Muslim Solo Travel’s Official 1 YEAR In Review: From Blogger to Community

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muslim solo travel 2022 reflection

Muslim Solo Travel (MST) officially turned one this December.

This year, we review the timeline of 2021-2022 to reflect how MST has grown over time, our wins (small and big), our setbacks, and why the transition from blogger to community.

Disclaimer: Some of the links here are affiliate links. Muslim Solo Travel receives a small commission AT NO EXTRA cost to you if you use the links. Hope you find this guide helpful!


July 2021 – Creation of MST was registered on the Internet.

October 2021

The website may be had about eight articles. But that was it.

December 2021 – Full-time Travel Blogging Begins

MST officially started its full-time journey with me, Farihah, being the blogger.

Being a blogger was deliberate. At that time, that was my capability. Although I’ve had a solid background as a travel journalist and a backseat of what it’s like to run a media platform, I believed in starting small.

Being a blogger was within my means at that time.

As you read on, for the first half of the year, it is important for you to understand MST’s journey from a blogger’s POV.

December was also when I moved to Kuantan for that digital nomadic lifestyle because Sarawak, Malaysia, at that time, had stringent entry rules due to COVID. I did not want to go through that hassle when it came to solo traveling.

January 2022 – Dubai & Egypt Solo Trip

Dubai for EXPO2020 & Egypt Trip for 20 days.

I was in these two countries from 9th January until the end of January.

February 2022 – YouTube Journey Began

Writing and YouTube journey in MST begun.

Mostly in Kuantan.

March 2022 – Peninsular Malaysia Solo Trip

Explored Peninsular Malaysia solo and rediscovered parts of the country I had once visited. Melaka, Terengganu for Redang Solo Day Trip, Johor, KL. and all the way to the tip of Singapore. Singapore wasn’t opened yet at the time because if it were, I would’ve made my way to Singapore as well. And went back up to Kuantan.

April 2022 – Appearance in Solo Female Travelers

Farihah presented on Ramadhan, and Eid in Malaysia alongside other Solo Female Travelers which are Yara (Egypt), Selma (Indonesia) and Fatima from SFT herself.

May 2022 – MST’s First 1M

Suntong Tutok reel went past 1M, mostly thanks to Indonesian viewers from Pontianak. They have a similar version called Sotong Pangkong.

& Eid-ul Fitr.

July 2022 – Hiatus & The End of The Blogger Era

Hiatus from MST’s social media. Writing. Lots of soul work is being done at this moment. Uncomfortable journey, but I felt two polarizing forces in me, “the blogger”, and “the platform/voice that MST is embracing into”.

And somewhere deep within, the voice that MST was becoming felt more prominent than the voice that my blogger self was embodying. It was only a matter of time before MST would follow its own growth, from now.

Initial look of MST

End of August 2022 – Transitioning to a Community & MST’s First Planner

Many things happened during this month.

Announced that MST is transitioning to a Community-based platform

During my hiatus, I felt that being an Editor would suit me more.

I rediscovered that solo traveling is about the journey and how unforgettable the experience is. Not the pretty photos or perfect reel, which can be in conflict and ruin your solo traveling journey if you’re too focused on that.

The idea of the community comes from the yearning of “sharing how unforgettable and meaningful solo traveling is beyond the pretty photos, with a bunch of like-minded women who understands,” which felt absent from most social media for the past first half of the year.

Hence, a social community was a need in Muslim Solo Travel.

It was the only thing that was missing.

Solo traveling as a Muslim woman is different across all backgrounds, colors, and regions of the world.

Safety, for us, can mean different things.

And that’s what the ? Muslimah Solo Travelers Community FB Group is all about. A private, no-judgment zone where Muslim women share their wins, warnings, and authentic safety tips from their solo traveling experiences in a respectful and kind manner.

New Logo

Creation Muslimah Solo Travelers Community Facebook Group

A Community for Muslim Woman Who Travel Solo
Join the community here ?

Release of USA Six Cities Itinerary Planner. MST’s first-ever Planner

Check out the planner here

Creation of MST’s Newsletter

Creation of MST’s LinkedIn Page

You can follow the page here

September 2022 – Turkiye, Andalusia, & Western Europe Solo Trip

muslim solo travel 2022 reflection

Met sisters in Andalusia who were championing Halal Travel, learning more about Halal travel in that part of the world.

October 2022 – First Press Trip & Conference Experience + Introduction of Journeys

Big month for MST.

MST’s first-ever Conference Participation

In World Islamic Tourism Conference at PWTC KL. Farihah also made a cameo in one open floor session explaining what the community is all about.

MST’s first-ever Press Trip with ITC as well around Klang Valley

..which you can read all about it our newsletter issue.

Or if you’re interested in what to do around Klang Valley, this article’s for you.

The first ever Journeys LIVE was introduced.

Journeys with the Muslimah Solo Travelers
Join the community for first-access & unplugged version of Journeys.

Our first guest, Shaimaa.

As MST is now community-centric, it is important for Muslim women out there to learn from other Muslim women who have done it.

Hence, why the LIVE exists.

November 2022

MST’s first-ever Black Friday – Cyber Monday campaign

Nafeesa’s the guest for this month’s Journeys.

December 2022 – Indonesia & We’re a “Popular” Community!

Pontianak trip is the wrap-up for 2022.

The Community ? hits 100 #MuslimahSoloTravelers members on Dec 25th, and that’s something we are truly proud of here at Muslim Solo Travel.

We have also been mentioned on This Week In Blogging!

Muslimah Solo Travelers Popular Community

Wrap Up: Muslim Solo Travel’s Official 1 YEAR In Review

And here we are, MST’s officially 1 year old. Unofficially it is one and a half years old. But Alhamdullilah for the journey.

Excited for what’s to come, in sha Allah.

In the meantime, do join our #MuslimahSoloTravelers Community ? where everyone is free to share their wins, experiences, and more when it comes to Solo Traveling as a Muslim woman.

? See you in the Community Group! ?

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