Satok Market, Kuching — What To See and Do as a Muslim Solo Traveler!

Satok Market Kuching Sarawak is not your ordinary Sunday Malaysian market.

Because Sarawak people have their own culture, with their own local produce grown in the state, this makes the market a unique place as it gives a raw insight into the way of life in Sarawak.

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“As someone who grew up in Kuching, Satok Market Kuching is a market I am absolutely familiar with!”

— Farihah

You’ll also get to buy local souvenirs here, interact with the local Sarawakian and indigenous people, and try local Halal cuisines at the food court!

Read on to know what you can expect here & the best things to buy, the Halal food available, and tips for visiting!

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History Satok Market (Medan Niaga Satok), Kuching Sarawak

Satok Market Kuching

Initially located between shophouses at Satok Road, Satok Market has now moved to its permanent site adjacent to Kubah Ria Market.

After its move in Jan 2013, the market still retains its name “Satok Market”.

As the flagship Kuching Sunday Market, the market is also known as the Kuching Weekend market, or Medan Niaga Satok in Malay.

What to See, Buy and Expect at Satok Market Kuching

As one of the main Kuching Markets when it comes to fresh produce, poultry, local goods, and delicacies, there are plenty of things to see and expect at Satok Market!

You can even buy all your Sarawakian-made souvenirs from here too!

Terubuk Masin Kuching

Satok Market is the prime market in Kuching that sells the lucrative Terubuk Masin (salted terubok) fish.

This fish is only available in Sarawak, making it a popular fresh souvenir for foodies!

You can get all sizes and kinds of terubuk fish here. The vendors would also wrap them neatly in boxes for you to carry on board a domestic flight.

Local Sarawakian products

Some Sarawakian products that are must-buy from Satok Market Kuching include:

  • Sarawak pepper
  • Kek Lapis (Sarawak Layer Cake)
  • Tebaloi
  • Gula Mitai
  • Sago
  • Belacan Bintulu
  • Handicrafts like Sarawak branded t-shirts, key chains, postcards, and collectibles.
  • Handcrafted baskets and bags made by indigenous people like the nomadic Penan tribe

Karaoke & Live performances

The market also holds an open-mic area where anyone can entertain the market visitors!

Depending on the day you visit Satok Market, if you’re lucky, sometimes you’ll see locals serenading the market with local songs!

Fresh Produce and Vegetables

The majority of the market is dominated with sections where traders sell fresh produce, vegetables, and fruits.

These raw ingredients are used in the daily cooking of the local people.

Some produce that you can spot here are:

  • Hollowed bamboos (for Manok Pansoh dish)
  • Nanas Paun (Sarikei’s famous pineapple)
  • Dabai (black olives of Sarawak)
  • Midin (Sarawak wild fern)
  • Asam Embang (wild mango of Sarawak);
  • and Limau Bintangor (local orange from Bintangor town).

Local Flowers & Seedlings

Have green fingers?

Then you’d be interested in the plant section of the market. All sorts of flowers (mini roses and local orchids), seedlings, shrubs, cacti, and composts are sold here!

Local Snacks & Delicacies

Satok Market also sells a variety of local snacks for you to munch on!

A couple of Halal snacks sold here that should be on your list are Putu Mayam, Penyaram (umbrella-shaped snack made of local palm sugar), and Lemang Betawi (local version of glutinous rice made with only banana leaf, without bamboo)

Local snacks at Satok, Kuching

Benteng Food Court for Halal Food!

Adjacent to the market is the food court!

The food court serves plenty of halal food sold from individual hawker stalls. All of the stalls operated here are Halal. But when in doubt, do ask before dining.

Some dishes to try here are Mee Kolok or Laksa Sarawak and Teh C Peng Special drink.

Pro-tip: The way to eat here is to order from your stall of choice, give them your table number, sit down, and wait till your food arrives.

Kubah Ria Complex

Adjacent to the Satok Suspension bridge is the Kubah Ria Complex.

This is also a spot for local hawker food but is mainly operated from 10:00 pm onwards.

It is particularly crowded during dinner time!

Some stalls to try here are the Mee Bandung Muar, and Nasi Lemak Ganja.

Click here for its latest operating hours.

Satok Suspension Bridge

Just a 5-min walk away from Satok Market Kuching is the Satok Suspension Bridge (otherwise known as Satok Hanging Bridge).

This bridge is just next to Kubah Ria Food Court.

revival of the original suspension bridge, which was the icon of old Kuching town, this bridge is rebuilt at the exact location as its former version.

This bridge has a profound sentimental value, so come and admire the view of Datuk Patinggi Haji Abdul Rahman bridge (adjacent to it), the riverside Malay village, and Serapi Mountain far over the horizon.

Muslim Solo Travel Tips & FAQs for The Best Satok Weekend Market Experience

For the best experience at Satok Market Kuching, prepare yourself with these tips:

1 —When to go to Satok Market Kuching?

The best time to go to this market is either Saturday night (post-sunset); or early Sunday morning.

Satok Market Operation Hours are from noon (Saturday) until midnight (Sunday).

2— Bring Cash for Easier Transaction

The local traders here still use cash as a primary mode of transaction.

Debit/credit card getaways aren’t common. However, some stalls have adapted to using e-wallet payment getaways like Sarawak Pay that is a convenient payment gateway for accounts receivable collections in Malaysia.

You might want to top up your cash with that.


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3— Getting Halal Food at Satok Market Kuching

Finding Halal food is super easy in Satok Market.

The stalls within Kubah Ria and Benteng Food Courts only serves Halal food.

Besides that, you can find much Halal food sold by restaurants near Satok Weekend Market. Some of these restaurants are Pizza Ria and Mami Cendol, to name a few. However, getting there requires a car.

4— Is Satok Market friendly for Muslim Solo Travelers?

Absolutely. Roaming around the market is safe for Muslim Solo Travelers in general.

There are also officers from the Malaysian Volunteer Corps Department (RELA) on standby at the entrance of the fruit section should you need any assistance or help.

5 — Prayer Facilities at Satok Market, Kuching

You can find a prayer room (surau in Malay) at Kubah Ria Complex, or near Benteng Food Court. See the map below in this article for exact location.

Getting To Satok Market (location map

Satok Market is located about 6km from Kuching City.

There are many ways that you can get to Satok Market Kuching.

  1. Van Sewa (minivan) – you can take the minivan service from Open Air Market.
  2. E-hailing or Taxi
  3. Car rental
  4. FREE Hydrogen bus (get off at Kubah Ria)
  5. Via a Tour Guide. Muslim Solo Travelers wishing to have a wholesome experience inclusive of a farm-to-table hands-on cooking class should consider booking this tour.

Map of Satok Market Kuching (& its sections)

Hotels Nearby Satok Market

Looking for what hotels are near Satok Weekend Market? Well, there aren’t any hotels situated next to the market area.

The closest hotel, Waterfront Hotel, is about 4 km away.

Depending on your neighborhood of choice, here are some options to consider:

Metrocity Matang – MetroCity Condominium

Waterfront Area – Puteri Wing – Riverside Majestic Hotel

Muslim Solo Travel Takeaway

I hope this guide to Satok Market Kuching gave you an idea of what the Sunday Market Kuching experience is like!

From fresh produce to Halal local snacks and architecture nearby, a trip here is surely an experience that will enrich your #MuslimSoloTravels to the Sarawak state of Malaysia!

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