis at the roadside in most places or at the taxi stands, which are easily found in prominent attractions.

Compare ride fares here.

Getting to/from Singapore Changi Airport

Primarily referred to as Changi airport, this is one of Southeast Asia’s largest transportation hubs. It services both national carriers and low-cost carriers.

The many ways to get here are those mentioned above.

Best Time To Visit

Singapore has a tropical climate. The best time to visit is any time throughout the year!

The country is mostly sunny, and the heat can be super humid throughout the year.

Dry season: March-August

Hottest months: May – June

Wet season: September – February

Heavy rain often occurs between Nov – Jan. However, rain (heavy showers or sudden drizzle) can also happen anytime throughout the year so having a pocket umbrella is super handy.

During times of rain, nearby malls, or retail and lifestyle spaces usually have AC for you to chill while waiting for the weather to subside back to a bearable condition.

Singapore can be packed during public holidays, so plan earlier if you’re coming on these dates!

Recommended Itinerary for Muslim Solo Traveler in Singapore – Planning a Trip to Singapore

Singapore can be explored between 1 – 3 days.

In general, you can check out Singapore and divide your time in such a way:

Day 1: Marina Park and The Quays, Kampung Glam, Little India, Chinatown

Day 2: Sentosa Island

Day 3: Tiong Bahru Chinatown, Little India

Guided or Organized Tours for Solo Muslimah Travelers

If you’d like stress-free travel in Singapore without needing to plan, you should opt for an organized tour for single or multi-day trips in Singapore. With the rise of solo travel as a trip preference, many tours accept solo travelers.

Free Walking trips are a great idea to see Singapore’s iconic landmarks and must-visit areas! 

And since Singapore is a multi-religious country, you can find a couple of Muslim travel agencies in Singapore offering halal travel packages.

Even if you join a tour that’s not operated by a Muslim, do let them know of your dietary requirements prior to embarking on your solo tours!

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Traveling alone as a Muslim in Singapore [FAQs]

Is Singapore good for Muslim-friendly solo travel?

Yes it is! With the extensive public transport network, variety of Halal establishments, and reputation as one of the world’s safest countries, Singapore is a great place to visit as a Muslim Solo Traveler.

How do I plan a Muslim-friendly solo trip to Singapore?

You can do a layover trip at Changi to neighboring Southeast Asian countries, where less than 24 hours can help you see the best of Singapore. Or overnight and multi-day trips which include shopping and fun theme park days at Sentosa

Is Singapore good for solo female travelers who are Muslims?

Absolutely! You’ll find plenty of Singaporean Muslim residents wearing the Hijab on the streets so feeling awkward or unsafe is not to be worried!

Can you do Singapore without a tour?

Yes, you can! A self-guided solo trip around Singapore is easy, considering how cost-efficient the public transport is! Buy the Singapore Multi-attraction Pass for maximum savings for 2-5 attractions in Singapore!

Extensions beyond Singapore (check visas before you travel)

Singapore is a great starting point for your Muslim-friendly solo travels. You can continue your solo excursions by visiting different Southeast Asian countries like:

Malaysia  The state of Johor Bahru is just 30 minutes away from Singapore’s Woodlands. You can take the bus, or direct train via KTM.

Indonesia — Riau Islands of Indonesia (Bintan, Batam) is located south of Singapore. They are reachable via ferry.

Brunei — Situated in between Malaysian Borneo states of Sabah and Sarawak, a flight trip from Changi to Brunei takes about 2 hours.

Visiting Singapore as a Muslim Solo Traveler — Practical tips to know


  • English.
  • Other acceptable languages are Mandarin Chinese, Malay, and Tamil.



ATMs are widely available in city streets, malls and airport.


Regarded as one of the safest countries in the world, Singapore has consistently low crime rates and a reliable police force. It is relatively safe to walk around alone as a Muslimah traveler at night!

Just like anywhere else, this doesn’t mean that you should let your guard down. Use common sense when navigating.

Staying connected

Stay connected with a 4G Prepaid Sim Card in Singapore.

Get the best rates here.

Singapore Visitor Centres

If you have any queries while visiting, just pop into any of the visitor centers in Singapore.

Events like arts scenes and sporting events occur throughout the year.

Wear airy clothing because the humidity can make you drench in sweat!

Local Customs & Not To Do in Singapore

  • Discussing religious and political views in public
  • Littering and chewing gum can make you penalized
  • Drinking and eating on public transport

Bottomline – Muslim Solo Travel Guide to Singapore

Be it a less than 24-hour stopover via Changi for your initial Southeast Asia solo travels or a 3-day holiday, Singapore is a great country to consider.

The safety records, availability of Halal food, and accessibility to public transport make it one country recommended for Muslimah who solo travels.

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