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Hurghada Solo Travel

A Hurghada Solo Travel experience should be on your bucket list while in Egypt!

This guide will cover everything you need to know about the city, from Things To Do for the Muslim Solo Traveler, Halal Food, and Mosques available.

And if you’re asking, “Is Hurghada worth visiting?”

The answer is, “Yes, if you are seeking an affordable beach town resort experience (compared to El Gouna) and would want to try diving in the Red Sea!”

Read on to know more!

Where is Hurghada, Egypt?

Located about 460km away from Cairo, Hurghada is a Resort Town on Egypt’s Red Sea Coast.

It is a popular Red Sea tourist destination for the beach and diving!

Hurghada Muslim Solo Travel

Hurghada is especially famous among Russian and Ukrainian tourists, which make up about 40% of the tourist population.

9 Things To Do in Hurghada

Here are some Things To Do in Hurghada for the Muslim Solo Traveler without further ado.

Dolphin Show Hurghada

If your bucket list is to see a dolphin show, you can see one in Hurghada!

The Dolphin World Egypt lets you get close to the intelligent creature!

The dolphins perform interactive tricks like juggling, playing ball, dancing, and even painting!

If dolphin spotting is really your thing, you’d want to consider a dolphin-watching cruise!

Bedouin Village & Buggy Tour Hurghada

One of the best Hurghada Solo Travel things to do is ride on a Dune Buggy Safari ride!

Spider Buggy Ride Hurghada

This ride is only accessible when you visit the Bedouin village. It comes as part of the Safari ride.

In this village, you’ll see what life is like for the Egyptian Bedouin (nomadic people) in the middle of the desert.

Straw huts, served bedouin tea, camel ride, and Bedouin hospitality experience where you’ll taste bread made with all-natural fire sources.

This will be the adventure of a lifetime that you will cherish!

Diving or Snorkeling at Orange & Giftun Islands

Fancy diving in Hurghada?

You can do so, especially if you’d want to tick off the “diving at the Red Sea” from your bucket list!

If you have no PADI license and are curious about diving, you can go for a guided dive at Hurghada.

Some of the best beginner-friendly diving experiences in Hurghada are around Giftun Islands. People come here to see beautiful coral gardens at shallow depths.

Pro-tip: do not go diving during the winter months if you have a low tolerance to cold water because the water can be chilly to your bones. But if you don’t, winter can be a great time to dive as it’s off-season!

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Advanced diving sites in Hurghada are Abu Nuhas Wreck, Rosalie Moller, and Dolphin Reef!

Besides swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving, you can try other water-based activities such as scuba parasailing, jet skiing, and riding on a banana boat.

Most of these water sports activities come together in a package for the ease of your travels.

Stroll at Hurghada Marina

Hurghada Marina

Hurghada is a charming seaside town for the Muslim Solo Traveler.

One of the things to do in Hurghada Marina is to stroll, take in the breeze, and people watch.

Since it is a marina, views of yacht berthing on the waterfront dock are a common sight.

Yacht at Hurghada Marina

There are also a couple of fine restaurants to indulge in here. Some of them come with an in-house bar, so this can be a concern for Muslim travelers per se.

Sometimes, the Marina holds lively events!

The place closes around 10 pm. For the best views, the sunset’s a great time!

Chill at the beach

Located facing the Red Sea, chilling by the beach.

One of the best beaches in Hurghada is Orange beach. However, that one requires an entrance fee of 50EGP.

Beaches in Hurghada

It is common to pay an entrance fee to enter the beaches. Hurghada is known even if it is called a “public beach.”

But given the ‘open’ situation at the beaches here, it may not give the privacy that Muslimah travelers would want.

The entrance fee varies between 20 – 250 EGP

Walk along Sheraton Street

Sheraton Promenade, Hurghada

Sheraton road is one of the main streets in Hurghada City.

It is a pedestrian walkway known for being the home to many prominent hotels in the city, local cafes, quirky shops, etc.

Did you know? Hurghada has been a popular destination among Russian tourists since 1994. So, it’s pretty common for you to find signages written in the Cyrillic Alphabet

Russians and Ukrainians in Hurghada, Egypt

Experience Hurghada’s Daily Life at El Dahar Square Markets

El Dahar Market

If you want the genuine, local and authentic Egyptian experience of Hurghada, the markets at El Dahar Square is the place to experience it!

This market takes place around El-Dahar Square. There are plenty of things to see and do here!

They sell all sorts of produce, vegetables, poultry hanging outside the store, spices, and even souvenirs!

If you want to buy, do haggle for the best bargain, as it is common practice for the locals to spike up the price when they see someone who’s not a local.

Another sight to see here is the men cycling with stacks of bread (aiysh in Arabic) on their shoulders after getting it from the store supplies.

Operating hours:

  • 10:00 am – 12:00 pm (Sunday – Friday)
  • 24 hours on Saturdays

Address: 7R29+Q5C, Al Sgowna, Hurghada 2, Red Sea Governorate 1972110, Egypt

Hurghada Grand Aquarium

Want to see the sea life without the need to splash yourself wet?

Hurghada Grand Aquarium is your best option.

Here, you can feed sharks (according to its schedule), see marine life, experience the rainforest, and see fossil exhibits. Bedouin tents are also available on site.

Great for those who love to see the aquatic world and Hurghada’s traditional life exhibitions but are pressed with time!

Shark feeding schedule:

  • 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Try Suez Milk version of Belila

Another Egyptian Halal food experience that you need to try on your Hurghada Solo Travel is the Belila!

Belila is Egyptian’s version of hot cereal (made of wheat, couscous, some nuts, and hot milk).

Try the belila at Suez Milk, as it is considered one of the best in Egypt by the locals!

Where to get it?

  • Suez Diary at touristic Market، DAHAR، HURGHADA، Red Sea Governorate 1973525, Egypt (exact directions)

Best Time to go to Hurghada

Sahara Desert Hurghada

The best time to go to Hurghada is definitely summer.

But if you want to search for cheap holidays in Hurghada, winter is also a good option.

During this time, the weather’s sunny and chilly with the cool Mediterranean air.

December and January can be really cool for the hardiest swimmers. During this time, the temperature can drop to 10°C and up to 25°C.

However, months like October, November, and late-Feb to March prove to be great weather for a time at the beach holiday. The temperature ranges from 12-28°C in these months.

Plus, the winter months are off-travel season. So that makes the price affordable as there’s no spike in prices, unlike travel seasons.

Halal Food & Mosques in Hurghada

Being a state located in Egypt (a country with a 90% Muslim population), it is not hard to look for Halal food in Hurghada. They’re everywhere.

However, do take note that some restaurants do come with in-house bars (mostly around Hurghada Marina). An easy trick is to look at their menu first before heading to dine inside!

There are also mosques all around Hurghada, for the ease of your prayers.

Some notable mosques include Al Mina Mosque and Abdulmoneim Riadh Mosque

How to get to Hurghada?

There are two recommended ways to get to Hurghada.

Bus to Hurghada

There are buses in Egypt that go from Cairo to Hurghada or Luxor to Hurghada, and Alexandria to Hurghada. For the best option, check out in the link below.

Powered by 12Go system
GObus in Hurghada
Gobus station in Hurghada

Flights to Hurghada

Because of Hurghada’s rising popularity, several destinations have non-stop, direct flights to Hurghada. These flights mainly cater to the Middle East and European and domestic destinations.

Direct flights to Hurghada

Among them are Cairo (CAI), Zurich (ZRH), Moscow Vnukovo (VKO), Dusseldorf (DUS), London Gatwick (LGW), Istanbul (Sabiha) (SAW), Amsterdam, Istanbul (IST), and Brussels (BRU), to name a few.

Flights from Dubai to Hurghada

  • If you’re flying from Dubai, you would have to stop over at Cairo International Airport before taking a domestic flight to Hurghada.

Before embarking on a Hurghada Solo Travel experience, here are some flights to consider.

How do you get around Hurghada?

Hurghada’s relatively an easy city to get around. If you stay somewhere near the city center area, like the El Dahar area, you can just walk to most attractions.

Besides that, taxi and e-hailing options like Uber, Careem are available.

If you want full ease of moving around without waiting for public transportation, consider hiring a rental car .

Day Trips from Hurghada (& Tour Packages)

Looking for day trip excursions from Hurghada? These are a couple of recommendations so you can make the most out of your Hurghada Solo Travel:

El Gouna Day Trip From Hurghada

Hurghada to El Gouna Day Trip

Just one hour’s drive away from Hurghada, El Gouna is dubbed the Monaco of Hurghada.

It is an idyllic beach destination filled with holiday homes, golfing courses, and unique dining experiences.

El Gouna Daytrip Muslim Solo Travel

If you want to take it up one notch on the luxury scale, El Gouna would be your cup of tea as it is surrounded by holiday homes and sparkling yachts.

Going with a tour for your El Gouna Day Trip would be the best option for a Muslim Solo Traveler as you’ll be picked up and sent back to your accommodation.

Besides El Gouna Day Trip, you can also consider these Hurghada Tour Packages for your Day excursions activities:

Best Hotels in Hurghada

Because it is literally known as Egypt’s Resort Town, there are many accommodation options around Hurghada.

Most of the accommodations here are catered to couples and family, but that doesn’t mean that the Muslim Solo Traveler can’t experience the destination!

Best Hotels in Hurghada

Some of the hotels to check out are:

  • Giftun Azur Resort (with private beachfront & access to water-sports activities)
  • Arabia Azur Resort (access to many beaches, with amenities like rental cars & free private parking available on-site, with access to airport shuttle)
  • Lilly Apartments (Great money value accommodation for the Solo Traveler. Comes with sea view & rooftop pool).
  • Hurghada Long Beach Resort (With a lagoon-style pool, access to many Hurghada excursions & favorite among Solo Travelers)

FAQs on Hurghada Muslim Solo Travel

Which part of Hurghada is best?

Depending on your preference, El Dahar is best for the local authentic Hurghada day-to-day experience, and the sea (around Giftun Islands) is excellent for snorkeling or diving.

Can you walk around Hurghada safely?

Absolutely. During my time in Hurghada, a couple of tourism police were on the road. Do exercise caution and common sense.

Why you should visit Hurghada?

You should visit Hurghada if you love the beach and would want to try out some water-sports activities in the Red Sea!

Hurghada Solo Travel

2D1N Hurghada Travelog Video

Final Thoughts on Hurghada Solo Travel

Hurghada is a fantastic place for the Muslim Solo Traveler who’s looking for a laid-back destination next to the beach and sea in Egypt’s Red Sea Governate!

For the Muslim Solo Traveler, opting for Hurghada organized tours via Viator and Get Your Guide for the ease of your travels is definitely recommended. Especially if you are coming from further cities like Cairo and Alexandria and would not want to worry about organizing every little thing.

Otherwise, all-inclusive resorts like those mentioned above have pretty much access to everything you could possibly want for a beach & sea holiday in Hurghada. All that’s left is just a bit of sightseeing at the market near El Dahar Square for the local experience.

What are you waiting for? Time to enjoy your time in Egypt’s Red Sea Capital!

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