Muslim Solo Travel Guide to Spain (+ Safety Tips!)

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For many, a solo trip to Spain is the dream after seeing the Alhambra on reels or shorts.

But did you know that there is more to Spain than just Alhambra? With that said, here is our Muslim-friendly Solo Travel guide to Spain. From Halal food, Safety for Muslimah Solo Travelers, Places to visit and all, read on!

About Spain

Before you go Solo in Spain, here are some things to know about Spain:

  • The Kingdom of Spain has about 47.1 million people, and Muslims living in Spain account for approximately 2.25 million.
  • The country is a European Union member and the fourth-largest country in Europe.
  • The capital and largest city of Spain is Madrid, followed by Barcelona
  • This sovereign country is located on the Iberian Peninsula in Southwestern Europe

Is Spain Muslim-friendly?

It is natural to ask, “Is Spain Muslim-friendly?” if it’s your first time traveling alone to the country.

With a long history of religious diversity, The Catholic-majority country is also home to a significant Muslim population for many centuries.

Is Spain Muslim-friendly?

Since Al-Andalus’ reign, Muslims (primarily Spaniards and Moroccans) have been calling Spain, in particular Southern Spain, home. You’ll find them in Muslim neighborhoods, and nearby Islamic Heritage Sites like Alhambra.

However, there have been past and occasional instances of prejudice against Muslims in Spain. But this does not represent the attitude of the country’s majority population.

Union of Islamic Communities in Spain: This portal has everything you need to know about the different Muslim communities in Spain. Do note that it is written in Spanish.

Traveling Alone as a Muslimah in Spain — Is it Easy & Safe?

Visiting Spain as a Muslim Solo Traveler

You wouldn’t find traveling solo in Spain as a Muslim woman extremely difficult.

Halal food and Masjid are available these days, especially in major Andalusian cities and large cities like Barcelona and Madrid.

On top of that, the country has an excellent public transport system making it easy for you to explore independently within significant destinations.

More about them below in the article.

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Spanish Language

Muslim Solo Travel Guide to Spain
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However, one challenge you might encounter is the language if you do not speak Spanish.

The people are generally friendly to those who try to speak the local Spanish language. Phrases like Ola can help you go a long way. More helpful local phrases is listed below in this guide

“The only trouble for me was when I did not understand what the bus driver said upon hopping on the wrong bus to Alhambra in Granada.”



While Spain is very much safe, there have been past cases of pickpockets in touristy areas, especially in major cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

MST Take: We feel that Spain is EASIER for Beginner Muslimah Solo Travelers who can speak and understand the Spanish language and customs. Because everything is in Spanish, regardless, it is always good to research firsthand. A handy tip is to seek support and advice from our Community Group before you go!

📽️ Watch/Listen to our Journeys with Nafeesa and Shaimaa to hear more about their first solo trip to Spain

Places to visit in Spain as a Muslim Solo Traveler

There’s so much to do on your Solo Spain adventure!

You’ll find that the culture and history in Spain is endless upon touring them.

In essence, these are a couple of activities that each region is known for and the highlights of each major destination in Spain:


Muslim Solo Travel Guide to Spain

Home to many art museums (Prado houses the world’s richest collection of Spanish paintings and other European masterpieces) plus the Royal Palace, Madrid is where modern vibes are at.

Your solo travel in Madrid is incomplete without sampling the Churros!


The capital of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain is known for its football team, unique architecture, and quirky experiences.

It is also situated by the coastline, making it a popular beach destination.

MST Safety Tip: Barcelona is known for its nightlife, so Muslimah Solo Travelers would want to be careful when exploring at night. Be sure to return to your Barcelona stay before the day gets too dark!


Muslim Solo Travel in Andalusia, Spain

Southern Spanish cities like Seville, Granada and Cordoba are home to many Islamic heritage sites.

In towns like Ronda and Zahara de la Sierra, you’ll find whitewashed traditional Andalusian villages located on high slopes and valleys. El Gastor is famous for Mediterranean sunny holidays.

More Muslim-Friendly Things To Experience in Andalusia Spain is here

Authentic Village Experiences will deepen your appreciation when in Spain. Go on a tour of the La Alpujarras 🏔️ for the whole experience!

Costa del Sol

Muslim Solo Travel in Malaga, Spain
Alcazaba hills in Malaga

Literal meaning “Sun Coast”, this long coastal strip along Malaga province is known for its diverse nature escapes.

Think of pristine beaches, beautiful cliffs, spectacular dunes, and a relaxed attitude.

MST tip: Go on guided day tours to learn about untold stories and histories of a place in Costa del Sol Spain!

The Balearic Islands

Besides Ibiza Solo Travel, this group of islands on the Mediterranean sea is famous for island hopping within other sister main islands of Mallorca, Formentera, and Menorca.

If you have gone to any Balearic Islands destinations with the Burkini solo, share your tales with us in the Community Group!

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Are you a die-hard Game of Thrones fan?

If you are, then you would want to include Osuna on your #MuslimSoloTravel bucketlist as it is home to the bullring used for Daenerys to escape Mereen in Season 5.

Finding Halal Food in Spain

Finding Halal Food in Spain

Looking for Halal food while traveling in Spain Solo?

Read this article where we distinguish what are Muslim-friendly Spanish cuisines, Halal certifications, and whatnot.

Mosques Prayer spaces in Spain

These days it has been easier than ever to Solo Travel in Spain and accommodate your prayers.

You can find them easily in Andalusia region and major cities like Madrid.

Some notable mosques in Spain include:

Marbella Grand Mosque

Also known as King Abdul Aziz Mosque, this white-colored mosque in Marbella is one of the first Spanish mosques built in modern times.

  • Address: s 29602, Urb. Lomas Marbella-S, 18, 29602 Marbella, Málaga, Spain (directions)

Mezquita Mayor de Granada

The Grand Mosque of Granada has a beautiful garden that overlooks the Alhambra.

When intending to pray here, make sure you come during the prayer window time. Otherwise, the mosque is closed.

  • Address: Pl. de San Nicolás, s/n, 18010 Granada, Spain (directions)

Madrid Central Mosque (Abu-Bakr mosque)

Also known as Mezquita Central de Madrid, this brownish-marble-fronted mosque is Spain’s biggest mosque.

Its four floors house a library, school, nursery, shop, and auditorium.

The closest metro is Estrecho (a 5-min walk to the station)

  • Address: C. de Anastasio Herrero, 5, y 7, 28020 Madrid, Spain (directions)

Best Areas to Stay in Spain as a Muslimah Solo Traveler

To have the best Muslim-friendly solo female travel in Spain, we recommend staying in central locations near the public transport or the major attractions you want to visit.

Central is usually called Centro.

In Andalusian cities like Granada, Malaga, and Cordoba, it is wise to stay near the Islamic Heritage attractions of your choice.

In the hills of Andalusia like Zahara de la Sierra, you can opt for a quiet typical-looking Mediterannean home.

Getting To and Around Spain

It is easy for Muslimah Solo Traveler to move around Spain because of its accessibility to convenient public transport like:


How to get around in Spain

Spain has several international airports (aeropuerto), and these are just some of them:

BCNBarcelona International AirportBarcelona
MADAdolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas AirportMadrid
AGPMálaga AirportMalaga
PMIPalma De Mallorca AirportMallorca
Some airports in Spain that you can consider

If you want to go directly to Andalusia, Malaga is your entry point. If you want to discover the islands of Mallorca, then PMI. Airports in major cities like BCN and MAD can be entry or exit points for your Spain Solo Trip.

High-Speed Train

Renfe is the national train network that efficiently crosses the country.

If you’re planning to travel a long distance, book the high-speed train AVE (Alta Velocidad) that passes by major cities in Spain.

MST Tip: It is important to buy your tickets in advance as seat reservation is necessary. If you have the Eurail pass, you’ll most likely required reserve seats in Spain as well, or else the train’s fully booked.

Bus & Mini Bus

Bus in Madrid

Depending on where you go in Spain, there will always be a bus.

It’s cheap and comfortable, and you’ll enjoy the rural areas where trains don’t pass by.

Most larger towns and cities have bus stations (estación de autobuses), so you don’t have to worry.

Minibus are mostly found in cities where there are narrow slopes like Granada


Taxis in Spain

It is much easier to go from point A to point B in Spain with a taxi because they operate via meter, they’re readily available, and their rates are more affordable than Uber!

Trams & Metro

Depending on where you’re going, especially if it’s a tourist destination, you’re bound to have access to public transport like a tram.

You’ll easily find Metro and tram stations in major cities like MadridBarcelona, or Granada.


Want to make your Spain Solo Travel easier?

Then rent an e-scooter!

E-scooters, e-bikes, e-skateboards… These are popular options in major Spanish cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

This e-scooter rental in Valencia comes with a flexible hour or all-day bookings. They’ll even give you a quick crash course on operating the e-scooter and tips on what to see around the city! ? Book e-scooters in Valencia ➡️

Familiarize yourself with the rules on the no-go zone, where to park, etc., before you embark on your e-mobile venture in Spain!

Best Time To Visit Spain (& Events Not to Miss Out!)

The best time to visit Spain depends on what’s your motivation.

If you’re going for events, some events in Spain are:

  • Bullfighting (April in Seville and May in Cordoba)
  • Cordoba Patios Festival (where the courtyards in Cordoba are full of blooming flowers): Early – Mid May. Check here

Muslim Holiday Spain

Muslim Holiday Spain

Ever thought of celebrating Ramadhan or Eid in Spain?

If you haven’t, it’s time to consider so! It would be a nice touch to your solo travels when you visit during any Muslim Holiday Celebrations in Spain.

Andalusian cities like Granada and Cordoba usually organize their own Ramadhan programs like Noche de Ramadhan, so meeting Muslim communities in these destinations would not be difficult.

MST Tip: Make sure you wear the Andalusian print hijab for the entire local Eid experience!

And if you’re wondering where the Muslim area in Spain is? They’re primarily in the Andalusia region.

Either way, you can check out this post, where we list out the Islamic Heritage in Andalusia for you to visit.

Recommended Itinerary for Muslimah Solo Traveler in Spain — Moving From Madrid or Andalusia?

Muslim Solo Travel in Spain

There are many ways to explore Spain as a Hijabi and a Muslimah Solo Traveler.

If your primary motive is to explore Andalusia, start at any Andalusia cities like Granada, Cordoba, Seville, or Malaga, and you can continue onwards to neighboring ones.

You can begin from Madrid and then continue to explore Andalusia.

However, the train ride is almost two hours, so if Madrid’s not your motive, you can skip this altogether.

Traveling Solo as a Muslim Woman in Spain
Wandering around the souvenir shops in Granada, Spain.

In Andalusia, you can find many Halal shops and Muslim women because of its proximity to Morocco. ? More about Halal shops is in this article.

Day Trips or Organized Tours for Solo Muslimah Travelers

You can absolutely join organized and guided tours if you do not want to think about the logistics, planning your itinerary, etc.

These days, there are many organized Muslim Solo Travel-friendly tours and retreats in Spain and Andalusia.

⏰ Special for Muslimah Solo Travelers, our Trusted Partner Muslima Explorers is hosting a Women-only Seville Tour in June 2023! Book your spot now and have your Summer travels sorted out in this ? intimate Andalusian tour.

Either way, you can also go on day trips and book upon arrival. Sometimes we have no idea what we are drawn towards until we arrive at the destination.

So if you’re the type of go with the flow, then take the first action to reach the Spanish destination of your choice first. Once you’ve explored solo on your own, then you can figure out what day trips to take.

Organized tours, on the other hand, usually require you to book further in advance, but both activities and tours on GetYourGuide and Viator allow you to cancel at least before 24 hours.

Practical Things To Know When Traveling Alone in Spain



Useful Spanish phrases:

  • Planta Primera: First floor
  • Planta Baja: Ground floor
  • Salidas: Departures / Exit
  • Entrada: Entrance
  • Ola: Hi
  • Vale (pronounced “bale”): Okay
  • Bueno: Good
  • Si: Yes
  • Buenos Dias: Good Morning
  • Buenos Noches: Good Night
  • Gracias: Thank you
  • No (pronounced noh): No


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Travel Restrictions & Security

There are few travel restrictions and security that Hijabi or Muslimah solo travelers would face when in Spain.

Get your latest information on visa and documentation needed on iVisa.

Staying Connected

Get your eSim when traveling in Spain

FAQs when Traveling Alone in Spain

Muslim Solo Travel to Spain

We hope this Muslim-friendly travel guide has helped you plan your solo trip to Spain!

For more detailed guides on specific cities, check out these Granada or Cordoba solo trip articles.

Beyond that, you can also continue your journey to nearby destinations like Turkiye, or the Middle East.

If you’re thinking of doing extensions after Spain, some countries nearby to consider are Switzerland, Turkiye, the Middle East, and more!

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